The Etsy Marketplace: How It Helps Small Shop Owners Increase Revenue?

The Etsy Marketplace: How It Helps Small Shop Owners Increase Revenue?.

Etsy Marketplace

Founded in 2005, this online shopping destination – Etsy – offers a world full of items to the shopaholics and a huge arena to the small shop owners to showcase and sell their products. Having started off in the month of June, Etsy focuses on a number of items some of which include handcraft and vintage items, fashion jewellery, fashion clothing, and accessories. You will find small shop owners selling their products here. In short, the Etsy marketplace offers an online platform where small shop owners can sell their products.

The Etsy marketplace offers a complete variety of items ranging between vintage pieces, art pieces, art supplies, and clothing. So, if you are a small shop owner and looking for a platform to exhibit and sell your product, Etsy answers your requirement. What is special about Etsy is the fact that it offers a unique collection of items. If you are a creative entrepreneur, Etsy gives you the much needed platform where you can give your products a worldwide exposure.

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Etsy has launched its IPO roadshow only a couple of days back offering 16.67 million shares. The initial offering price is kept between fourteen dollars and sixteen dollars per share. Etsy has plans to reserve about 5% of the total share that is to be sold in the offering.

Etsy Marketplace For Shop Owners

As already mentioned, a wide array of products are available on Etsy marketplace including vintage pieces. In order to be sold on Etsy, the vintage items must be at least twenty years old. If you are a shop owner and want to sell your product on Etsy, you will be required to have a username along with an option that allows creating a shop name. Each of the listings on Etsy is charged twenty cents. Each of these listings can remain for a maximum of four months on Etsy or unless it is sold. The selling price of the items are decided by the shop owners who need to give a 3.5% of the selling price on each listing.

Chad Dickerson, the CEO, while an interview in August 2013, emphasized on the need of interaction and creativity. According to Dickerson, Etsy is a “platform that provides meaning to people, and an opportunity to validate their art, their craft.”

You can also sell web-based products at Etsy. For instance, offers a number of web-based products such as custom logo designs, custom made infographics, website PSD templates, etc.

The Etsy marketplace brings visitors and prospective customers to buy your products from all over the world thereby helping you earn a greater revenue.