5 Most Prevalent Online Scams You Should Be Wary Of

Online Scams

Frauds have been present in this world since time unknown, and newer ways of cheating people are being applied day in and day out. Swindlers are continuously devising scam schemes to cheat simple consumers of their earnings. However, fraudulent activities are on a rise and people fall prey to online scams more often than ever. It is high time people should get to know about the same in order to protect themselves from being robbed of their money.


A lot of publicity is being done at present against these scams, or scamming websites, and the internet is filled with information regarding such scams. There are various types of online scams that are into play at present. Folks should get to know them and avoid falling in such traps ever. The most common online scams are given below:

1. The Nigerian Email

One fine day, you checked your email, and the first thing you get is a message like this:

“I am Wumi Abdul; the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs George Abdul. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan,the economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing to discus on a business deal. When my mother died on the 21st October 1984, my father took me and my younger brother HASSAN special because we are motherless. Before the death of my father on 30th June 2002 in a private hospital here in Abidjan. He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of $12.500.000 (Twelve Million, five hundred thousand dollars) left in a suspense account in a local Bank here in Abidjan, that he used my name as his first Daughter for the next of kin in deposit of the fund.”

These mails want you to be their accomplice, and they would transfer a part of the total money in your account! Why? No one knows! You might be asked to travel overseas to complete the “paperwork” and meet the scammers. But, before that, you would be repeatedly asked for money, thousands of dollars to be precise, in the form of “attorney payments”, “bribes” and others!

What happens after this is that you obviously don’t get anything in return. No money, nothing at all! Moreover, people who travel overseas run a serious risk of being robbed and killed.

The name happens to be so since this first originated in Nigeria, and is also called the Nigerian 419 letter, because it violates section 419 of the Nigerian penal code.

2. Auction scam

Auction fraud is the most common fraud among online scams. There are three eBay chicanery types, but the most common is where you don’t get anything. You send in the money and win an auction, but the product never really arrives. Investing hundreds and thousands of dollars, what do you get in return? Grief, and a lighter wallet!

In auction scams, you either don’t get your product, and even if you do luckily get it, it doesn’t match the one which you actually won. Vague, incomplete and fake descriptions are the main standpoints of an auction scam. You may win a Rolex watch in the bidding, but the product given to you will be a cheap duplicate of the one you won.

How would you avoid yourself the hassle? Well, just ask yourself how could a person just give you a $500 item for $50?

3. Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are on the rise today. You receive an email that apparently looks like coming from your bank, and you are then warned about theft of identity. To protect yourself from this identity theft, you need to log into your account and verify all your account details. It also says that that bank would permanently terminate your account if you don’t do it quickly!

Common Online Scams

The mail may look completely authentic, with logos and branding, but it’s all fake. The website to which you are directed is also a fake one. Once you provide all your details, your account information will be used to drain all your money from the account.

How would you know that it is a scam when the mail looks authentic? – This might be your question now. True. But why wouldn’t the bank call you up if the matter was so very urgent, isn’t it?

4. The Girlfriend Scam

Ah, this one is for those who are so lonely that they would do anything just to have a girlfriend by their side! There are several dating sites around, and these sites are one of the most fraudulent online scams to be in, if you don’t have brains that is!

Suppose you are into one of these dating sites, and get to know a girl who you think is perfect for you. She’s beautiful and smart, and cares for you! So you fall for her. And then she wants to meet you, but for that you need to send her the transportation money, which may be hundreds of dollars. You are so deeply in love with this girl that you give the money, and wait for her to come. And you never get to hear from her again. Why? Because she doesn’t even exist, and a clever fraud artist has fooled you into believing that a stock photo was your soul mate!

5. The “Congratulations! You’ve Won..” Scam

One of the prevalent online scams, you receive an email congratulating you for winning a hot gadget, such as an iPad or an iPhone or an Xbox. You just need to get these items “shipped and delivered” at your doorstep, and so you need to just provide your debit card number and its PIN to cover the “shipping” costs!

So, you provide your debit card credentials and wait for your new Xbox to arrive. Months pass by and you don’t get anything. Strange charges start showing up in your transactions, and all your money gets drained out surprisingly. So what are you effectively left with? A stolen identity, and stolen money if the charges aren’t disputed!

It’s after all this that you ask yourself, “When did I enter a competition for which I had won an Xbox?!” If only you had asked this before falling prey to this scam!

Desire and greed are the two main aspects of human nature that are targeted by these scammers to extract money wrongfully from people. In order to avoid these scams, we must need to control our greed first. When we control our desires and greed, it makes it easy for us to recognize these scams and avoid them.


Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand…

Impact Of Social Videos

The impact of social videos on brands is huge. have become one of the most essential strategies when it comes to content marketing. Be it a video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, they all play vital roles in promoting your business or your brand. Irrespective of what your company is into or what you are selling, if there is no marketing strategy of video for prominent video platforms, there is a risk of loss.


In case it hasn’t come to your notice, the platforms that distribute online the video contents have flourished hugely over a year and a half. Facebook now gets more duration of videos watched when compared to YouTube. Snapchat gets billions of views daily and the videos on Twitter have come out to be a successful way of branding and have taken it to another greater level. We will tell you how the impact of social videos is spreading through brands over different platforms.

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YouTube videos are a great content library

Let us begin with the father of online videos, the YouTube. YouTube is undeniably huge. Every minute, over three hundred hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is very much valuable for branding. It has always helped people reach out to new audience and grow brands. There are plenty of contests between YouTube videos, competing with each other to be seen. Specially, the impact of social videos is especially large in featuring ads. It comes with great benefit for businesses and brands who want to employ best video marketing strategies.

The Facebook videos are just great at everything

Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand

The best way as of now to take your brands to a larger scale of audience is to feature your videos on Facebook. Facebook now also has features of video ad products the huge impact of social videos is seen in the responses. Since it is the biggest data company now for all marketers, you really have reasons for spending money on video ads on Facebook and also video content for the same. If you just create content and upload it on YouTube without putting it on your page on Facebook, there are definite possibilities of your business or brand losing its wide distribution and also lose out on relevance factor.

We don’t imply that you just have to put up the link for your YouTube video on the Facebook page in the form of a status. We mean that you should natively upload the video on Facebook to ensure it dwells as a video content on your Facebook page. This is because, as of now, the news feed algorithm of Facebook gives heavy amount of importance to videos which in other words is called as ‘reach’. The impact of social videos when you put them up on Facebook instead of just giving out the link, will have larger probabilities of your video content being viewed by the community you have on Facebook. Facebook is already going up in the competition as far as content distribution and video marketing is concerned. It could be stated as the greatest marketing machine.

Twitter videos engage audience

The latest video product of Twitter that was out in January has revolutionized the way people used this platform. The impact of social videos put on Twitter is certainly large and you could make best use of it by connecting people and engaging them than just push the video into Twitter. Since Twitter is enormous now, it is being considered as a platform of listening. However, it is hard to get people engaged but the efforts will be worth it. The new video feature on twitter had taken tweeting to another level. You must get into Twitter and engage people on your videos and your brand is going to see great success here as well!


Snapchat’s feature of story has also made marketers fond of them. However, Snapchat is still a growing platform!

Convinced? So which platform are you choosing to make the greatest impact of social videos? Let us know in comments!

Effective Link Building: A Powerful Content Marketing Factor

Effective Link Building

For many website owners, creating a website is the easy part. The task of performing a good SEO and improving its page rank and visibility is what becomes a challenge. Often webmasters try link building to get higher in the page rank. Traffic to a website is necessary especially when the site is new. This is served through effective link building with bigger and powerful websites that have existed for a long time and has made a mark on the Search Engine Results Page.


The evolution of the content marketing strategy has lowered the importance of effective link building as a marketing tool for contents. Where content is considered the king of a website, link building has become a complex process. Getting good quality backlinks is a long and challenging process. However, once a quality link is established, it serves as a good SEO tool providing quality traffic which also has a good rate of conversion.

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A powerful content marketing can lead to effective link building which in turn establishes the website and improves the page rank and visibility of the website. A quality content that the target audience can relate to, is also a powerful element for SEO improvement. The better and more genuine a site’s content, the higher will be the link building. However, webmasters need to ensure that the backlinks are of good quality and not just random ones.

Creating an effective link building strategy requires the SEO analyst to work on multiple features of a website. Here are few techniques of link building.

Creating inspiring contents

Your website will only be visited by your target audience if you provide inspiring and relevant content in your website. Useful information works as a great magnet in pulling in quality audience to your website. Inspiring content creates a viral effect among the audience spreading like ripples. The quality of the content itself inspires audience and spreads the word for your brand. A good content is bound to be shared by the audience in their social networking sites and through other medium of sharing thus increasing your traffic and visibility.

These kinds of content that prove to be genuine and good and is shared by all and sundry helps build your brand reputation and contributing immensely on effective link building.

Have your blog

A business blog or company blog is a great way to generate and build links for your website. It is a powerful content marketing tool that has immense potential to generate good quality backlinks.

Powerful And Effective Link Building

Your target audience is in the search for information. If your blog is able to provide your audience with the relevant information, it will result in an increase in traffic to your blog posts. Thus using your blog meticulously to generate leads for conversion is great.

Blogs also contribute to improving your website’s SEO. Keyword rich blogs with useful and informative content tend to pull in a higher number of visitors. Many of these visitors often desire to provide backlinks to your site creating a powerful and effective link building connection.

Get linked by your customers

Generating link building is a tough work especially when you are new in the online market. However, once you have a band of loyal customers at your disposal, you can utilise their links to improve your website’s visibility.

Customers can be of great help when it comes to effective link building. You will only have a loyal following when you are able to create a relation of trust between the customer and your business. Once you achieve that, you can easily ask for backlinks to your site in their social networking profiles or websites.

Focus on the quality of content

One constant fear that haunts web masters is the frequently changing and updating algorithms of the search engine. These algorithms are always on the lookout for duplicate or poor quality content as well as websites with spammy links. These types of content are often severely penalized resulting in a sharp fall in page rank and reduced traffic.

Often webmasters use black hat SEO techniques to rapidly rise in the page rank and visibility. However, these black hat SEO techniques are not worthy in the long run resulting in penalization of websites.

Good quality content with unique information are great for improving the SEO of a website. These tend to get backlinks automatically because of the information they provide. Using just any random link in your website can be harmful. Ensure that the backlinks you provide and the websites where your site’s backlinks are provided are not spammy and has good quality score and page rank in the search engine.


Though effective link building is slowly becoming a tool of past, it still remains to be a potent tool. SEO are shifting their focus from link building to improved content marketing strategies. However, you can use backlinks to pull in audience through affiliate marketing which is on the rise.

Unique Online Business Tricks: The Power Of Exclusivity

Unique Online Business Tricks

In the crowd of online market there are millions of products that serve the same purpose. Yet marketers claim them to be exclusive. The power of exclusivity is not unknown to marketers. It serves as a catalyst pushing the products in front of your target audience. Exclusivity has the power to make even a common product unique for the users. An intelligent business person would always consider the unique online business tricks rather than going for the traditional ways. Each product has its own uniqueness which also serves as an identity for the product as well as for the brand.


The power of exclusivity can be really effective in opening up new avenues for businesses. Marketers struggle to create exclusive products or a different way of marketing a common product. When you have a product that has many substitutes in the market, highlighting the product features with a newer marketing attempt can be a better option to choose. Easily one of the unique online business tricks which again tells us that the power of exclusivity not only falls on the product but also on the way a product is promoted.

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Exclusivity also helps carve out a niche in the market. Each of your target audience is different. Thus each would identify itself with an exclusive feature of your product. Be it a smartphone, a particular clothes line or an artwork exclusivity helps create a brand identity of the business as well as for the target audience. These target audience tend to identify themselves with the brands and its exclusivity. This is one prime reason why bigger brands have loyal followers. For example, when Apple releases a new product, it is not unnatural to see buyers queuing up outside Apple stores weeks before the launch date. Unique online business tricks like these give a huge boost to the brand as well as the products that it sells.

The power of exclusivity approach is also an important fundamental when it comes to digital promotion of websites. Uniqueness in content, image, video and even typograghy often serves as a powerful quotient for exclusive promotion of a website. The power of exclusivity is one of the unique online business tricks that set your website apart from your competitors. In the huge noise of social media, making your product visible to the target audience is a challenge. However, with the exclusivity, products are easily identified by the old customers as well as attract new audience to it.

The power of exclusivity rests on three major components: The First, The Best or The Only. These are the three prime features for any product. A product that wishes to carve out a niche in the market must have any of the above three qualities apart from following the unique online business tricks to qualify as an exclusive product. Thus a product or service needs to be the first or the best or the only or all the three to tap the power of exclusivity to the maximum.

The first

When it comes to being the first in the industry, it is always a tricky thing. And when you know its tricky enough, there you go with your unique online business tricks! Firstly, no one is aware of your existence. You need to build your reputation, your business and your brand image from scratches. Each step in your business counts and each mistake can be powerful enough to stop you from progressing further.

Timing of your business too is an important factor when it comes to being the first. One of the unique online business tricks that you cannot forego if you want your business to flourish! Too early a launch may be bad for your business as the market is not yet ready. For example- in the early phase of the internet era, social networking mostly implied to online communities like Tripod.com. Community members were allowed to connect through chatrooms. However, these gave way to creating social profiles where users were the centre of attention. Members could create their own profile and add people with similar interests.

Unique Online Business Tricks For You

Gradually, Myspace, Orkut and Friendster were introduced. However, it was Facebook that won the jackpot. Initially introduced as a social networking site for the Harvard campus, it gradually made its way to the global market.

Facebook is considered one of the first social media networking sites to be able to connect and serve to a global population. Current Facebook user-base is over 6 billion.

The best

Becoming the best in your field is not a challenging task. All you have to do is keep improving your quality of output till it surpasses the current best besides secretly following the unique online business tricks. The tough part is to maintain the stronghold in this position in the long run. There is always the need to innovate and develop your product. Adding new features or introducing value added services are a way companies try to maintain their top rank.

The Apple Inc here serves the best example for being the best and maintaining the position for quite a long time. Apple was one of the first makers of the smartphones with the feature of multi touch screen. A number of electronics brand have introduced flagship devices since the launch of iPhone. However, none of the smartphone companies was able to create something powerful enough to compete or beat the Apple iPhone market.

Since the launch of its first iPhone in 2007, Apple has been launching a new flagship device almost every year. With each new device, Apple has been able to introduce and add new features making it more and more user friendly.

Though Android is currently the most popular operating system in the smartphone market, Apple has been able to create a niche of its own with its excellent hardware and software features.

The only

Being the only product in the market is a great boon for the marketer as well as the product. With no competitors, this exclusive product can gain and spread ts market at a tremendous rate. Often products like these become the major dominators in the product market, once the business owner abides by some really unique online business tricks.

For example, smartphones have become a major part of human lives today. The simplicity of use and great features that a smartphone offers are hardly to be found in qwerty handsets and old cell phones. There has also come up a number of manufacturers selling flagship devices to users. However, one common element in most smartphones is its operating system. Except for Apple, the only other operating system that has a great functionality and has a wide audience is the Android operating system by Google.

Android currently holds the majority in smartphones application. Its user friendly nature has made it a popular choice among people from all walks of life. Being an open source platform, it allows for constant innovation and improvement thus creating a better product each time.
The power of exclusivity is a boon that needs to be tapped optimally to make the best use of itself while you are silently following all the unique online business tricks. While sometimes it needs to be created, at times your product might itself become the powerhouse.

Building Powerful B2C Relationship In The Virtual World

Powerful B2C Relationship

Business in the virtual or online world has been expanding at lightening speed. The advantages of an online store far outweighs that of a traditional store. Thus businesses are turning to the virtual world to expand themselves. This has also called in for marketers to establish and maintain a strong and powerful B2C relationship in the online market.


Online businesses have been mushrooming out even as the “dot com” bubble spreads globally. The promotional platforms like social media networking sites and email marketing have given these online businesses an added boost. Promoting your products simultaneously on different platforms at the same time is possible in the virtual market today. This also helps in developing a powerful B2C relationship.

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The endless supply of a wide variety of social media apps for marketers allows to connect to the odd number of customers. These customers belong to different demographic and psychographic sections of the society. They might even be using different social media networks to connect socially. However, one common purpose that these people serve is that they are your target audience.

This varied group of target audience would have different psychological understandings. However, this gap is bridged through your business that connects all these people together. Thus it is on your part to create a powerful B2C relationship and strive to maintain it in the competitive market of the online world.

Apart from the fact that you connect to your audience virtually, there is not much difference in the effort that you as an entrepreneur needs to put to retain your customers. Thus an entrepreneur in order to establish a powerful B2C relationship needs to prioritize his audience to secure a steady group of loyal customers.

Interaction in customer development

Conversation is an important element that immensely contributes in creating a powerful B2C relationship. Interacting with your customers is important if you wish to secure a lasting relation with your audience. Making yourself present everywhere is one of the first steps in developing interaction with audience. This makes you and your product visible to the target audience thus making them speak about your product.

Building Powerful B2C Relationship

When people speak about your product, it shows that you are gaining brand reputation. Here is the time when you need to interact from the forefront and take charge. Talk to your audience. Ask them about your products and what they like and dislike about it. Question them on what else would they like to have in the product.

Interacting with target audience not only helps in building a powerful B2C relationship, but it also helps by supplying you with newer and more innovative ideas for your business.

Establishing loyalty

One major drawback in the online business is that entrepreneurs do not get the chance to meet its target audience face to face. This sometimes may form a hindering factor in building a loyal group of customers. However, this is the place where your marketing skills come into action. Use the social media platforms to spread awareness about your product. Post frequently on microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter. Use the social bookmarking sites to improve your presence. The more your product is visible to your target audience the more would people be talking about it.

This would also lead to audiences commenting or posting tweets about your product. Grab this opportunity and make the most of it. Connect with your target audience and try establishing a bond between them and your business. This way you can establish a powerful B2C relationship and improve your brand presence as well.

Speak to build trust

When you are a new entrepreneur or launching a new business, you have a target to build a strong customer base. In such cases speaking about topics which is similar, helps to bond well with your target audience. You need to make your customers believe that you truly care and is genuine in your approach. Trust forms a prime ingredient when you plan on creating a lasting relationship with your audience.

Your audience can like your product. But you need to convert them in trusting you. Apart from showing genuine concern and awareness for your audience, you also need to be open about your business. With a transparent business relation, it would be easier for audiences to trust you and you will be able to gain a powerful group of loyal followers.

Establishing a powerful B2C relationship in this competitive market is a challenging task. With the huge magnitude of products and brands at the disposal of the audience, keeping a loyal customer of your product is tough. Building a good rapport with your audience helps not only in increasing your number of audience but also creates impressive brand image.

Benefits Of Remote Workforce Over Traditional Firm

Remote Workforce

The shift from brick and mortar store to online market has also changed the work pattern. Apart from providing you with a global audience to cater to, it has also provided various other benefits. The perks of remote workforce or good remote companies cannot be ignored by small businesses and startups.


Many startups and small businesses have already employed good remote companies for their benefit. Outsourcing work to remote workforce not only benefits you but the end result is higher in quality. Good remote companies are slowly emerging as a prime member of the online market. The audiences have already embraced the digital platform which is now a chief part of life.

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Few companies are of the view that the resultant product of the remote companies are not what a traditional company would produce. However, it has been observed that the output of good remote companies sometimes surpass the quality of product that a traditional company might produce. The added advantages of a remote company over traditional firms give them an upper hand when it comes to choosing any one.

With high speed internet and easy technological accessibility more and more people are getting into the remote workforce. However, the debate on whether good remote companies should be the future of the online market still continues. But the advantages that these remote companies provide cannot be overlooked. As more and more people are joining into the remote workforce, entrepreneurs are employing them for their business processes. This has also encouraged employment as it can be spread over a large area, even globally.

Sometimes, it becomes tough for entrepreneurs to retain remote workforce. This is one big disadvantage of even the good remote companies. But entrepreneurs have now become cautious to retain their remote workforce. They are offering additional perks and benefits to retain their team of expert professionals.

Below is a list of benefits that good remote companies offers over a traditional firm.

Flexible time

Flexibility in timing of your workforce is an essential criteria that plays to the advantage of both you and your remote employees. A flexible work time is important to keep your work life balance. A remote office provides its employees the advantage of working as per their schedule. This gives them the advantage of conveniently fulfilling his personal responsibilities. It saves employees time and money on communicating to and from work as well.

With the control over work-time, an employee can choose to work as and when he/she feels like and the time they prefer to work (working in the morning/working at night).

Flexible time gives one big advanatge to employers who employ remote workforce globally. They are able to communicate as they find it convenient.

Retain employees

Good Remote Workforce

Retaining good professionals in a company is often a struggle that most startups and small businesses face. Employing remote workforce in your business gives you an advantage to retain employees which is not always effective in case of traditional firms.

Employees have the advantage of flexible working hours, that boosts engagement in your business.

Your remote staff would work as and when you want them to. This boosts productivity as they would be working when they feel most energised to work.

The absence of work travel gives an added push to retain employees. This reduces absenteeism and turnover of employees to a great degree. The perks and add-ons work as a stimulating factor to further retain your remote workforce.

Better productivity

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are of the view that employing remote workforce generally reduces the quality of output. However, employing professional remote workforce often delivers you the opposite result.

By employing remote workforce you can easily employ the best professional of your industry. As expenses on other factors are immensely low, you can use them to hire experts for outsourcing your work. As work hours are not fixed, they tend to work better and sometimes deliver quite more than what has been asked for.

Remote employees are spared from the noise and distractions of a workplace. This boosts productivity as they can work in the comfort of their homes. Every online work requires precision and concentration. Your remote workforce would generally deliver better output and quicker execution of work.

Builds trust

Trust is one key element that is important to exist between the employer and the employee. The issue of trust becomes all the more important in case of remote workforce. You as an entrepreneur do not interact with your work force directly. This may sometimes give rise to trust issues. However, if you use it to your advantage, this can help you immensely in creating a powerful remote workforce.

Confidence on your workforce is a crucial element that can help you grow your business. Running an unsupervized workforce is a challenge. However, if you lay trust on your employees, you will be delivered with better and quicker results. Once you have a trusting two-sided relation, productivity increases automatically.

Faster expansion

Remote companies do not posses any brick and mortar office. As the entire work is performed online, entrepreneurs do not feel the requirement of such. This is one great advantage of good remote companies. This is also a boon in case a company wishes to expand. The entrepreneur just needs to add up to his remote workforce. This will automatically expand his business. For example, if a company operating in the US wants to expand its market in other countries, it would hire people from those respective countries first than carry on with the promotional campaigns in those countries.

Remote workforce has proved to be hugely advantageous. More and more entrepreneurs and small businesses are launching good remote companies. Its easy setup and minimum investment are the prime features that are attracting entrepreneurs to this section of online business.

Create Successful Sales Programme Through Storytelling

Create Successful Sales Programme

When you are in the digital marketing world and you are a small to mid level company, it is easy to know how the digital market works. A successful marketer has good organizational skills and a plan of action that they follow. However, these are not the only skills that a marketer possesses. To create successful sales programme, a marketer possesses unique skills which are greatly utilized for product promotion and marketing.

A good storytelling skill is a challenging feat that is not possessed by all. However, one can nurture and polish this skill to become a good storyteller to carry out a successful sales programme. Below are 4 major storytelling skills that a marketer needs to possess to create successful sales programme.

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Know your audience thoroughly

The need to know your audience is one of the first skills that a successful marketer must possess. If you know your audience you will be able to understand their likes and dislikes, needs and preferences. This would make it easier for you to create promotional ads that would compel users to make a purchase.

Create value of the product

How To Create Successful Sales Programme

A great storyteller has the power to change a non-user into a loyal customer. It is the value that a marketer adds to the product to make it more valuable and interesting for the consumer and thus create successful sales programme. Wrapping up a product or service with all the good it can perform really makes it an outstanding product. Thus consumers are compelled to convert ending up buying the product.

Intelligent communication

The words that you speak has a great effect on the listeners. Thus, ensure that what you talk is intelligent and serves your purpose of converting audience into final consumers. Use of simple everyday language is a great way to bond with your consumer. If you plan to use high-level marketing language with your consumers, you might as well bid “goodbye” to your prospective audience. Thus to create successful sales programme, building trust with thorough intelligent communication is indispensable.

Real life examples

Real life examples in your marketing and promotional ads works better in pushing your target audience to convert. These examples are easily relatable and simple to understand. Thus, these work much better than any fictitious examples.

It is not a big challenge to create successful sales programme. However, a planned approach towards sales and marketing is necessary if you wish to promote your products and achieve a high rate of conversion.