Asus Zenfone Max Review : Battery Life Extended. No Compromise With Design And Aesthetics

Asus Zenfone Max Review

Do you feel like charging your smartphone everyday? Most of us dread it. Say, one day you forget to charge it in a hurry and then your phone dies in the middle of the day. If you do not carry your charger with you, you are going to be in the pit. This is the main reason why smartphone companies all over are focusing on this aspect more than anything else. Asus Zenfone Max is the latest addition to the world of smartphones that boasts of extended battery lives like Gionee Marathon M5 and Lenovo Vibe P1. Its 5,000 mAh battery absolutely leaves no scope for complaint. And furthermore, this smartphone also does not bankrupt you. It is available at a very low price compared to the other phones that boast of the same capabilities.

Asus Zenfones all look alike and it will be very hard to determine the slight differences in aesthetics. This is a good thing if you see it from the perspective of budget users who can show off their budget smartphones merrily as they do not look much different from the premium ones. The 5.5 inch IPS Zenfone Max features 1.2Ghz quad core Snapdragon 410 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16GB storage,microSD card slot, 13 Megapixel camera equipped with laser autofocus and 5 Megapixel front camera. It also supports 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 all on anAndroid 5.0 platform. The Zenfone 2 series was good and acceptable except its curved back design and short battery life. Hence, in Zenfone Max, Asus remembered to omit these two shortcomings to provide maximum convenience to all its loyal consumers. Let us now discuss the various features, pros and cons of the new Asus Zenfone Max so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.


Battery life of Asus Zenfone Max

Smartphone companies all over the world have been working diligently on how to extend battery life without making the phone bulky and lumpy. Already Gioneeand Lenovo have launched their battery emphasized Marathon M5 and Vibe P1 but what Zenfone Max has done is to provide the same experience without increasing the costs too much. The Zenfone Max flaunts a 5,000mAh battery at budget rates. This is a huge boon to all those Zenfone users who were disappointed with the experience of Zenfone 2 series. The only compromise is the increase in weight but it is quite negligible as compared to the benefits of an extended battery life.

Screen color modes to give rest to your eyes

Asus ZenFone Max Review

With a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels, the 5.5 inch Zenfone Max has screen color modes and filters that you can adjust and alter from time to time. Generally, the color mode is on the warmer side unlike the Zenfone 2 series which flaunts a full HD resolution. The fact that you can actually alter the color temperature is a boon given that your eyes get some rest as and when required.

Laser autofocus giving high clarity images

The 13MP PixelMaster camera that Zenfone Max carries has qualities that you will simply feel proud of. The f/2.0 aperture lens is responsible for top grade high resolution images while the super fast laser autofocus enhances image clarity. The resultant is high quality dashingly stabilized images with minimum blurring. The low light mode uses pixel merging technology to get brighter images without the need of flash. The Backlight mode helps you to take pictures in shadows while the Super Resolution mode increases the resolution of images to about 52 MP. Pretty amazing, eh?

The cons of Asus Zenfone Max

In spite of the several enhancements, there are some shortcomings of the new Asus Zenfone Max that have been mentioned in the following points:

  • Most consumers complain about the unnecessary pre-installed apps that take up much of memory space. You can uninstall some to save space but the others linger on whether you like them or not.
  • The battery is good no doubt, but the charging speed is low.
  • The Snapdragon 410 processor is of low quality
  • Due to the heavy 5,000mAh battery, the phone feels quite weighty (202 grams)
  • It does not support HDMI or MHL Out

Apart from these disadvantages, the Asus Zenfone Max is quite a game.

So you see although Asus Zenfone Max is mostly all about the battery, yet it has several other features that you can happily show off. So, are you planning to choose this battery optimized budget Zenfone as your next Smartphone companion? Let us know your opinions about the new Asus Zenfone Max and which of its features appealed to you the most. Write your comments in the section provided below. Have a marvelous day!