Know If Your City Gets An Earthquake With The Amazing MyShake App

Amazing MyShake App

In case of an earthquake, even few seconds matter. So, what can you possibly do if you knew that tremors are coming your way within 40 seconds or so? Obviously, you will move to safer location, right? Well the new and amazing MyShake app helps you to do that. It detects seismic tremors and helps you to more to a safer place. Also, you can warn someday in the earthquake prone area so that they are saved from the aftershocks that follows a massive earthquake. It won’t be much of a help if the earthquake has already taken place but then again, you will know what’s coming next with the help of the app.

The amazing MyShake app is available at Google Play Store for free. It has been developed by the Berkeley scientists at the University of California and they feel that it will be very useful to everybody living in Earthquake prone areas one day. The app doesn’t take up vibrations caused by the slamming of doors or thumping of tables. They give out alerts only in case of seismic vibrations. At present, the app will record and collect data associated with seismic vibrations and send them over to the Seismological laboratory at Berkeley to analyze them and warn people. The app developer Richard Allen acknowledges the fact that the app can never replace the contribution of seismic networks but, what it can do is to increase the potential of the Earthquake alert systems.


According to Allen, 300 users within 1000 square kilometers are needed to get authentic data from an earthquake. In countries like Nepal, there may not be enough seismic technology but making this amazing MyShake app available for mobile phones can issue alerts and warn people of any given area that an earthquake may be on its way.

Amazing MyShake App For Android

Researches and surveys show that people of these countries mostly have Android phones. Hence the first version of the amazing MyShake app is backed by an Android system so that they can use it and issue earthquake alerts successfully. He also stressed on the fact that the data from mobile phones require only one seismic station to trigger before an alert is issued. So that makes the process faster and people can indeed get some help.

How does the amazing MyShake app works?

The app records earthquake measuring above 5.0 on the Richter scale. It uses the phone’s accelerometers to detect vibrations, record them and send them over to the Seismological laboratory to analyze and send off alerts. The developers say that all of this takes merely a second and you will get about 40 seconds to secure yourselves and people around you. However, the developers are still working on these features and it will take some time before they are successfully implemented. For now, you can use the app to record data and also share pieces of historical information regarding major earthquakes.

Imagine what would have happened if this amazing MyShake app was available when Nepal got hit by the massive earthquake in 2015?

People would have stayed away from tall buildings
They would have sheltered themselves in time to save their lives
They would not have died so suddenly and ignorantly
Damage due to aftershocks could have been stalled

So you see, such an app is indeed necessary in earthquake prone areas to warn more people and save more lives. When the app is in full swing, you can use it to run to a place where there are no tall buildings or if you are inside a room, you can duck and get under a bed or your study desk to save yourselves from the quake. What do you think about the amazing MyShake app? Let us know in details in the comments section below. You can even write to us regarding the benefits of such an app that can detect seismic vibrations. Have a safe day!



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