Vivaldi Browser Review : Boost Your Browsing Experience With Elegant Features

Vivaldi Browser

The Opera creators are back yet with another browser for the web, the one and only, Vivaldi browser, whose clean interface is being loved by users from all over. You may find some similarities with Google Chrome in terms of speed and rendering style which is due to the fact that both are built on the Chromium platform. Jon von Tetzchner, the Opera CEO is leading the new project and his basic aim is to boost the key features of the existing Opera browser as well as add some new ones like mail built ins and keyboard commands to boost the overall experience. The new features are still not here as of yet. But the Vivaldi browser is richer and better even without them. You can say the browser is in its beta stage and the developers are working hard on it. You will get the features soon but for now, you have to be satisfied with the core browser.

Unlike many browsers, Vivaldi does not compromise customization abilities for easy handling. You can easily arrange and rearrange elements on screen umpteen times without making it look cluttered and messy. The cross-platform browser is available for Linux and Mac apart from Windows thus making all Linux users quite happy to get a web browser that caters to their needs. The basic objective of the browser is to move beyond all conventions to provide a top grade time efficient experience to all its users. Let us now delve deeper into the extensive features offered by the Vivaldi browser so as to make sure that this is the right browser for you.


Speed Dials

Vivaldi allows you to create as many thumbnail speed dials as you want. Unlike other browsers which choose thumbnails at random, the Vivaldi browser helps you to add your own thumbnails from bookmarks, history or manual typing of URLs. Thus, you can customize your browsing experience according to your needs and preferences. Furthermore, you can also create folders where you can keep more thumbnails. You can name those folders according to the contents inside them so that you can find your preferred sites immediately.

Easy access of bookmarks and history tabs

You can access the bookmarks and history tabs from the same screen as that of speed dials. There are two different sections for history and bookmarks and you can access each individually. You can do a lot of things with the folders, arrange and rearrange them according to your convenience and also add bookmarks from other browsers. Amazing, right? The customization options that you are going to get with the Vivaldi browser are unmatched.

Sort websites to the left panel

Vivaldi Browser Review

You can sort websites that you wish to track to the left while you are working on something else. Thus the Vivaldi browser provides you the scope to multitask without the need to go from tab to tab searching for websites you wish to track. All you have to do is to click on the web page you are browsing currently and select the option “Add as Panel”. Thus you can keep a track of your Facebook profile while working on your project without any hassle.

Stack and tile websites in the browser

Too many tabs on your screen and you do not know what to do with them? Stack them up and tile them horizontally or vertically according to your preference. This is immensely helpful if you are researching on something.

Add as notes

Type or select text to add as note in the Vivaldi browser. The notes bar is at the left. You can type something into it or you can simply add text by select a portion of text from the web pages you are browsing, right click on it and select “Add as Note” to make a note of it. This is extremely useful for making research papers or writing articles. You can use this note as a reference later.

All in all, you will feel that the browser retains many of the features that Opera provides. But if you are looking forward to an enhanced customized experience, then it is the right browser for you. The Vivaldi browser will make you feel that you can make the most use of your time without cluttering your web screen with tabs and windows. So are you ready to download this new browser and utilize its features to enhance your browsing experience? Let us know what you think about Vivaldi in the comments section below. Have a marvelous day!


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