Apple Lost Trademark Battle To Chinese Company

Apple Lost Trademark

Apple has already understood the vitality of securing its intellectual properties long ago and that is exactly why it registered the “iPhone” name in China in the year 2002 even before a lot of the company’s engineers knew that their employer was developing the device in discretion. However, even the legal prudence of Apple couldn’t outsmart the brutal trademark squatters of the country. Yes, Apple lost trademark to Xintong Tiandi, a Chinese company.

The government of China has allowed that Xintong Tiandi Technology, an apparel company, to make wallets, phone cases and purses branded with “iPhone” word after Apple lost trademarkon 31st of March, as the website of Xintong Tiandi states.


The company registered to obtain the trademark in the month of September in 2007, which is interesting, as 2007 was the year Apple released the iPhones to the market. Apple had got the same name registered in the month of October in 2002 in China. But since Apple made computers and Xintong Company made leather products, Chinese authorities granted both of them the right to use the name. According to Legal Daily, Apple started persuading for legal actions against the other company in the year 2012.

If you’re thinking of it, nope! An “i” in a lowercase won’t differ between the two, as Quartz reports.

Apple Lost Trademark To Xintong Tiandi

China thinks Xintong Tiandi wouldn’t harm the interests of Apple, putting forward an argument that none in the country would actually think all handbags were designed by Calf, Cupertino Company. Maybe Apple could receive it as a compliment for its distinctive and special design.

The leather product website page has also got a separate page wherein the resolution of the dispute can be discussed, through which the Tiandi Company hopes to join with Apple to reap benefits of the shared names.

The brand of Apple was around 125 billion dollars’ worth in the year 2014, as per the US Trademark Office and Patent. But the episode in which Apple lost trademark to Tiandi company shows even the strongest brand cannot get away with blatant copycats.



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