Facebook Instant Articles – The Social Network’s Own ‘AMP’ Released On 12th April

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant articles, the proprietary solution of Facebook for quick loading content is available to everybody from 12th of this April. Publishers, regardless of the size and their location on the world, can now easily put up contents on Facebook by making use of this platform for instant articles. Earlier, Facebook Instant Articles was made available only to few test groups that comprised of some hundred publishers. The main objective was always that it be made available for everyone, according to Facebook, and the platform is totally ready and rolled out.

This has quite a few resemblance with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) of Google. Facebook Instant Articles focuses on solving the troubles of content that load slowly on mobile phones. Web articles usually consume about eight seconds to loaf itself on the app of Facebook, which is actually the slowest among any content of single type. Instant articles is allegedly capable of loading articles ten times faster when compared to the standard web articles on mobile devices.


Publishers will have complete control on how the content can be displayed on Facebook Instant Articles that include placements of ads, and will also have access to the data analytics of the page they run. Besides, publishers can also sell their own ads directly to advertisers so that they place it on Instant Articles and make use of the tracking platforms of their own, like Google Analytics.

Publishers will keep whole of the revenue they make from ads that are not sold via Facebook. As an alternative, there is also an option which enables you to monetize your content with the help of Audience Network of Facebook.

According to the social network, it is really easy for all publishers of this sort of publishing through Facebook Instant Articles as it is created by making use of publishing tools that are already made use of by social networks. As per the documentation of its own, the most effortless way of publishing the Instant Articles is by creating a RSS feed which is unique and gets fed.

The Facebook Instant Articles could also be manually created on the social network itself. Once it is made available to all of the users, you will be enabled to click on the publishing tool that resides on top of the page and choose Instant Articles from that menu on the left part of your screen.

All in all, with the Instant Articles, the readers no longer have to wait for the article to load and this is certainly going to change the whole experience of Facebook for the users.


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