Experience Virtual Reality On vMocion Without Getting Motion Sickness

Virtual Reality On vMocion

Virtual reality is an innovative field, where virtual simulation of an artificial environment compels your brain to believe that the virtual setting is a reality. Though the idea of being inside a virtual environment surely excites us all, the probable motion sickness that comes along with it makes us take our hands away from the VR gear. But, the good news is that virtual reality on vMocion can be experienced now without the accompanying motion sickness.

Motion sickness can quickly set in, and is a relatively common side effect related to the hugely innovative field of virtual reality. It just takes a single bad experience of motion sickness related to virtual reality to make a person stay miles away from it in the future. One of the major problems that cause this lies in the fact that there remains a mismatch between the motion effect produced by the virtual reality headset and your inner ear telling your brain that you are actually standing still! The effect of such a mismatch may vary depending on the person, and if the conflict grows above a certain level, the person might be in for a bitter experience! And to make your experience better vMocion comes all equipped as you can get to feel virtual reality on vMocion.


The Mayo Clinic’s Aerospace Medicine & Vestibular Research Laboratory has worked out a technology based on over 10 years of research work. Experiencing virtual reality on vMocion gets better as the latter is attempting to wipe out motion sickness by applying this technology as an antidote. This new technology, termed as Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS), uses carefully and strategically located electrodes in order to convince the inner ear that you are in motion, when actually you are not! If the timing is perfect, it is possible to have a completely immersive virtual reality experience, without the sickening part! As an additional info, it may also be mentioned that the GVS was developed initially in service to the U.S. Military Department in order to stimulate rotor failures realistically.

For ardent followers who want to experience virtual reality on vMocion, the new GVS technology might not be totally unheard of. At the latest South by South West Conference (SXSW), South Korean conglomerate Samsung displayed a special project on which they had been working, i.e. the new Entrim 4D Headphones. This headphone uses the GVS technology in co-ordination with the Gear VR.

Experience Virtual Reality On vMocion

The chairperson of the audiology department of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Michael Cevette, has already stated differences between Samsung’s whole new Entrim 4d headphones and vMocion’s technology. According to him, the differences between the two might be compared with those between the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift.Samsung’s Entrim 4D headphones basically use an electrode pair to measure any movement around a static point. Virtual reality on vMocion, on the other hand, allows motion simulation across the three dimensions.

Going into a detailed explanation, Cevette informed that virtual reality on vMocion technology makes use of a series of four electrodes that are placed behind each of the ears, the forehead and the last one is placed at the nape of the neck. These electrodes then are linked up in real time. This causes any movement in the virtual reality field to project and launch a synchronised GVS command.

It’s not that only adding one more pair of electrodes does the trick though. The 3D platform provided by vMocion makes use of its technology to convert the already existing 2D and 3D simulated motion into a GVS simulation. What it means is that content developers now don’t need to implement this technology specifically in virtual reality games and movies, thereby allowing the users to have a more pleasant experience of the wide range of virtual reality content.

According to Cevette, the whole new GVS technology used in virtual reality on vMocion prevents negative physical reactions to virtual reality, and also increases, improves and enhances the feeling of being present inside the content. This happens so because there is no mismatch between your brain perceiving motion and your inner ear. The user actually feels the motion because the inner ear is synchronised with the motion perception, and is consistently stimulated with the user’s expectations.

vMocion, being platform agnostic, is simply and clearly licensing their technology to any company that would want to use the new GVS tech for newer VR purposes. Keeping aside these, experiencing virtual reality on vMocion is simply amazing. In fact, vMocion is on the way to create a revolution in the field of Virtual Reality, by promising to take out the motion sickness that is so dreaded among potential VR users.

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