5 Must Have Apps To Live In The New York City

Must Have Apps

Life in the New York City can be overwhelming. There are so many things to do and so little time to do them. Obviously, you may have migrated to the city in a zeal to make more out of your life but you need quality assistance to do that. Living alone in the city can get on your nerves. There will be a time when you will be forced to think whether you did the right thing by coming here. Yes, we all have our weak moments when we feel overwhelmed and try to forget everything and run. But, in this tech savvy world, there is no chance you are going to feel completely alone even if you are literally so. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the effective must have apps that can make your life way easier.


Today we have apps for everything, be it finding the nearest place to relax or grab a bite of that delicious pizza or renting a new apartment. Your smartphone will never let you feel alone or bewildered by the enormity of the city. Yet, you have to select and find the best apps that suit your needs and specific requirements. Keep in mind that your mobile phone has a capacity and you cannot cluster it with apps for all and everything. That is why, here we have shortlisted a few must have apps that can make your life worthwhile.

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5 must have apps for an amazing experience

1. Zumper

No place to stay? Well, this is the primary requirement of any person visiting New York and wishing to stay for sometime. But, finding an apt place to live in can become really daunting. What if you had an app that could tell you when and how to rent an apartment? Life would be amazing then, isn’t it? Zumper can make that wish of yours come true. This is one of the must have apps for apartment renting and is favored by newbies and residents alike.

Whenever there is an apartment out for rent which meets your specific needs, you will be notified of the same so that you can visit the place quickly and strike a deal. With one of the must have apps, Zumper, you can locate an apartment or condominium for rent faster than even Trulia or Zillow users. You can search for your convenient location and get your dream apartment in no time. Also, you can contact the landlords or home owners of your desired apartment directly from the app. So much for your brooding on not finding a place to live!

2. Exit Strategy

One of the most well loved and must have apps, Exit Strategy has made journey in the subways a lot easy. No more do you have to walk all the way to the Exit after you get down at the wrong place. The app will guide you as to where you should stand in the train itself to get down just at the right spot. Also, it will tell you which side the platform is going to be so that you can decide your place to stand while still inside the train. As it is a subway app, you can access it without an internet connection. Some other features of this app includes:

i.   Zoomable Bus Maps for all the five boroughs of NYC
ii.  Road maps showing addresses of popular spots in Manhattan
iii. Opening and closing times of subway exits
iv. Maps showing the location of elevators and transfer spots

Must Have Apps 2016

And the best thing is, you do not have to switch on your internet connection to access these maps. Everything is available offline.

3. Uber

Want to go somewhere but lacking transport? Uber can help you to get anywhere anytime with cashless payments. A tap is all you need to get a driver at your doorstep. And what more? He knows exactly where to to go! Isn’t it just mind blowing? You do not have to worry about calling a cab by standing in the middle of the road and shouting. You just have to get ready, put on your shoes, tap on your mobile and Whoosh! The cab arrives at your doorstep. At the end, you will no more feel like a newbie, who doesn’t know how to go where he/she wants to go.

The aforementioned must have apps are life savers, truly, but to live in NYC like a king (or queen) you do need some chilling out apps for refreshments and coffee breaks. The following two apps will make that easier for you.


Are you in love with coffee? Just can’t do without a sip in the morning? This is one of the must have apps that can get you great coffee deals enabling you to have your drink in a multitude of places all over NYC. Imagine yourself having your morning coffee in seven different places all throughout the week. Sounds amazing, right? And all you need is an android or iPhone to savor the experience. Technology is really a boon!

5. FreshDirect

Living alone and love to cook? Well, you need fresh grocery items to do that. And FreshDirect is the thing for you. If you order today, your groceries will be delivered at your doorstep tomorrow itself. And fresh! Yes, they are completely fresh for you to cook the most delicious meals. Are you inclined towards a specific brand? FreshDirect is can provide you with that as well. Just go to your kitchen, see what you have and what you don’t, take your mobile and order accordingly. Your groceries will be knocking at your door the next day.

Now, do you feel relaxed already? Don’t be! Instead, research the net and find out more apps that are going to make your life in New York City not only amazing but also long lasting and absolutely stunning. If you find more such must have apps, do not forget to mention them in the comments section below. Or, you can also write to us directly. Have the greatest day of your lives!

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