How To Choose Relevant Hashtags On Instagram For A Given Post

Relevant Hashtags On Instagram

Are you on Instagram?
Do you share photos and videos?
Do you add hashtags to your posts?
If all the answers are yes, then you do need to read this post whole. This is because, here we are going to discuss how to use relevant hashtags on Instagram for any given post. Hashtags are becoming increasingly popular and you see them everywhere, be it on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.


If you observe carefully, you will notice a pattern in the use of hashtags. But, not all hashtags are relevant to your posts. And many people do this mistake of adding irrelevant hashtags in the desire to expand their network and market their products. But they forget one thing. A useful strategy is the key to marketing success. And you need to develop a significant strategy even for the use of relevant hashtags on Instagram to gain maximum number of followers.

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So, how to use hashtags in your Instagram posts?

First of all, make them relevant. Not all hashtags that you see around attached to images and videos on Instagram are relevant to the topic. People have grown a habit of hashtagging their posts randomly without giving out any definite message. They just do it because everyone does it. But, it should not be like that. Like if you post a picture of beach side resort, you can include the tag #beachresorts or #seasideresort to your post but you can never add #sunsetviews or #surfing if the picture does not imply the same. Got the idea? You should post relevant hashtags on Instagram for your posts. So the first consideration is:

Make your hashtags relevant and specific

Relevant hashtags on Instagram go a long way to put you in the searches of like minds. Let us consider the aforementioned example. If someone is searching for beach side resorts, he or she is likely to find your image on the top of his/her search results. And if you can add some more details like #excellentviews and #greatinteriors, you are likely to get more clicks and follows from people who are looking for the same. Relevance is the first step towards your Instagram hashtagging success. Now, let us go to the next consideration to be made while dealing with hashtags.

Do not spam your posts with multiple hashtags

Using Relevant Hashtags On Instagram

You should not crowd your posts with numerous hashtags. Then you may appear to be hankering for attention. Make it brief and light for everyone to digest. 3-5 hashtags will be okay for your posts to get the attention you deserve. If you want and if your posts requires it, you can go as far as using 7-8 relevant hashtags on Instagram but not more than that. Do not take advantage of Instagram’s allowance to add up to 30 hashtags to your posts. That will look really clustered if not desperate.

Try to implement your keywords in hashtags

If you wish to include relevant hashtags on Instagram to your post, you can, very wisely, use them as hashtags to increase your chances to be found by your target audience. Keyword hashtags are greatly popular among businesses and brands for marketing and promotion. If anyone searches you with those keywords, you are likely to be found at the top of their search results. Amazing, isn’t it?

Apply hashtags in sync with your specific post

Use relevant hashtags on Instagram that cater to your specific post and not something that seems okay to go with it. Like if you are posting a picture of your office premises, you should not tag it with #greatlunches and #lunchcoupons even if you mean to say that those facilities are provided at your office. You should post a separate picture for that. The hashtags should be specific to the post and not the overall idea. You can go with #greatworkenvironment or #workplacediaries instead.

Develop a unique business related hashtag to go with your posts

This is extremely important as your basic objective is to be found in the searches of your target audience easily. Master an effective hashtag strategy and use it as a tool for marketing your brand. Develop unique brand related relevant hashtags on Instagram for your business and use it every now and then to popularize it. You can include your business name in the hashtag or you can do without it, depending on the posts you share. But it is very important that you have a hashtag meant specifically for your business which you are going to use every time you post something related to your brand.

Now that you know why and how to use relevant hashtags on Instagram posts, do make a list of the relevant hashtags catering to your business or brand needs and use them wisely to enhance your visual marketing campaign on Instagram. Wish you all the best for that!


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