7 Easy Ways To Increase Email Subscribers

Increase Email Subscribers

You are blogging and blogging but no one reads your blog? One reason for that is maybe you do not have enough email subscribers who will be notified once you publish a blog. Or maybe, just maybe, you do not even know how to increase your email list or anything about email lists at all. In that case, you need some guidance to set up your own mailing list with quality loyal customers who will read your new blogs, comment and share them in the social media thus increasing your exposure. Consider this post as a how to guide to increase email subscribers within a short span of time. None of us has enough time in this cut throat competition for attention in the digital world. So, a quick guide will be very helpful.


Let us assume we all have blogs on our websites and we have our definite target audience in mind when we write each blog post. But, how are those people going to know that we have written something for them? Here comes the need for a properly organized mailing list to notify those subscribers that you have again posted something that they might like to read and share. You can adopt a variety of ways to increase email subscribers, some of which have been discussed in this post. But you have to pick the fastest ones among them that do not take much of your time or money.

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7 quick ways to increase email subscribers instantly

1. Develop a concrete strategy

Everything has a definite strategy, be it marketing, promotion or to increase email subscribers to your blog. You need to sit with your marketing team and discuss in details regarding what you can do and how can you do it faster. Competition is gaining at your throat and you have to build an effective strategy before you plunge into the world of digital media, blindfolded. Your email subscribers are going to make or break the game. And number really doesn’t matter. What matters is how the quality will get a boost when you increase email subscribers. Do they really read, share and comment on your posts? Or they just sweep through the pages and let it be. A definite strategy will help you to take care of all such issues.

2. CTA link in your email signature

Wait, really? That won’t look desperate, will it? Well, yes and no. It may look desperate to some but it is also an effective opportunity to let people know about you. Whether or not people will subscribe to you depends a lot on the link you put up on your email signature. You can add the landing page of your website or you can simply put up the link of an article that has maximum views, shares and comments. That doesn’t look desperate at all. And if people like it, chances are, it will increase email subscribers for more such articles. “Content is king”, remember?

3. Send PDF files and free ebooks

Everyone likes to get free gifts and surprises. If you can send a free ebook or a PDF file which is informative, entertaining and relevant at the same time to your visitors, they will get surprised and intrigued as well. Just imagine, you are dreading to open your inbox and read all those pending work mails and pop! This ebook appears out of the blue. It will definitely lift your mood and the same goes with your customers.

4. Update your social profiles with landing page links

Tips To Increase Email Subscribers

One great way to increase email subscribers! Your social bio defines YOU. And your business is a part of you, a major part, that too. So, if you put up your landing page link in your bio, that won’t be much of a problem, will it? When users see your profile, they will definitely want to see what you do and the link will be very helpful. And once they land on your website or blog, the subscription tools, slide bars and opt-in buttons are going to aid in turning them into loyal followers.

5. Improve your page loading speed

You never know what device people are using to access your blog or your website. So it is important that you have fast loading pages to enhance their experience. Talk to your developers and increase the speed of loading pages so as to reduce the scope for complaints. Another good way to increase email subscribers!

6. The importance of pinned posts and tweets

Pin your posts and tweets to increase the exposure. Pinned posts and tweets appear at the top of your timeline for a specified time thus improving the chances of them getting viewed by maximum number of people.

7. CTA button on your Facebook business page

Call-to-action buttons are really helpful in improving your brand exposure and helping you to reach out to maximum audience. Adding a Sign Up button to your Facebook business page and linking it to one of your well acclaimed posts or your landing page increases the chances of conversions.

If you can follow all the aforementioned tactics in a strategic manner, chances are, the list of your email subscribers will be crowded by more and more quality customers or clients. Get your business up and running with the help of a solid strategy to increase email subscribers. Best of luck with that! Hope this post helps.

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