5 Upgraded Android Features Taken From iOS

Upgraded Android Features

Apple’s iOS and Google’ Android have always been in loggerheads fighting for their supremacy. While Apple serves a distinct class of people with its high-end smartphones and tablets, Android with its collaboration with multiple electronic manufacturers has become more of a people’s device. Few distinct features of Apple however, set itself apart from Android. And what we are going to discuss today is the upgraded Android features that would give The Apple devices a fight for existence!


With continuous research, Android has come a long way since the launch of its first operating system CupCake. Still, when it comes to greater pixel density or better features, Apple tends to beat Android on various fonts. However, Google recently launched the developer’s version of its latest version of Android that showed some distinct similarities with Apple’s iOS. Here are few upgraded Android features that has been taken from Apple. Android is working on to incorporate these in its latest version Android “N”.

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1. A beta version for public

Android N Beta

During the recent launch of the developers’s version of Android “N” Google also announced that it would be releasing a beta version of the new operating system for public as well. This beta version will make its appearance sometimes in the second half of this year.

The launch of a beta version for public reminds of a similar antic undertaken by Apple with its launch of iOS 9. Though Google has made so many such statements regarding the upgraded Android features and the similarity in its launch feature it seems clear that the idea has been borrowed from Apple Inc. However, launching a beta version for public use would ensure that all the bugs are zeroed in on so that the final product is flawless.

2. Multi-window support

Android N Multi Window

With the increasing sophistication of technology and improvement in the operating system, the multi-window support system – one of the upgraded Android features – has been enabled in Android “N”. A similar feature was previously seen in iOS 9 named Split View. This feature allows users to run and manage two different apps directly from one single screen.

With Multi-window support, a user can work on two different apps directly from a single screen. However, while Apple’s Split View works only on iPads, and has various restrictions, Android “N”’s Multi-Window support will be available on all mobile devices of Android. It would also allow users to split apps in a side by side format or top and bottom format as the user finds it convenient. Apple allowed only side by side feature of split and only the right sided apps could be further divided.

3. Twin picture element

Twin Picture Android N

The twin picture element known as the picture-in-picture which was earlier seen only on iPads is available on Android TV as well. One of the upgraded Android features allows a video player to be played on one corner of your device interface while you work on a different app.

However, while Apple has refrained from implementing this feature in devices other than iPads, Android too seems to be following a similar policy. Both the technological giants have kept other platforms and devices devoid of this feature which might have been immensely beneficial to the users.

4. Interactive notification

Interactive Notification Android N

One of the upgraded Android features, this seems to be inspired more fromFacebook’s Reactions rather being stolen from Apple. The interactive notification feature provides users with different options on the way the user would like to act on a certain notification. Users can decide whether to react or dismiss a particular notification for later use.

This feature was introduced in Apple devices with the launch of iOS 8. Interactive notification has been widely applauded and loved by Apple users. This counts among the upgraded Android features which might turn out great for Android users too.

5. Night Mode

Night Shift in iOS 9 has also been introduced in Android “N” with the name Night Mode. With this feature the backlight and screen light changes hues according to the change in the daytime. While a blue light is emmited throughout the day, the color of light will shift to an orangish one with the sundown. While it was Apple’s iOS 9 which recently displayed this feature, it seems it was Android that first came up with this light changing idea with its previous version of operating system displaying a similar feature. While the list of upgraded Android features never contained this feature, it cannot be said that Apple was behind this innovative idea.

Rip offs and stealing of features has been constant in the technological industry. While no one would remember who introduced which feature, it is the potency of the devices, loyalty of users and the power of marketing campaigns that would keep the race between Apple and Google going.


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