4 Exclusive Social Media Content Ideas

Exclusive Social Media Content Ideas

Your value of website and its engaging quotient lies on how interesting and unique your content ideas are. The massive use of social media has laid stress on the creation and generation of new and unique content ideas each day. This has also aroused the need to brainstorm for ideas like never before. Exclusive social media content ideas are hard to get.


However, once you are able to understand the preference of your target audience, generating new ideas becomes easier. Though exclusive content ideas are not easily generated, once out, it tends to become viral quickly spreading through the social media channels. This not only helps in improving your traffic but also helps build your brand image as a brand that provides exclusive social media content ideas that are interesting and powerful.

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Unconventional news reports

News is often considered an immensly crucial feature that helps generate visitors to a website. However, in the urge to find some exclusive news people often restore to unethical paths. While it may bring a scoop and arouse interest, it is generally shortlived.

Unconventional news reports that are interesting, fun to read or watch and keep the audience hooked to your social profile works the best. News reports do not have any exclusivity. Time forms the main factor when you post a news report. Thus, the quicker you are able to make your report reach to your target audience, the higher will be your reach in the social media. This will help you generate better traffic to your website too.

Tabloids and scoops

Lets agree, we all love gossip. The juicier, the better. A sneek peek into the lives of the rich and famous often tends to go viral, quicker than a serious business post. These information also help users connect quite easily with your social media profile and your website.

While common news gives you the daily updates, tabloids and scoops provide your audience with a peek into the otherwise forbidden.

4 Exclusive Social Media Content Ideas

While these scoops and tabloids may be difficult to procure, these tend to have a great virality. An exclsuive image of your favourite sportsman vacationing or video clip of your celebrity enjoying a party, or your business idol giving out a secret business recipe. All these tend to form scoops that have your audience hooked to these contents.


No matter what the news or story is, humor always works as one of the exclusive social media content ideas. Memes are great for social media as they bring out a funny side to any serious image as well. The Grumpy Cat memes are one of the most viral memes throughout social media.

While memes may seem to be simple, it adds immense value to your content marketing campaign. It is a potent tool for B2B marketing where you can highlight your best potentials through memes. Memes also help in generating traffic through its subtle humor with some messages between the lines.

Using audience generated ideas

Audience sometimes tend to provide you with the most amazing and exclusive social media content ideas. If your stock of interesting and engaging contents are exhausted, you can easily generate unique ideas from your audience. Call for a game of ideas. Announce gifts and prizes for the ones who give you the exclusive social media content ideas. These can be quite compelling as your audinece show a genuine interest in your brand and offer you with exclusive social media content ideas for your website.

Once you have an assortment of ideas at your hand, you can choose one which you find the most fascinating. If you find that you have multiple number of ideas by your audience most of which are interesting and quite unique, you can use it for your future social media content marketing as well.


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