5 Great Startup Lessons To Learn From Virat Kohli, The Cricketing Ace

Great Startup Lessons

The latest T20 cricket world cup is raving throughout the globe. The nail biting matches, the amazing strokes and the head spinning bowling are setting fire on the fields and the television alike. And beating all odds with his stunning performance is Indian cricket genius Virat Kohli. The latest match between India and Australia has set new standards for the cricketer himself. And his amazing performance on field has sealed the mouths of critics while teaching us great startup lessons all the way down.


With the tables turning to his side, Virat Kohli has tactfully shut the media from any further criticism on his personal and professional life. His zeal and prowess offer great startup lessons that can be quite inspiring and applied by all in business and life alike.

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Keeping cool at crisis

Keep Cool

being calm even in crisis marks the trait of a successful person. And Kohli can be a shining example. At a point when the Indian cricket team was chasing a double-figure run rate, at the crease was Kohli. With him losing partners frequently, the fate of India to reach the semi-finals was at stake.

With 11 boundaries in his bag, it was the day when Kohli showed to the world that a calm head and strong determination can achieve what everyone might think impossible – one of the great startup lessons. Starting something big can never be without failures. After all, failures are but the pillars of success, right? Crisis is something that befalls all. So, an entrepreneur can never expect his business to go smooth until it touches the zenith of success. Crisis is inevitable. Strategising is important to deal with the crisis and so is the calm of mind.

Age is never a factor

Age No Factor

One core business mantra and one of the great startup lessons that Virat Kohli has taught us is that age is never a factor. You might have come across pictures of a very young Kohli receiving a certificate from India bowler Ashish Nehra. The irony in the picture was that the person who had once handed him a certificate, is a team player under his captaincy now.

Age definitely is never a factor for entrepreneurship either. Time and strategy is all that matters. Right strategy applied at the right time is sure to reap results. Owning a startup at a young age does not mean that one must wait for ten or twenty years before being successful. One of the great startup lessons of all times: a properly planned and timed strategy can help one achieve success. Casper, the emerging startup, has done it turning into a $100 million dollar company in just a couple of years! Why can’t you?

Never play the blame game

No Blame Game

Blaming others for your failure or poor performance is common in business today. But proving all these wrong is Kohli. Many had blamed his personal life and relationships for his poor performance in the past months. Shutting all the trolls and tweets in the social media, Kohli opened up to his fans and said that none but he himself was to be blamed for his poor performance in the past. Indeed Kohli, in his way of making his team win, has given us great startup lessons to treasure!

Playing the blame game is as common in cricket as in the startup industry. You failt o do what you should have done and you blame it on someone. It gives you a good veil to hide your guilt conscious. Yes, guilt conscious is the word! You are definitely trying to explain yourself the reason for failure, because you know that you were capable enough to fight the odd that had come up and instead of fighting you had just succumbed.

Unsuccessful people blame others for their work. Success follows those who know how to deal with crisis. This again goes back to one of the great startup lessons: ‘right strategy applied at the right time’!



Virat Kohli’s performance in the past tournaments was average. With the reducing hits in the matches, talks were up whether Kohli was going down. However, all these talks were put to rest when Kohli brewed up a storm in the Mohali Cricket Ground with his amazing performace leading India to a victory.

This is evidence that perseverance is the key to success. Same applies to the entrepreneurs and business-beginners and gives them great startup lessons to absorb. Perseverance and determination to achieve what others say impossible will eventually result is a making a startup successful.



Optimism is one of the great startup lessons that Kohli’s has taught India. In business, being optimistic is a crucial trait for every entrepreneur. Hurdles and bottlenecks are inevitable. Accepting challenges and overcoming them make you a true entrepreneur who focuses on success and not on the challenges. Virat Kohli’s performance in the T20 World Cup series has been an inspirational one. His attitude has been that of a true sportsman who enjoyed the game while at it. This provided him with the positivity necessary for a power-packed performance.

While the T20 world cup still continues, Virat Kohli has already proved himself a winner with his striking performance and a burning desire to prove himself equal to the big cricket legends. Get on the field like Kohli, and your startup is sure to hit the boundary even at an early stage!


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