Copywriting Tips To Increase Conversion To Your Website

Copywriting Tips

A great content is powerful enough to drive good traffic and cheap enough to fit into your marketing budget. Copywriting to increase conversion has become an integral part in organic marketing of online businesses. And it therefore important to follow certain copywriting tips. The better your content, the higher will be your visibility and more will be the number of visitors.

Being one of the cheapest forms of organic marketing, more and more businesses now use experienced professionals to meet their content writing needs. While some businesses have permanent copywriters working for the organisation, many businesses resort to remote staffs and freelancers for their copywriting needs. No matter what the scenario may be, copywriting tips to increase conversion has become is extremely important for online businesses.


Blogs have become an integral part of online businesses nowadays. The quality of blog and the information that the blogs provide play a major role in deciding the quality of the overall website. This has further added the need of using high quality content and copywriting to maximize conversion. Be it a promotional piece or an informational content, writers need to follow some basic copywriting tips to write and preset the perfect piece of copy.

Analyse audience psychology

One of the foremost copywriting tips to follow! Understanding and analysing the psychology of your audience forms the integral part of copywriting to increase conversion. Your content will only influence your audience when they are able to understand and accept what you write. For this, it is essential that you have an extensive knowledge about the likes, dislikes, needs and wants of your target audience. The age, gender, demography and social life, each has a role play in the psychology of the audience.

Social media data, is an important source of understanding your audience persona. Tracking the activities on various social media networks gives you a insightful details abiout your audience. You can then easily use the information for creating your copywriting content.

Use influencing factors

Once you have a clear idea of the psychology or your target audience, start extracting and using elements and factors that influence your audience besides following other copywriting tips. When you have detailed reports or your audience’s age, preference and demography, you can divide them into smaller and more homogenous sections. This gives you better control over your audience as these small groups of audience have similar likes and preferences. Thus, they are much easier to persuade. With an in-depth information about your audience you can create audience-focused ads which are highly persuasive. These elements can easily influence your target audience and thus is effective in copywriting to increase conversion.

Create an engaging copy

One of the copywriting tips is just creating a copy and publishing it is will never bring you the results that you aim for. You cannot limit yourself to just textual elements if you wish your copywriting to increase conversion. In the current world of online marketing, technological sophistication has pushed promotional ads to a new level. Simple text no longer keeps the audience attracted to a piece of content. The most prevalent copywriting tips would include the use of images, videos and more recently, statistical data and graphs to make the copy more engaging and persuasive for the audience.

Copywriting Tips For Conversion

Jeff Bullas, a major search engine and social media influencer and content marketing specialist, says that ad content that has images, videos, graphs or statistical data tend to have nearly 94% more conversion than an ordinary copy. This is evidence of the fact that the quality and type of content plays a major factor in copywriting to increase conversion.

Use of power words

Words do play a vital role in copywriting to increase conversion. One of the copywriting tips to be kept in mind: average words and poor grammer can be dangerous in generating traffic to your website. This often reflects a poor quality website and even fraudulent businesses. Thus using perfect grammar and playing with power words can be great in traffic generation to your site.

Words like “ Unique”, “Failsafe” and the use of numbers and figures etc. can act as power words to boost traffic. A content headline “10 Tips For 100% Overnight Conversion” will attract the attention of a larger group of audience than “10 tips for conversion”. In the above example, “100% Overnight conversion” acts as the power word. Using words like “your”, “yours” and you too have a powerful impact on the audience. This shows that the content is created especially for the audience and thus have a better effect on the audience.

Be compact

Compact is the word that holds great importance in the copywriting tips. Copywriting to increase conversion is a potent tool in organic marketing. However, creating the perfect form of copy is essential so that the audience does not get bored. For copywriters, it is important to remember that the audience have a very low attention span. This ranges from 3 to 5 seconds. Thus, make sure that whatever content you use, try making the most impact within the first 3 seconds. These are pivotal in pushing your audience to take the next step.

A compact content is easier to read and understand: one of the most crucial copywriting tips. With audience having just a few seconds to spare on your content, the first three words should be powerful enough to make an impact. Thus if you are using a headline as your copy, make sure it is compact, engaging and compelling so that the audience is interested to read further or click on the call-to-action.

Keep improving

No matter how hard you try, you can never claim to be the best copywriter. The fact that beauty is held in the eyes of the viewer holds true in the case of copywriting as well. While one group of audience may find your content fascinating, others might not find it as good as that of your competitor. Copywriting tips require you to constantly evolve and improve your writing to make your message clearer and more distinct to your target audience. This requires constant practice and a strong command over the languages that you plan to use in copywriting to increase conversion.

Copywriting tips need the ability to charm your audience by the distinct use and play of words. A content will be considered powerful enough only when it is able to pull in the maximum number of audience within the smallest amount of time and also result in the highest conversion.
Keeping a vigilant eye on your content and its quality is important to increase conversion. A fall in the quality of your content at any point of time on any page in your website can have disastrous effect on your conversion and even your page rank.


Experience Virtual Reality On vMocion Without Getting Motion Sickness

Virtual Reality On vMocion

Virtual reality is an innovative field, where virtual simulation of an artificial environment compels your brain to believe that the virtual setting is a reality. Though the idea of being inside a virtual environment surely excites us all, the probable motion sickness that comes along with it makes us take our hands away from the VR gear. But, the good news is that virtual reality on vMocion can be experienced now without the accompanying motion sickness.

Motion sickness can quickly set in, and is a relatively common side effect related to the hugely innovative field of virtual reality. It just takes a single bad experience of motion sickness related to virtual reality to make a person stay miles away from it in the future. One of the major problems that cause this lies in the fact that there remains a mismatch between the motion effect produced by the virtual reality headset and your inner ear telling your brain that you are actually standing still! The effect of such a mismatch may vary depending on the person, and if the conflict grows above a certain level, the person might be in for a bitter experience! And to make your experience better vMocion comes all equipped as you can get to feel virtual reality on vMocion.


The Mayo Clinic’s Aerospace Medicine & Vestibular Research Laboratory has worked out a technology based on over 10 years of research work. Experiencing virtual reality on vMocion gets better as the latter is attempting to wipe out motion sickness by applying this technology as an antidote. This new technology, termed as Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS), uses carefully and strategically located electrodes in order to convince the inner ear that you are in motion, when actually you are not! If the timing is perfect, it is possible to have a completely immersive virtual reality experience, without the sickening part! As an additional info, it may also be mentioned that the GVS was developed initially in service to the U.S. Military Department in order to stimulate rotor failures realistically.

For ardent followers who want to experience virtual reality on vMocion, the new GVS technology might not be totally unheard of. At the latest South by South West Conference (SXSW), South Korean conglomerate Samsung displayed a special project on which they had been working, i.e. the new Entrim 4D Headphones. This headphone uses the GVS technology in co-ordination with the Gear VR.

Experience Virtual Reality On vMocion

The chairperson of the audiology department of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Michael Cevette, has already stated differences between Samsung’s whole new Entrim 4d headphones and vMocion’s technology. According to him, the differences between the two might be compared with those between the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift.Samsung’s Entrim 4D headphones basically use an electrode pair to measure any movement around a static point. Virtual reality on vMocion, on the other hand, allows motion simulation across the three dimensions.

Going into a detailed explanation, Cevette informed that virtual reality on vMocion technology makes use of a series of four electrodes that are placed behind each of the ears, the forehead and the last one is placed at the nape of the neck. These electrodes then are linked up in real time. This causes any movement in the virtual reality field to project and launch a synchronised GVS command.

It’s not that only adding one more pair of electrodes does the trick though. The 3D platform provided by vMocion makes use of its technology to convert the already existing 2D and 3D simulated motion into a GVS simulation. What it means is that content developers now don’t need to implement this technology specifically in virtual reality games and movies, thereby allowing the users to have a more pleasant experience of the wide range of virtual reality content.

According to Cevette, the whole new GVS technology used in virtual reality on vMocion prevents negative physical reactions to virtual reality, and also increases, improves and enhances the feeling of being present inside the content. This happens so because there is no mismatch between your brain perceiving motion and your inner ear. The user actually feels the motion because the inner ear is synchronised with the motion perception, and is consistently stimulated with the user’s expectations.

vMocion, being platform agnostic, is simply and clearly licensing their technology to any company that would want to use the new GVS tech for newer VR purposes. Keeping aside these, experiencing virtual reality on vMocion is simply amazing. In fact, vMocion is on the way to create a revolution in the field of Virtual Reality, by promising to take out the motion sickness that is so dreaded among potential VR users.

Facebook Instant Articles – The Social Network’s Own ‘AMP’ Released On 12th April

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant articles, the proprietary solution of Facebook for quick loading content is available to everybody from 12th of this April. Publishers, regardless of the size and their location on the world, can now easily put up contents on Facebook by making use of this platform for instant articles. Earlier, Facebook Instant Articles was made available only to few test groups that comprised of some hundred publishers. The main objective was always that it be made available for everyone, according to Facebook, and the platform is totally ready and rolled out.

This has quite a few resemblance with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) of Google. Facebook Instant Articles focuses on solving the troubles of content that load slowly on mobile phones. Web articles usually consume about eight seconds to loaf itself on the app of Facebook, which is actually the slowest among any content of single type. Instant articles is allegedly capable of loading articles ten times faster when compared to the standard web articles on mobile devices.


Publishers will have complete control on how the content can be displayed on Facebook Instant Articles that include placements of ads, and will also have access to the data analytics of the page they run. Besides, publishers can also sell their own ads directly to advertisers so that they place it on Instant Articles and make use of the tracking platforms of their own, like Google Analytics.

Publishers will keep whole of the revenue they make from ads that are not sold via Facebook. As an alternative, there is also an option which enables you to monetize your content with the help of Audience Network of Facebook.

According to the social network, it is really easy for all publishers of this sort of publishing through Facebook Instant Articles as it is created by making use of publishing tools that are already made use of by social networks. As per the documentation of its own, the most effortless way of publishing the Instant Articles is by creating a RSS feed which is unique and gets fed.

The Facebook Instant Articles could also be manually created on the social network itself. Once it is made available to all of the users, you will be enabled to click on the publishing tool that resides on top of the page and choose Instant Articles from that menu on the left part of your screen.

All in all, with the Instant Articles, the readers no longer have to wait for the article to load and this is certainly going to change the whole experience of Facebook for the users.

5 Best Press Release Websites And Why Are They Best?

Best Press Release Websites

Are press releases still as important as they once were? There was a time when every small business owner used press releases to enhance their SEO strategy, increase visibility in the search engines and improve their brand recognition. But, recently we see a substantial decrease in the number of press releases. So, are people losing faith on press releases? This post is going to discuss it in details and also provide you with valuable information on few of the best press release websites that may help your business garner traffic and visibility.

In 2014, when Google rolled out its Panda 4.0 update, there was a noticeable rank dropping of more than 60% in the leading and the best press release websites. The suffered a drop of about 63%, while PRWeb dropped by 70% in its rankings. The reason for this deterioration of ranks is quite understandable. Google tried to segregate the top quality press releases from others which have only been directed towards gaining inbound links and referral traffic.


As you know, press releases are supposed to be news articles directed towards the media houses. So, it is quite natural that if your content does not have anything newsworthy, they won’t be regarded useful and Google has been de-ranking those PR sites that publish such content stuffed with links and keywords but less “News”. So, what is the bottom line of it? Produce top notch quality press releases complied with Google regulations to garner maximum attention and enhance your brand identity. But you have to know where to release them in order to get optimum benefits. We will share with you the names of the best press release websites here.

Some of the best press release websites according to the statistics of 2016:

1. eReleases

Being an authentic partner of PR Newswire, this paid PR site is one of the best press release websites that aim to provide maximum worth for your money. You will not only gain sufficient exposure for your brand in the web world but also your news will catch the eyeballs of major news agencies and media houses like The Associated Press and obviously the entire network of PR Newswire.

Furthermore, your press releases will also find their way into Google and Yahoo news and the web journalists are going to jump at your content and distribute it uniformly across the web. eReleases comply with Google Panda update by not providing do-follow links and being a purely news site, Google prefers it over many others who are just aiming to garner traffic and visibility. And lastly, you will also get substantial proof of your press release distribution rates as the website believes in transparency and reliability.

2. 24-7 Press Release

5 Best Press Release Websites

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective platform to release your news and garner media attention, then 24-7 Press Release is one of the best press release websites for you. It has a database of above 30,000 members and a reputation of distributing about 2,50,000 press releases till now. It is highly affordable as its mission is to provide maximum exposure and visibility without emptying your bank accounts. With the help of 24-7 Press Release, you can distribute your news to new online portals, trade publications, bloggers and web journalists and sometimes even to traditional newspapers if your news item is worth it. The only consideration is that your press release has to be authentic and newsworthy for it to be published at 24-7 Press Release.

3. Online PR Media

They offer both paid and free press release distribution opportunities. And you can also add value to your SEO strategy by using their services as they allow links and anchor texts to your press releases for an indefinite amount of time (in case of paid). Moreover, the paid services get more focus than the free ones but both are equally effective in terms of visibility, exposure and SEO benefits. And last but not the least, this website offers a full refund of the package you have opted for in case you are not satisfied with their services within a period of 60 days.

Other best press release websites that will help you to take the media world by storm include:

4. Newswire Today

Their mission is to provide media access to every organization, big or small. Basically, they do not charge a penny for their services, but if you wish to use their paid services, you can get some added features like including your company logo, product images and tracking your press release stats.

5. PRWeb

One of the best press release websites in the World Wide Web, PRWeb can create high quality news articles, publish them and enjoy the returns they offer. Also, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of how your published news item is performing in the web.

Press releases have not lost their significance at all. However, those companies who used this service extensively to build links for their websites are suffering a loss due to Google’s update. If you can produce top class news reports on your agency, chances are, you will get optimum publicity and ROI benefits in terms of brand exposure, visibility and traffic. So, keep on publishing authentic news on your products/services through Prs on the best press release websites and you will be able to take the web world by storm. Wish you all the very best for that!

Startup Casper: Choose The Correct Business Model To Boost Your Startup


The way you carry on your business puts light on how you plan to run your company. Business models are essential to strategically chalk out your growth and expansion. How you invest your funds at each point of your business cycle can also be derived from a business model. While business models are essential for startups for a strategic growth plan, investors too take a keen interest to know the business model of startups. Often investors scrutinize business models and decide on the funding based on the business model that the startup would be using. We will look at the startup Casper for example.

The startup Casper from New York has gained immense popularity and success with their perfect business model. The startup that launched in 2014 has already become a $100 million company in less than two years into the market. Their business model and strategic planning along with the exclusivity of the product has been the contributing factors in pushing the startup to such heights.


Product exclusivity

Though the mattress industry has been in existence for a long time, the marketing technique is what the startup Casper tapped into. They were aware of the fast-talking salesmen of the stores who are sometimes quite intimidating. Also the various numbers of different products and their features often confused people. This often ended with customers buying the wrong product.

While doing their market research, founder Neil Parikh found that almost every customer who wish to buy a mattress looked for just one thing – Back Support. Taking this cue and after making various other researches, his team was able to create an exclusive product in the mattress industry.

The startup Casper studied the marketing loopholes in the mattress industry thus drawing out a business model that would help customers to get the right type of mattress delivered at their doorstep. Their business agenda was clear, simple and distinct – producing a good quality mattress that customers can afford and deliver them at their doorstep. Their sales figures in the first month of launch itself turned out to be around $1 million. This was evident enough that their business model was a success.

Free trial and doorstep delivery

The feature of free trial and doorstep delivery, was an entirely new feature in the mattress industry. The mattress industry has over hundreds of different companies selling the same thing under different brand names. The creation of a new kind of mattress was the first step in the success of startup Casper.

Once they were ready with their product, they launched the product offering free doorstep delivery as well as a trial period of 100 days. While free doorstep delivery was carried by many businesses, the concept of free 100 days trial was a new one. Customers took notice of this element which was a new thing in the mattress industry. This feature of their business model too was a success. They were able to deliver over $1 million of product in its first month.

Establishing a long term relationship

The mattress industry is a slow moving industry. Studies show that an average person tends to buy a new mattress after every 8 to 10 years. This was a challenge that startup Casper needed to overcome. Most stores focus on just making a successful sale of a mattress. Once the sales and purchase is over, customers turn strangers to them.

Business Ideas From Startup Casper

The startup Casper took this opportunity, and created a business model where they put emphasis on after-sales services. Apart from the free trial and free doorstep delivery, they took the opportunity to establish a relationship with the customer. Updating customers of various new features of the product and acquiring feedback. Customer queries form one of the main ingredients in establishing a long term relationship with the audience. Providing them with detailed information about the benefits of the product and responding to their queries within the shortest span of time gives customers the assurance that you genuinely care. This was one of the main interactive elements that startup Casper religiously followed.

Customer feedback too has helped the ecommerce company immensely. They regularly invite customers to test various prototypes and ask them to provide their feedback. This has been highly beneficial for the company to create a product that serves the best sleep to their customers.

Direct selling structure

The sales and selling structure too is a vital component in the business model of a company. Most manufacturers have a distinct distribution system. This generally involves transporting the product from the manufacturer to the wholesaler then to the distributor. The distributor then sends it to the retail stores from where customers are able to make their purchase. This elongated process involves more time and money making the mattresses more expensive.

The startup Casper being an ecommerce company has been able to cut down all this middlemen nuissance. Their business model involves direct selling to customers. Once a customer contacts them, they make sure the product is delivered directly to them at their doorstep by their very own delivery service. This cuts down the added cost involved with hiring of the various channels of distribution.

Casper has been using the direct selling approach and has been able to lower the cost of their product almost by 50% than its competitors. While an average mattress costs around $400 to $5000 depending on the size and brand which is over 100 in variety, the startup Casper has been selling just a single model that ranges from $500 to $950 based on the size. This has provided them an added boost in their business helping them reach the $100 million mark in less than 2 years of its launch.

Turning a startup into a $100 million company has not been a cakewalk for the startup Casper. The preceding years before launch, the team had undertaken various researches both on market pattern, as well as on mattresses. Creating a failsafe business model that has worked wonders has been the key element in the success of the startup turning it into a multi-million dollar brand in two years.

Social Media And Politics In The Digital Era

Social Media And Politics

Blame-games, mud slinging and digging into each other’s hideous records; these are some of the common features of politics that we get to see each day. However, social media and politics combined together has affected the election scenario in the recent times and has brought with itself a radical idea of using the digital platform which was previously untapped.


Social media is one of the most highly accessed platforms of digital media. With billions of people using social media for various purposes, reaching out to the audience has become rather simple. The high potential of social media has attracted people from all walks of life to use it for their gain. Social media and politics has created an aggressive platform both for politically and anti-politically. Thus with the changing election scenario, digital marketing, especially social media has an important role to play in politics today.

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According to statistics based on social media and politics, collected by Smart Insights, there are around 2.3 billion active social media users globally as of January 2016. This number is on the rise with the increasing use of mobile devices and improving internet connectivity. The combined use of social media and politics by the political figures provides a quick and easy access to a majority of the populace.

With every election held each year in different parts of the world, political parties too have restored to campaigning for their candidates through these social media platforms. US President Barack Obama is an avid user of Twitter with 72.3 million followers in tow. Though his Twitter profile is handled by his action staff, often tweets are made by the President himself which carries his signature. Active since 2007, there has been over 14,000 tweets made by him and his staffs.

Modi goes social!

Narendra Modi On Twitter

Closer home, the 2014 Union elections saw BJP candidate Narendra Modi, actively and aggressively using Twitter and Facebook to campaign for himself and his political party. As social media and politics go hand-in-hand, 19.1 million followers accumulate on the PM’s Twitter profile and over 33 million on his Facebook page. Modi has been one of the first prime ministerial candidates who used social media optimally to maximize his exposure to the highest number of people throughout the country. With regular tweets about his workings and doings, he has been able to connect to the youths seamlessly through Twitter and Facebook.

To better connect to the increasingly social media savvy audience, Modi also introduced multiple social media pages and websites where, people could register and put forward their say. Websites like and were launched to keep audience updated about the various rallies and their venues. The instant messaging platform, Whatsapp, was also used to keep people updated about the various activities that Modi undertook during his election campaign.

The instant access to millions of people have been beneficial to the politicians who regularly post updates, tweets and images of their activity on their social media profile pages. Hence the confluence of social media and politics has proved advantageous for the politicians and common people alike.

Mamata Banerjee on Facebook!

Mamata Banerjee On Facebook

With the State Assembly elections knocking on the doors of Bengal, the state politicians have taken up an active interest in social media. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, an active Facebook user has over 1 million Facebook followers. Her Facebook page promotes her effort in bringing peace to the areas of Jungle Mahal, and how people of the backward districts of Bengal has been benefited from her striving efforts. The combination of social media and politics has helped the political party reach out to the commoners on a huge scale, be it for good or bad. The Chief Minister has also launched the latest election manifesto in their official website with a link on her Facebook page.

Keeping aside the debate of whether Mamata Banerjee has done justice to her position, she has tapped the full potential of the social media and politics. While various parties are undergoing election campaigns and update regular posts and images, the number of followers of the social pages has remained quite low. This clearly indicates the fact that social media has taken up a powerful place in the changing election scenario.

But, while politicians use social media and politics in combination to promote themselves and their campaigns, people too have started voicing out their opinions on the various social media sites. Social media is now also actively being used to voice out grievances, criticisms and opinions. This may provide a platform to make people aware of all the good, bad and ugly of the state and not just paint a rosy picture of the development and urbanization.

The arrests of several people over the past few years for voicing out opinions show that social media can play a big part in the changing political scenario. While it can be immensely beneficial for election campaigns, it might not be a very good platform to voice out ones opinions.

How To Grow A Successful Web Design Startup

Successful Web Design Startup

Every entrepreneur dreams of becoming the leading business firm of their industry. Growth and expansion is what follows immediately once a business starts running successfully. Continuous rolling of business with good turnovers eventually leads a business to be a successful one. More and more clients flock for their services spreading words about the business. Today in our post, we will lay our eyes on how to grow a successful web design startup.


As a startup increases and expands, so does the brand name. By this time your business is able to earn a brand reputation of its own as customers start recognizing your business by the name. So, its time you knew how to build a successful web design startup. These are the dreams that every entrepreneur has and strives to achieve.

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With each passing year, objectives are reformed, new targets are set and new goals are achieved. However, growth cannot be predetermined. A number of external factors too play a major role in influencing the growth and expansion of a successful web design startup. While controlling the external factors is entirely out of your league, you can focus on controlling elements which are internal and which you can exercise control over.

Use a proper business name

When it comes to expanding a business, professionalism is the first criteria that everyone looks forward to. And the first feature of a sucessful web design startup is an appropriate business name. Every business has to work under a certain name. However, the type of name you use is an essential factor that determines the success of your work. Thus it is necessary that you take up a professional name for your business if you are dreaming of making it a successful web design startup. For example – Designs.Codes Web Design Services would sound much more professional than Jerry McGuire Web Design services.

A business name also has the power to generate trust. A company name ensures that it is a registered one with a proper identity. An unprofessional company name may sound like an imposter or scam company.

Create a business portal

The entire world is now online. Thus it is eminent that you get a business portal for your web design business. Being in the world of web design, the need for a website becomes a necessity. Create a professional looking website describing and highlighting your services. Your website would be the window for your business. In short, your website paves half your way for a successful web design startup.

Ensure that the website gives out the best message through the page contents. Your web pages should bear testimony of your work. Try creating pages with your personalised styles of web design that could be engaging and can compel the audience to think of you and hire you as a successful web design startup. Add testimonials of present and past clients who were happy with your services. These can be in image and text formats or in video format.

A business portal is important to establish a business connection to become a successful business startup. It is where your target audience can directly witness your business objectives and process as well as your works.

Provide dynamic services

Creating A Successful Web Design Startup

Your client wants a website. You create a website. You deliver it. End of Game! Not any more. The increasing use of websites for various forms of businesses have clients asking for more and more types of services. Customers now want a 360 degree solution for their website problems. From building a new website to promoting it on the search engine and social media, the clients want it all.

While you are a small company, providing just web design services may have earned your bread and butter. However, when you plan to expand and grow your business into a successful web design startup, keeping with just a single task will not help. You need to include some additional services that you can provide to the client. Though your customer might be an expert in SEO or SMM, you can always keep the options open for value added services to bring back old customers. These satisfied customers might help in generating new customers thus contributing in your business expansion.

Attend events

Tech events and conferences are great to establish network and connect with various B2B clients. The attendees to these events are mostly the industry influencers, various small and medium level businesses and startups. These events are also attended by major clients of big organizations as well as common public.

These events can be a great platform to showcase your product and earn reputation to become a successful web design startup. The exposure that these platforms provide is immensely helpful in boosting the brand image of your business.

Participate in competitions

Similar to events, competitions too help in making your business gain recognition in the online market. These competitions that are held regularly, provide companies with a chance to showcase their products and their creativity. It is not mandatory for you to win a competition if you want to grow and expand your business into a successful web design startup.

The exposure that these competitions provide are valuable enough for your business growth, which would eventually help you create a successful web design startup. These help in generating clients who are always in the lookout for new companies. Investors too participate in such events and would often help brands with funds if they find your product valuable enough and has the potential to score big time. Winning such competitions is just a cherry on top of the icing that these platforms provide.

Collaboration can be effective

Collaboration can be an effective means of expanding your business especially when you are looking forward to a successful web design startup, having started with a shoestring budget. We live in a time zone where technologies get outdated in a wink of an eye. Keeping yourself updated with all forms of web design elements is near impossible. This is when collaboration becomes effective.

With collaboration you are able to offer your clients a wider range of services. This not only helps you in generating new clients from your side, but you are also able to draw clients from the collaborator’s side as well. This provides you with a higher competitive advantage and a broader spectrum of work. Expanding and growing your business to a successful web design startup needs steady work and effort to help you compete to with the top leading agencies of your industry.