Google Knowledge Graph: How You Can Reach More People With Its Help

Google Knowledge Graph

The transformation of Google’s SERP (search engine result page) in the recent years have decreased the emphasis of getting high organic rankings and have made way for various other great opportunities. Google Knowledge Graph is one among the significant updates which makes discoverability simpler. To be clear, both consumer and the producer can reap advantages because of this. In this article, we will tell you what exactly the Knowledge Graph is and also explain how it could be best used.


Google has been continuously making updates over the years which understand what users are looking for than just considering literal approach for the keywords used. The Google Knowledge Graph has turned into one of the most important ways through which marketers can use search engines better for enhanced visibility and connect various bits of information into one beneficial section for the users.

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A few publishers are wary about increasing influence of the answers that immediately appear that can possibly take away the need of visiting the website for the information. Nonetheless, Google has also recently added a URL of the publisher to the graph that can alleviate few of the concerns.

Types of knowledge graph

Based on search made, your brand will have great chances of getting extra detail that is contained in the knowledge graph to impact how and where a searcher interacts with results they have been looking at.

Common knowledge graph types and examples

Depending on the search performed, your brand stands a good chance of grabbing the extra detail contained within the Google Knowledge Graph to influence where and how a searcher interacts with the results they’re seeing. TV shows, movies, local business, influential people and also companies can depend on this for latest developments in plenty of ways.

How to get it?

Sadly, you cannot presently add new information to the Google Knowledge Graph directly but you could influence those that show up by clicking into some key sources which Google extracts from.

How to influence it?

Google Knowledge Graph For Users

There are five steps through which you can accomplish this-

1) Through markup you could leverage all structured data

There are plenty of ways of doing it, but it depends on the website, your passion for work, objectives and other things.

2) Get listed at Wikipedia and

These beneficial sources are free to everyone, but also have strong guidelines about what they are searching for.

3) Google+ and Google+ images and Google maps could be optimized

You would have to start by mentioning your business place on the Google My business page as it is the best thing to you could be doing.

4) Make keywords research

A lot of researches in the keywords and their types which the people are looking for, is also a great place to start!

5) Make the best use of YouTube

It is evident that Google also comprises information of songs like artists and musicians from YouTube into the Google Knowledge Graph. This latest trend makes YouTube a good bet for publishers to excel in the content marketing.

The layout of SERPs keep changing only to provide efficient results or answers to the users with more contextual and comprehensive relevant data. Rather than just being stuck with fundamental links, Google now has effective ways of achieving the purpose and Google Knowledge Graph is one of them. Knowledge graph isn’t really a threat but a great opportunity!

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