Boost Creativity And Focus On Your Startup With These 6 Habits

Boost Creativity

Creativity is a skill that never goes out of fashion, even with business and startups. The capability of thinking out of the box and finding new solutions to old problems will help you triumph greatly when you are heading a startup. However, to boost creativity isn’t just natural but also requires quite a lot of training of the brain.


Be it on a subconscious level or a conscious level, it is always great to enhance the cognitive skills of your brain which can open up a treasure of unused prowess that you can direct towards your business or startup. We make a list of six habits which could help you think originally and differently to boost creativity and come up with creative solutions.

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1) Know when to draw back yourselves

Some problems get solutions instantly. However, you don’t really have to spend long duration working on the same problem. You need to withdraw yourselves and keep yourselves away from the problem only to come back refreshed and think afresh for your business. Sleeping could also make you boost creativity. Breaks are really vital and will boost creativity immensely. stepping back from some problem will only let you get back to it with rejuvenated confidence. Agitation increases if you go round and round the same problem continuously. Be the wiser!

2) Fictions help in taking forward your business

Novels are one among the oldest means of entertainment and it isn’t difficult to say why. If you ever feel non creative, maybe you don’t read enough. Unlike cinema or television, reading a novel needs effort on your imaginary skills. This is also asserted by science which has reported correlative links among reading and creative thinking skills. If you are a regular reader, your brain is constantly stimulated for developing active imaginations which will eventually benefit your startup or business. This also has got added advantages of giving you entertainment while also improving your brain and boost creativity.

3) Speak out

Boost Creativity And Focus

When you explain your problem to others, you will be stimulating your thoughts again as well as theirs. Though you wouldn’t be looking for a solution from them, it will urge you to cater to the issue and fragment it to key elements that are simplistic. This could help you get a new dimension of approaching the same problem. Even if there are no people around you, think how you would describe the problem and this will set your brains into motion.

4) Enhance your physical health as well

Your mind and your body are interconnected. A negative impact one any of the either can cause troubles to the other. This is the reason stress can result in medical issues. Even taking a walk outside is said to boost creativity by 60%. Even mind is like a muscle that need to come out of the office more frequently. A great diet will enhance your mind’s abilities. There is a specific reason why sea foods are regarded as brain foods. These foods help the increasing of brain’s abilities. Similarly, even exercises will aid you in keeping the body healthy. Hence, go out and walk more!

5) Spend time gardening

Going out and doing physical works will distract you and stop you from over thinking. Gardening could be a great way for this. Besides, it also has various other benefits. It will provide you physical as well as tangible results in helping you enhance your skills.

6) Cater to your senses

Every sense that you hold dear matters the most. You must never push yourselves and do things that would cause discomfort to your senses. You must we very much aware that the sensory input could affect your mind. Dim lit rooms or strong lit rooms can affect your mind and focus. Never keep yourselves hungry. Make sure your senses are catered to really well and they have an impact on your creative skills and boost creativity.


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