Global Game Maker SuperCell Boasts 100 Million Active Players

Global Game Maker SuperCell

Strategy games have conquered the mobile gaming generation. And monetizing it heavily is the famous strategy based global game maker SuperCell. SuperCell is flying high these days with its four amazing games. With a growth rate of over 50% each year, SuperCell is one success story that is hard to believe.


The global game maker SuperCell was founded in 2010. Its first game Gunshine.comwas launched in 2011. However, it was with the launch of the other games, that of Hay Day and Clash of Clans, that they took them high through the social ladder.

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Clash of Clans, one of its more successful games by the global game maker SuperCell was launched in August 2012 for iOS devices. In October 2013, the Android version of the game was launched. The game received immense applause from throughout the globe becoming one of the top grossing mobile games of all time. According to data collected by App Annie, Clash of Clan was one of the most played games in 2015 and the highest revenue generating game for the year as well.

The launch of these two games by the global game maker SuperCell was successful and received great response from the audience. Since then there have been no looking back. In 2014, it launched yet another strategy based mobile game named Boom Beach. Similar to its past games, this too, was an instant hit among the target audience.

The latest one to join the club of SuperCell’s super games is Clash Royale. Launched this year, the mobile game has joined the league. With the amazing success of its four games, the global game maker SuperCell announced recently that it now has reached 100 million daily active users. The announcement was made by SuperCell CEO Ilkka Paananen on social media site Twitter. Along with the announcement Paananen thanked its team members who have worked hard in making SuperCell’s games a success.

Global Game Maker SuperCell Clash Of Clans

A video tribute was also created by the game makers thanking the active gamers of all the four games for making them and SuperCell a success.

Every success story, however, has a struggling past and face some failures before achieving some real success. Global game maker Supercell was no stranger to failure. Its first game did not go well with the audience. It was a browser-based game and launched at a time, when mobile devices especially smartphones were making its way into the mainstream life of people.

Its next game Pets vs Orcs was the first game enabled on mobile devices. However, it was not much successful and was removed from the AppStore within a month of its release. Battle Buddies, the strategy-based game launched in early 2012 was released in multiple countries and had been praised by the critics. However, the game was pulled off the market for its poor monetary performance. The game makers had also launched two other games Spooky Pop in 2014 and Smash Land 2015. However, these too were removed from the online platforms soon after their launch.

In the meantime, global game maker SuperCell is basking in the glory of its four successful games and its over 100 million active monthly users. It plans to work on making the present games more interesting, challenging and user-friendly.


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