Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand…

Impact Of Social Videos

The impact of social videos on brands is huge. have become one of the most essential strategies when it comes to content marketing. Be it a video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, they all play vital roles in promoting your business or your brand. Irrespective of what your company is into or what you are selling, if there is no marketing strategy of video for prominent video platforms, there is a risk of loss.


In case it hasn’t come to your notice, the platforms that distribute online the video contents have flourished hugely over a year and a half. Facebook now gets more duration of videos watched when compared to YouTube. Snapchat gets billions of views daily and the videos on Twitter have come out to be a successful way of branding and have taken it to another greater level. We will tell you how the impact of social videos is spreading through brands over different platforms.

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YouTube videos are a great content library

Let us begin with the father of online videos, the YouTube. YouTube is undeniably huge. Every minute, over three hundred hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is very much valuable for branding. It has always helped people reach out to new audience and grow brands. There are plenty of contests between YouTube videos, competing with each other to be seen. Specially, the impact of social videos is especially large in featuring ads. It comes with great benefit for businesses and brands who want to employ best video marketing strategies.

The Facebook videos are just great at everything

Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand

The best way as of now to take your brands to a larger scale of audience is to feature your videos on Facebook. Facebook now also has features of video ad products the huge impact of social videos is seen in the responses. Since it is the biggest data company now for all marketers, you really have reasons for spending money on video ads on Facebook and also video content for the same. If you just create content and upload it on YouTube without putting it on your page on Facebook, there are definite possibilities of your business or brand losing its wide distribution and also lose out on relevance factor.

We don’t imply that you just have to put up the link for your YouTube video on the Facebook page in the form of a status. We mean that you should natively upload the video on Facebook to ensure it dwells as a video content on your Facebook page. This is because, as of now, the news feed algorithm of Facebook gives heavy amount of importance to videos which in other words is called as ‘reach’. The impact of social videos when you put them up on Facebook instead of just giving out the link, will have larger probabilities of your video content being viewed by the community you have on Facebook. Facebook is already going up in the competition as far as content distribution and video marketing is concerned. It could be stated as the greatest marketing machine.

Twitter videos engage audience

The latest video product of Twitter that was out in January has revolutionized the way people used this platform. The impact of social videos put on Twitter is certainly large and you could make best use of it by connecting people and engaging them than just push the video into Twitter. Since Twitter is enormous now, it is being considered as a platform of listening. However, it is hard to get people engaged but the efforts will be worth it. The new video feature on twitter had taken tweeting to another level. You must get into Twitter and engage people on your videos and your brand is going to see great success here as well!


Snapchat’s feature of story has also made marketers fond of them. However, Snapchat is still a growing platform!

Convinced? So which platform are you choosing to make the greatest impact of social videos? Let us know in comments!


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