Use Of Artificial Intelligence: How It Would Affect Digital Marketing?

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

‘Artificial Intelligence’ has taken over the world by its simplistic yet amazing abilities. The ease with which smartphones can now be operated just through voice commands is possible through the use of artificial intelligence in the mainstream.


With improving technology and marketing and search engines getting more complex, use of artificial intelligence seems to be gearing up to play a major role in the search queries. Siri, Google Now and Cortana are already playing major roles in the operation of major devices.

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However, tech giants and marketers are seeking the advanced technology of these artificial intelligence to make better search queries. Marketers too are keen in including machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence within the marketing platform to use this technology optimally for the best form of marketing possible.

With the aid of digital assistance that artificial intelligence provides, search queries and results are available at greater ease. Facebook has already been rolling out its new ad-support on its instant messaging platform. This would provide a great boost to marketers who would be able to connect directly with the target audience.

As tech giants gear up to monetize all available platforms, why should artificial intelligence be left behind? Here are few ways how the use of artificial intelligence would render it a marketing platform in the coming years.

Promotional campaigns


The use of artificial intelligence has made itself a clear winner with all the major tech giants creating their own versions. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now each has made itself big in the global technological market.

With online marketing becoming a major phenomenon, it is not far when the use of artificial intelligence will be done for promotional purposes. Monetization is the prime focus for marketers and for the tech giants as well. Thus promotion of products through paid ads on these digital assistant platforms might soon be a reality.

Suggesting products instead of search

Currently, these digital assistants provide information based on the voice commands. It, however, might soon be suggesting substitute products when you make a search. For example, if you search for a particular restaurant, your digital assistance might provide you the required information. But it might also suggest some other restaurant that has a better presence in the search engine or has a better review.

Marketers can easily use these platforms to promote their products. Promotional techniques might be based on the same technique as paid search marketing. Marketers with greater investment over PPC will have a higher frequency for their ads to be suggested over these voice command platforms
Using correct question words and keywords


When your target audience makes use of artificial intelligence to make a search query, they normally tend to use question words like “how”, “when”, “where” and “what”. Thus, when marketers create their search marketing campaigns, it is essential that they include these question words along with the keywords.

Siri, Google Now and Cortana have been built in a way such that it is able to identify the keywords in your voice command. However, creating more specific keywords would enhance your chance at being displayed in the search result. A strategically created marketing campaign with the use of artificial intelligence improves the chances of your website link being clicked for the answers.

Using browsing history

The use of artificial intelligence helps past browsing and search history to pull out data from the search engine. Thus using this information can be quite useful if digital assistance is used for marketing and promotional purposes. The device would already have a bit of information about your search pattern, likes and needs. It can then easily make suggestions based on your past browsing history.

Google Now

This gives the digital platform an upper hand as it is able to read and understand your search patterns and ways. This improves its performance as it is able to provide you with highly accurate search result as well as product suggestions.

Feeling technologically adept

As the use of artificial intelligence is rising, the need of typing to make a search is being pushed back. Whether making a call, sending a message or searching for something online, your digital assistance dies all for you. According to a study conducted by Google itself showed that 56% of people are using voice search over traditional type and search.

No data is still available that can sort search made through voice command over search made though text type. However, marketers can look for fuller sentences or use of question words within the search to assess the medium of the search.


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