vTime VR Chat – Now Chat With Your Friends In Imaginary Places

vTime VR Chat

Had been dreaming to meet your friends or your crush at places you conjure in your imagination? vTime has shaped your dreams in a way you could never have imagined! So long what had been missing from virtual reality experiences is being able to share those imaginary moments with others. The vTime VR chat comes armed to fill the gap between imagination and reality. The app gives its users Virtual reality characters who would be able to interact with each other real-time in any imaginary place that is pre-conceived.


In order to initiate a vTime VR chat, you would need a smartphone along with theGoogle Cardboard device or the Samsung Gear VR headset. The vitual environments that have been shown in vTime are rather simple as compared to those of Henry, the virtual reality film by Oculus Rift’s Story Studio. However, when viewed from the perspective of a mobile application, the demonstrative video is really praiseworthy.

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The environments where your projected VR characters can chat are pre-designed. The settings include those of a Paris dinner party, Arctic campfire, mountain climbing rig, a moving private jet, space-station meeting, and a forest. The vTime VR chat allows you to choose any of the above to indulge in a virtual discussion with your friends.

Given the entirely different and improved experience vTime VR chat offers, it is supposedly going to be a great hit! You can easily plan a cool imaginary mountain trek, while you sit cosy in your bed. The only thing that comes as a con is the extra investment that you need to make the Google cardboard device or the Samsung Gear VR. In fact, you are just a virtual-reality-headset away from your global friends.

The graphic-quality is on way to get improved from it’s present average version. The app’s Gear VR version has been launched in December 2015. The company, however, has now opened limited access for the user to the app’s Google Cardboard device. The app can be best viewed when you have either a Google Cardboard device or a Samsung Gear VR. But, you can also view it on smartphone, given it falls under the permitted list including Samsung, Nexus, HTC or LG.

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