Masquerade App – Facebook’s New Weapon To Shut Snapchat Up!

Masquerade App

Masquerade, the super-cool photo-editing app, now belongs to Facebook. The coolest thing about the app is that you can change your friend’s appearance real-time. All you need is the Masquerade app. The app lets you transform faces in the wink of an eye. With the app you can do live videos of your friends that will have their faces transformed into cartoons, or animals, or decked up with accessories.


The filters in Masquerade are like those of Snapchat, Facebook’s rather recent rival that the latter had tried to take away in 2013. there are rumors about Facebook making an attempt to answer its rival that streams few millions of videos everyday. Supposedly, the Masquerade app will be somewhat similar to the Aging Booth app available on Android and iOS.

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The apps aiding in transforming faces for fun, came into vogue just as Snapchat started featuring, Lenses, the live filters in 2015. This filter on Snapchat, the instant messaging service, helped swipe the faces of two people, which had become quite a hype on social media. This filter with face-swap feature had turned a favorite on social media, often for the funny results it showed.

Facebook Masquerade App

As it is that Facebook has a novelty factor associated with it, people on social media would, at any given time, want their favorite social network to integrate these features. While the USP of Snapchat cannot be denied for being “an ephemeral messaging platform”, as the managing partner at Soho Strategy, David Winkinson pointed out, people on social media are more likely to opt for the built-in filters of Facebook once it gets started.

Facebook had attempted to buy Snapchat at $3 billion uin 2013. The offer was however rejected. The social network has not yet disclosed what it has had to pay for the Masquerade app. But, the app is going to stay as a standalone program running in the social network.

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