Cool Troll Websites To Have Fun With Your Friends

Cool Troll Websites

The first day of April will always make people extra cautious with a special awareness about imminent prank encounters. Yes, The Fool’s day isn’t really far. Besides, along with the extra cautiousness, there is also great excitement for those who would be planning out different ways of fooling their friends. Moreover, trolling has become such a common word in the recent times and this might be just the perfect moment to develop your trolling skills and explore ways of pranking your friends. And the super cool troll websites are ready to help you plan your pranks better!


While there are many ways through which you could prank your friends this April, one of the unique ways is to go the internet way of doing it. Though real time pranks are fun, trying out ways of trolling your friends on the internet is a great deal of fun too! If you are wondering how this could be done, this article is just for you. There are plenty of cool troll websites that allow you to pull off pranks on your friends. And we have the list!

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We have mentioned few cool troll websites that you could use to prank your friends on the coming April Fool’s day


This is a great website which you could use to prank your friends. This will let you make fake statuses on Facebook, and is a great fun time with your friends.

Shady URL

This website is really a great deal of fun! It doesn’t just shortens the URL of yours, but also makes it look intimidating and suspicious.

This is one of the cool troll websites and lets you edit a web page of your choice and you can also get a short URL for yourself. A great way to troll friends!

Hacker Typer

Always wished to be a hacker? Prank your friends by using this website which will let you type as if you were a hacker.


This is one of the cool troll websites and generates update screen or loading messages for the operating system of yours. Best way to prank friends if done in full screen.

JibJab Messages

This one will let you use your selfies on messages and animated funny GIFs


This one is weird all the way! This website will let you send facts about cats to all your friends.


This is another hilarious website to fool around with your friends. This one makes fart noises whenever you scroll.

Fake Update

This is one of the cool troll websites if you want to quickly prank your colleagues or friends. This website will let you put up fake update screens.


Do you want to freak your friends out along with having loads of fun? This website will send text messages anonymously to your friends and will have no replies.


Best Cool Troll Websites

You could hit likes randomly on your friend’s Instagram picture that is terribly old.


What better than creeping your friends with frequent calls, especially anonymous ones! This website lets you do just that!


This website will open a website forcefully in the browser of your friend. Nice way to troll, isn’t it?


What’s better than some fun with iMessages? Prank your friends using fake threads of iMessages.

Nyan It

This website will let you effortlessly add Nyancats to any of the links you send.

GIF Dance Party

How about some fun with dance parties! This goes into the list of cool troll websites and lets you generate GIFs of your dance party and share them.

Pug A Day

This website will let you send your friend hundred days of Pug images.


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