Why Peach Social Network Crashed Soon After Its Launch

Peach Social Network Crashed

Social networks have become the heart and soul of online marketing in the present day world. Any business without a social presence is as good as dead to the online market. With a number of social networks businesses are thriving through them. Competition to create the next best social network too is quite high. Thus it was quite surprising when Peach social network crashed soon after its launch.


Social media works at jet speed. Each action, posts, updates and tweets take just seconds to become viral and reach to every nook and cranny of the world. When Peach social network was launched in the first week of January, it had gathered quite a hype. Tweets and retweets about the new social networking app flooded. The Peach social network crashed, it was not much expected, especially since it came from the creator of Vine.

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However, just a couple of days into its launch, the enthusiasm of people on this over-hyped social networking app started to fizzle out and soon the Peach social network crashed. The app that was initially made available for iOS devices saw a sharp fall in its downloads. The iTunes that rated Peach social app download at the 85th rank on Friday, saw it drop to 129th by Sunday noon. Since then the rank has been dropping at a sharp rate.

Users, who have downloaded the app complained that the app is quite interesting for the first few minutes as long as the user takes to understand it. However, it becomes quite boring once the functionalities are all known. The user interface does not have much to offer. Being limited to just iOS devices, there are also not many users for the app. Yet another reason why Peach social network crashed.

Creators defend

Peach Social Network Crashes After Launch

The maker, however, claims that Peach social network is far more interesting and innovative in its features than other social networks. It allows users to post images, texts, GIFs, videos and URLs. GIFs and emojis can be posted by just a magic word. Typing this single word allows users to share emojies, URL of songs and videos that they are currently listening to or watching, to their friends. These words also allow many other functionalities like adding a location or looking for a particular movie theatre. You can also customize your posts by ensuring that only selected people on your friend list are able to see your activity.

Peach is not the first

Soon after its launch, the Peach social network crashed. This opens up the ruthless side social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are just a handful of social networking sites. However, the market share that these social sites possess is far more that hundreds of minor social networks put together.

Just as the Peach social network crashed, there are hundreds of other similar cases. Peach is not the first of its kind to receive a blow soon after its launch. Meerkat, a live video streaming app launched by Periscope had been at the receiving ends when it started loosing viewers just after a month of its launch. Even though users increased well into thousands within two months, it started loosing users soon. Users blamed the poor user experience features led to the fall of the app.

Ello Social Network

Ello is yet another social network that lost its charm just like the Peach social network crashed. The Ello social network was much hyped. Creators claimed that it would become a close competitor of Facebook but without marketing ads flooding the newsfeed. The site unlike Facebook also allowed GIFs to be created and played. However, just a couple of months into its launch, users could not find anything interesting to do within the site.


Peach social network has been an innovative social app. Especially the magic words feature is a great addition to the app. However, unless the social network is able to grow its user base quickly, its survival in the online market of competitive social media site will be at stake.

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