Increasing Your Reach With Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Marketers who are already heavily promoting products on social media, know the role of an influencer. A social media influencer can sometimes be the most powerful person to boost your website to your audience. On the other hand they also have the power to turn your target traffic away from your site. Thus social media influencers often form the most powerful source of medium to connect to your target audience.


Marketers often get intimidated by the sheer fact that social media influencers are powerful. However, becoming a social media influencer yourself is also possible. With years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the market and its predictable changes, you too can become a social media influencer yourself.

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Establishing a strong network with your industry influencers can be helpful in increasing your organic reach and boosting traffic. With quality and unique content in your social profile establishing powerful connection with influencers can be simple.

Identify key influencers

The first task that you need to conduct is identifying the key influencers of your industry. Influencers are often few of the most prominent people of your industry. They tend to have an extensive knowledge and insight about the who’s, where’s and what’s of your industry. Thus when you plan to promote your product in social media, keep a check on what they have to say about the market and products. Influencers often provide insightful information about the market condition and situations.

Identifying key influencers is simple. First, create a checklist of all the top social media influencers of your industry. Then go through their profiles to find out the influencers whom you think can help you increase your reach on social media.

Find contents that they share

Good Social Media Influencers

Once you have the list of the top social media influencers you want to follow, check their social profile thoroughly. Read their blogs and subscribe to their newsletters to get a better idea of what they have to tell you. Go through the contents that they share of other people. This can highlight the features and type of contents that the influencers like and tend to share.

Note the quality and style of writing. Check on the use of additional graphics, images, videos and other elements used in the content.

Studying the contents shared by others on the influencers’ page gives you a better idea about the type and quality of content that the social media influencers tend to share. You can then create content accordingly.

Introduce yourself and your business

A proper introduction about yourself and your business becomes a crucial element when you wish to increase your reach with social media influencers. This introduction can be the founding stone for you to establish a connection with your influencers. Thus, create a compact but powerful introduction about yourself and your business. Include your business objectives and ideas and how you wish to achieve them.

Pitching for your business is never bad. It is especially beneficial when this pitching would result in an increase in traffic to your website. You can ask them to be your mentors helping you with the difficulties that you face and provide quality solutions to them.

Seek their opinion

Asking for feedback from the social media influencers can be immensely helpful both to you and your website. Their opinion can help you create a better website and improve your overall understating of your business. As they have higher insight of your industry, their opinion will have a powerful effect in making or breaking of your business.

You can use their quotes and statements within your blog posts highlighting the elements that have influenced you the most. If they share your blog posts, this can provide you a good boost as you reach to a high number of target audience who are already the followers of the influencer.

Influencers are important people who can heavily affect your social media presence. Establishing a powerful connection with the influencers can also result in higher conversion. Influencers often encourage their followers to take action on a website if they find it worthy enough. Thus with high quality products and strong networking skills you easily increase your reach with social media influencers.

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