Go Live with Facebook Live Video Streaming For Android

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook seems to have gone on an announcement frenzy. First it was its new ad support feature on the Facebook messenger app, and now it is video streaming for Android devices. An announcement was made by Facebook product manager Vadim Lavrusik and engineer Dave Capra recently. According to the announcement, it would be rolling out the Facebook live video streaming for Android devices very soon.


With the announcement, the social networking site also said that it would be rolling out the feature in the US first within the coming weeks. The roll-out of this new feature of Facebook live video streaming to thirty other countries would follow soon in the coming weeks followed by the US launch.

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The launch

Facebook live video streaming was started by celebrities, when the social network allowed some top celebrities to broadcast live videos. This was in the middle of 2015. The success that the feature got, made Facebook introduce it among ordinary users as well. The social network then gradually introduced the feature of live video streaming on iOS devices during the end of last year.

However, it would be from this month that most of the smartphone users would be able to use Facebook live video streaming from their smartphones itself.

Facebook Live Video Streaming Feature

The feature would be available directly above the newsfeed section. Users would need to click on the icon that allows Live videos. This icon would be available in the “Post updates” bar beside the icons displayed on the lower sections of the bar. You can write a description of the video if you want and even choose the audience whom you want the video to be visible to. The best thing about live video streaming on Android is that Facebook now enables a live video streaming of thirty minutes.

This feature will be highly beneficial to marketers as well and especially for freelancers. With the live video feature users would now be able to post about live events or any sport they take part in. Simultaneously, businesses would also be able to make live updates about their product launches and events that they are attending. This would help them generate instant audience and boost their Facebook marketing campaigns as well.

Other announcements

Other than the introduction of the amazing feature of Facebook live video streaming, Facebook has introduced still another feature. However, this new feature benefits businesses that use Facebook as their promotional platform.

Facebook would soon be supporting promotional ads within its instant messaging platform, Facebook Messenger. This feature that was announced recently, would be applicable by the middle of this year. Marketers and businesses would have a greater access to their target audience and can now have a direct conversation with them through this new feature.


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