All You Need To Know About Google’s Gmailify

Google's Gmailify

Since 2015, Gmail has been letting people access their email accounts belonging to other providers like or Yahoo! Mail in Android’s Gmail app. A great step ahead of its competitors for sure, this move from the Google Gmail team saw a great rise in its popularity among the non-Gmail users. Now just imagine if apart from just accessing it, you could be able to use some of the great features of Gmail including spam protection, inbox organization and much more, and that too without going through the hassle of changing your current email id, wouldn’t that be great? Well, it has now finally happened with the help of Google’s Gmailify! How? Read on.


On the 17th of February, 2016, the Gmail team introduced a new feature, Google’s Gmailify, with a great view of letting people use Gmail’s features with an email address belonging to some other provider! This means people with Yahoo! Or Outlook accounts would be able to use Gmail’s spam protection, inbox organization, Google Now Integrations and a horde of other features without changing their email addresses. And, obviously, you would be able to access your Hotmail or Yahoo! Or Outlook account through Gmail’s mobile application, as if these email addresses were hosted on servers belonging to Google itself!

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We suppose that some of you have already used the Gmail application to access non-Gmail accounts. Even if that’s the case, you would still be needed to opt in to Google’s Gmailify feature of the application. According to a Google blog post, to Gmailify your inbox you need to open the Gmail app from your device, following which you would be needed to sign in to the external accounts associated to your name, and finally “enable Gmailify”! That’s the work done on your part, and you would be enjoying the top notch features of Gmail without bothering yourself with converting your email address.

New Google's Gmailify

What actually happens in practice is that it involves linking all your external non-Gmail accounts to Gmail. To enable this linking, you need to open the Gmail app’s “Settings” screen, and tap on the external account that you want to be linked, and finally select the “Link Account” option. Basically, this is the main feature on which Google’s Gmailify stands, since this is what allows the Gmail app to use Gmail’s expanded feature for external email addresses. You can very well choose to unlink your external accounts at any point of time if you ever feel the need, and the more entertaining news is that this will work both in Gmail’s Android app as well as on the web.

The benefits provided by Google’s Gmailify feature include a lot more than just utilizing Google’s Gmail’s spam protection on every mail that’s going into the inbox. Mails from external and non-Gmail accounts, through Google’s Gmailify, will be organized according to its type – Updates, Social, Promotions, etc, just as in a conventional Gmail account. In addition to these, you will also be able to use advanced search operators to search through your non-Gmail mails and will be able to receive notifications on your mobile device. Plus, it also displays your travel and hotel reservations automatically in Google Now!

Gmail certainly has taken a step further in introducing Google’s Gmailify feature for non-Gmail users; it’s not the only one to take a step a step in this direction. There are other service providers who are constantly working on ways to attract those people who want a change of taste without having to change their existing email addresses. In December, Yahoo! Mail announced that Gmail users would be able to manage their accounts through their mobile mailing app, while allowing them with Yahoo! Mail benefits such as “smart” contacts and sign-in without a password. Microsoft’s, on the other hand, offers a great import tool that will help you in easily converting from Gmail to its own app.

When launched, Google announced that Gmailify will currently only work with Hotmail/Outlook and Yahoo, however more providers will be incorporated in the future. Good news for the folks who would like to keep their good old email addresses intact, while using Gmail’s advanced features as well!


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