4 Off-Beat Instagram Accounts Which Are A Must Follow

Off-Beat Instagram Accounts

Instagram has made its way to become one of the major marketing and promotional platforms for brands. The image sharing site with its unique image editing features has pulled in a number of marketers who are actively promoting their products and brands on Instagram. However, the rise in promotional ads on the image sharing site has called for marketers to tread newer waters. Thus, marketers are now creating off-beat Instagram accounts that are unique and exclusive while engaging at the same time.


The increasing social marketing noise on different social networking sites including Instagram has pushed marketers to go out of the ordinary. Thus marketers are creating off-beat Instagram accounts with quirky images to grab the attention of the audience.

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Instagram as a social media platform is powerful enough to generate audience and leads for your business. A strategically used Instagram account if promoted properly can generate a huge number of leads for your business. Many businesses have achieved success by promoting their products heavily on Instagram even without a traditional brick and mortar store.

Here are few brands with off-beat Instagram accounts that have managed to make it big in the image sharing site for their brand.

1. GoPro


Since its launch in 2013, GoPro has become quite a popular device among adventure enthusiasts. This wearable camera that allows users to capture videos and images while they trek on mountains, ride bikes or scuba-dive into the sea.

However, unlike promoting the product itself on Instagram, the marketers display images from the camera’s point of view. Thus the images of GoPro’s Instagram profile show distinct images that users can capture with the device itself. An intriguing thing about GoPro’s account, one of the most off-beat Instagram accounts, is the fact that all images that the brand uses are user generated. They also run a daily campaign called “GoPro Photo of the Day”. This has also encouraged users to submit images that can be featured in the brand’s profile itself.

GoPro’s Instagram account boasts over 6 million followers which is rising each day. The idea of involving user generated images has further pushed their brand following in the image sharing app.

2. Oreo


For a simple brand that just has cookies to sell, innovation and creativity has been the key to create off-beat Instagram accounts. Marketers have been tapping the potential of the image sharing site optimally. It has frequently shared interesting and compelling images of their product. The images have been thought out and captured quite creatively given the simplicity of the product itself.

Apart from thoughtful and and wacky images, the brand has also frequently held contests and promotional offers for its Instagram followers. The images of their mega giant cookie was circulated and promoted heavily on Instagram along with contents. This has created one of the most off-beat Instagram accounts out of the simple brand.

Oreo has nearly a million followers on their Instagram account. The creativity and innovative marketing strategy partnered with the simplicity of the product has made the brand quite a success on Instagram.

3. SpaceX


With nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, SpaceX might be considered to be having one of the off-beat Instagram accounts. While Instagram is flooded with fashion house images and runway photos, The SpaceX Instagram account has something different to offer to the social network users.

This brand deals with space transport and is a manufacturer of aeropace vehicles. However, it has been able to create quite a buzz in the social media especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with its real-time images and videos of space. The aerospace brand tends to share live images of the space and even videos of their rocket launches in its social networking profiles. This has been an immensely successful marketing strategy for the brand with an increasing user-base each day.

4. FIJIWater


The Instagram account of Fijiwater shows the fact that how a simple brand selling just bottled water can pull a huge follower-base. However, marketers of Fijiwater has been able to tap the full potential of the image sharing site. Optimally utilizing the element of water as well as different tones and hues of blue, along with contrasting colors, the brand has been creating some amazingly attractive images.

The images itself give a feel of class and luxury. The brand uses different elements of everyday life along with a bottled water of FIJIwater in their images. The blending of different contrasting tones play along quite well giving the brand one of the most off-beat Instagram accounts to look at. It also uses natural landscapes with blue as a dominant color stressing the fact that the water is from what the brand claims, from a natural aquifer in Fiji. Creating one of the most off-beat Instagram accounts with just water as the subject has been quite innovative and inspirational for this brand.

FIJIwater boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Being a brand that just sells bottled water, the brand has been able to create a huge fan-base on Instagram.

Social media can be a major brand booster if the potentials are tapped accurately. Off-beat Instagram accounts can be immensely helpful in generating awareness about a brand. With a strategized social media marketing technique, even small brands can turn to become major player giving stiff competition to the leading enterprises.

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