Google Knowledge Graph: How You Can Reach More People With Its Help

Google Knowledge Graph

The transformation of Google’s SERP (search engine result page) in the recent years have decreased the emphasis of getting high organic rankings and have made way for various other great opportunities. Google Knowledge Graph is one among the significant updates which makes discoverability simpler. To be clear, both consumer and the producer can reap advantages because of this. In this article, we will tell you what exactly the Knowledge Graph is and also explain how it could be best used.


Google has been continuously making updates over the years which understand what users are looking for than just considering literal approach for the keywords used. The Google Knowledge Graph has turned into one of the most important ways through which marketers can use search engines better for enhanced visibility and connect various bits of information into one beneficial section for the users.

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A few publishers are wary about increasing influence of the answers that immediately appear that can possibly take away the need of visiting the website for the information. Nonetheless, Google has also recently added a URL of the publisher to the graph that can alleviate few of the concerns.

Types of knowledge graph

Based on search made, your brand will have great chances of getting extra detail that is contained in the knowledge graph to impact how and where a searcher interacts with results they have been looking at.

Common knowledge graph types and examples

Depending on the search performed, your brand stands a good chance of grabbing the extra detail contained within the Google Knowledge Graph to influence where and how a searcher interacts with the results they’re seeing. TV shows, movies, local business, influential people and also companies can depend on this for latest developments in plenty of ways.

How to get it?

Sadly, you cannot presently add new information to the Google Knowledge Graph directly but you could influence those that show up by clicking into some key sources which Google extracts from.

How to influence it?

Google Knowledge Graph For Users

There are five steps through which you can accomplish this-

1) Through markup you could leverage all structured data

There are plenty of ways of doing it, but it depends on the website, your passion for work, objectives and other things.

2) Get listed at Wikipedia and

These beneficial sources are free to everyone, but also have strong guidelines about what they are searching for.

3) Google+ and Google+ images and Google maps could be optimized

You would have to start by mentioning your business place on the Google My business page as it is the best thing to you could be doing.

4) Make keywords research

A lot of researches in the keywords and their types which the people are looking for, is also a great place to start!

5) Make the best use of YouTube

It is evident that Google also comprises information of songs like artists and musicians from YouTube into the Google Knowledge Graph. This latest trend makes YouTube a good bet for publishers to excel in the content marketing.

The layout of SERPs keep changing only to provide efficient results or answers to the users with more contextual and comprehensive relevant data. Rather than just being stuck with fundamental links, Google now has effective ways of achieving the purpose and Google Knowledge Graph is one of them. Knowledge graph isn’t really a threat but a great opportunity!


Boost Creativity And Focus On Your Startup With These 6 Habits

Boost Creativity

Creativity is a skill that never goes out of fashion, even with business and startups. The capability of thinking out of the box and finding new solutions to old problems will help you triumph greatly when you are heading a startup. However, to boost creativity isn’t just natural but also requires quite a lot of training of the brain.


Be it on a subconscious level or a conscious level, it is always great to enhance the cognitive skills of your brain which can open up a treasure of unused prowess that you can direct towards your business or startup. We make a list of six habits which could help you think originally and differently to boost creativity and come up with creative solutions.

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1) Know when to draw back yourselves

Some problems get solutions instantly. However, you don’t really have to spend long duration working on the same problem. You need to withdraw yourselves and keep yourselves away from the problem only to come back refreshed and think afresh for your business. Sleeping could also make you boost creativity. Breaks are really vital and will boost creativity immensely. stepping back from some problem will only let you get back to it with rejuvenated confidence. Agitation increases if you go round and round the same problem continuously. Be the wiser!

2) Fictions help in taking forward your business

Novels are one among the oldest means of entertainment and it isn’t difficult to say why. If you ever feel non creative, maybe you don’t read enough. Unlike cinema or television, reading a novel needs effort on your imaginary skills. This is also asserted by science which has reported correlative links among reading and creative thinking skills. If you are a regular reader, your brain is constantly stimulated for developing active imaginations which will eventually benefit your startup or business. This also has got added advantages of giving you entertainment while also improving your brain and boost creativity.

3) Speak out

Boost Creativity And Focus

When you explain your problem to others, you will be stimulating your thoughts again as well as theirs. Though you wouldn’t be looking for a solution from them, it will urge you to cater to the issue and fragment it to key elements that are simplistic. This could help you get a new dimension of approaching the same problem. Even if there are no people around you, think how you would describe the problem and this will set your brains into motion.

4) Enhance your physical health as well

Your mind and your body are interconnected. A negative impact one any of the either can cause troubles to the other. This is the reason stress can result in medical issues. Even taking a walk outside is said to boost creativity by 60%. Even mind is like a muscle that need to come out of the office more frequently. A great diet will enhance your mind’s abilities. There is a specific reason why sea foods are regarded as brain foods. These foods help the increasing of brain’s abilities. Similarly, even exercises will aid you in keeping the body healthy. Hence, go out and walk more!

5) Spend time gardening

Going out and doing physical works will distract you and stop you from over thinking. Gardening could be a great way for this. Besides, it also has various other benefits. It will provide you physical as well as tangible results in helping you enhance your skills.

6) Cater to your senses

Every sense that you hold dear matters the most. You must never push yourselves and do things that would cause discomfort to your senses. You must we very much aware that the sensory input could affect your mind. Dim lit rooms or strong lit rooms can affect your mind and focus. Never keep yourselves hungry. Make sure your senses are catered to really well and they have an impact on your creative skills and boost creativity.

Global Game Maker SuperCell Boasts 100 Million Active Players

Global Game Maker SuperCell

Strategy games have conquered the mobile gaming generation. And monetizing it heavily is the famous strategy based global game maker SuperCell. SuperCell is flying high these days with its four amazing games. With a growth rate of over 50% each year, SuperCell is one success story that is hard to believe.


The global game maker SuperCell was founded in 2010. Its first game Gunshine.comwas launched in 2011. However, it was with the launch of the other games, that of Hay Day and Clash of Clans, that they took them high through the social ladder.

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Clash of Clans, one of its more successful games by the global game maker SuperCell was launched in August 2012 for iOS devices. In October 2013, the Android version of the game was launched. The game received immense applause from throughout the globe becoming one of the top grossing mobile games of all time. According to data collected by App Annie, Clash of Clan was one of the most played games in 2015 and the highest revenue generating game for the year as well.

The launch of these two games by the global game maker SuperCell was successful and received great response from the audience. Since then there have been no looking back. In 2014, it launched yet another strategy based mobile game named Boom Beach. Similar to its past games, this too, was an instant hit among the target audience.

The latest one to join the club of SuperCell’s super games is Clash Royale. Launched this year, the mobile game has joined the league. With the amazing success of its four games, the global game maker SuperCell announced recently that it now has reached 100 million daily active users. The announcement was made by SuperCell CEO Ilkka Paananen on social media site Twitter. Along with the announcement Paananen thanked its team members who have worked hard in making SuperCell’s games a success.

Global Game Maker SuperCell Clash Of Clans

A video tribute was also created by the game makers thanking the active gamers of all the four games for making them and SuperCell a success.

Every success story, however, has a struggling past and face some failures before achieving some real success. Global game maker Supercell was no stranger to failure. Its first game did not go well with the audience. It was a browser-based game and launched at a time, when mobile devices especially smartphones were making its way into the mainstream life of people.

Its next game Pets vs Orcs was the first game enabled on mobile devices. However, it was not much successful and was removed from the AppStore within a month of its release. Battle Buddies, the strategy-based game launched in early 2012 was released in multiple countries and had been praised by the critics. However, the game was pulled off the market for its poor monetary performance. The game makers had also launched two other games Spooky Pop in 2014 and Smash Land 2015. However, these too were removed from the online platforms soon after their launch.

In the meantime, global game maker SuperCell is basking in the glory of its four successful games and its over 100 million active monthly users. It plans to work on making the present games more interesting, challenging and user-friendly.

5 Most Prevalent Online Scams You Should Be Wary Of

Online Scams

Frauds have been present in this world since time unknown, and newer ways of cheating people are being applied day in and day out. Swindlers are continuously devising scam schemes to cheat simple consumers of their earnings. However, fraudulent activities are on a rise and people fall prey to online scams more often than ever. It is high time people should get to know about the same in order to protect themselves from being robbed of their money.


A lot of publicity is being done at present against these scams, or scamming websites, and the internet is filled with information regarding such scams. There are various types of online scams that are into play at present. Folks should get to know them and avoid falling in such traps ever. The most common online scams are given below:

1. The Nigerian Email

One fine day, you checked your email, and the first thing you get is a message like this:

“I am Wumi Abdul; the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs George Abdul. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan,the economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing to discus on a business deal. When my mother died on the 21st October 1984, my father took me and my younger brother HASSAN special because we are motherless. Before the death of my father on 30th June 2002 in a private hospital here in Abidjan. He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of $12.500.000 (Twelve Million, five hundred thousand dollars) left in a suspense account in a local Bank here in Abidjan, that he used my name as his first Daughter for the next of kin in deposit of the fund.”

These mails want you to be their accomplice, and they would transfer a part of the total money in your account! Why? No one knows! You might be asked to travel overseas to complete the “paperwork” and meet the scammers. But, before that, you would be repeatedly asked for money, thousands of dollars to be precise, in the form of “attorney payments”, “bribes” and others!

What happens after this is that you obviously don’t get anything in return. No money, nothing at all! Moreover, people who travel overseas run a serious risk of being robbed and killed.

The name happens to be so since this first originated in Nigeria, and is also called the Nigerian 419 letter, because it violates section 419 of the Nigerian penal code.

2. Auction scam

Auction fraud is the most common fraud among online scams. There are three eBay chicanery types, but the most common is where you don’t get anything. You send in the money and win an auction, but the product never really arrives. Investing hundreds and thousands of dollars, what do you get in return? Grief, and a lighter wallet!

In auction scams, you either don’t get your product, and even if you do luckily get it, it doesn’t match the one which you actually won. Vague, incomplete and fake descriptions are the main standpoints of an auction scam. You may win a Rolex watch in the bidding, but the product given to you will be a cheap duplicate of the one you won.

How would you avoid yourself the hassle? Well, just ask yourself how could a person just give you a $500 item for $50?

3. Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are on the rise today. You receive an email that apparently looks like coming from your bank, and you are then warned about theft of identity. To protect yourself from this identity theft, you need to log into your account and verify all your account details. It also says that that bank would permanently terminate your account if you don’t do it quickly!

Common Online Scams

The mail may look completely authentic, with logos and branding, but it’s all fake. The website to which you are directed is also a fake one. Once you provide all your details, your account information will be used to drain all your money from the account.

How would you know that it is a scam when the mail looks authentic? – This might be your question now. True. But why wouldn’t the bank call you up if the matter was so very urgent, isn’t it?

4. The Girlfriend Scam

Ah, this one is for those who are so lonely that they would do anything just to have a girlfriend by their side! There are several dating sites around, and these sites are one of the most fraudulent online scams to be in, if you don’t have brains that is!

Suppose you are into one of these dating sites, and get to know a girl who you think is perfect for you. She’s beautiful and smart, and cares for you! So you fall for her. And then she wants to meet you, but for that you need to send her the transportation money, which may be hundreds of dollars. You are so deeply in love with this girl that you give the money, and wait for her to come. And you never get to hear from her again. Why? Because she doesn’t even exist, and a clever fraud artist has fooled you into believing that a stock photo was your soul mate!

5. The “Congratulations! You’ve Won..” Scam

One of the prevalent online scams, you receive an email congratulating you for winning a hot gadget, such as an iPad or an iPhone or an Xbox. You just need to get these items “shipped and delivered” at your doorstep, and so you need to just provide your debit card number and its PIN to cover the “shipping” costs!

So, you provide your debit card credentials and wait for your new Xbox to arrive. Months pass by and you don’t get anything. Strange charges start showing up in your transactions, and all your money gets drained out surprisingly. So what are you effectively left with? A stolen identity, and stolen money if the charges aren’t disputed!

It’s after all this that you ask yourself, “When did I enter a competition for which I had won an Xbox?!” If only you had asked this before falling prey to this scam!

Desire and greed are the two main aspects of human nature that are targeted by these scammers to extract money wrongfully from people. In order to avoid these scams, we must need to control our greed first. When we control our desires and greed, it makes it easy for us to recognize these scams and avoid them.

Know Everything About The Custom Designed On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters

On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters

In this advanced digital world, Snapchat has risen in terms of popularity, fame and prominence rather quickly than most other video messaging apps do. Created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggae Brown Poster and launched in September 2011, Snapchat now has over 100 million daily active users. With the introduction of the On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters, the social network has upgraded itself from offering only Community Geofilters. Want to know more about the whole new custom designed Geofilters of Snapchat? Read on.


Snapchat’s latest move in providing the option of custom designed Geofilters is seen by many as a huge step towards monetizing its app. These custom designed On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters can virtually be created anywhere. The initial Community Geofilters offered by Snapchat were designed for their use in public places. These new “on-demand” Geofilters prove to be more suitable and apt for private venues- may be your office, or that favourite coffee shop around the corner! The Snapchat Geofilters offer an easy and fun way to embellish and adorn their Snaps, no matter what their location is on the globe.

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Moving over to the next part, you all probably want to know by now the process of incorporating On-Demand Geofilters for your private and personal meetings. Well, this three step process of acquiring the On-Demand snapchat Geofilters sound relatively simple. What you need to do at first is design your Geofilter with any image editing app or software that pleases you.

The next step involves you mapping the location geofence where you would want your On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters to be available. You would also need to select and mention the date and time you want your Geofilter to be active. The final step is a bit of luck actually, and you don’t need to do anything here other than submitting your order. A Snapchat editorial team would take it up for review, and if it’s approved, they will push it live.

Snapchat offers “on-demand” Personal Geofilters for events that are hosted privately, with the limitation that you don’t include any branding or logos. Business Geofilters don’t have that restriction though as they can be created with logos and branding, however they are also governed by strict business guidelines and regulations.

Snapchat previously consisted of two types of Geofilters – Community Geofilters, as mentioned above, and the other one being Sponsored Geofilters. Community Geofilters can be freely submitted, though they are restricted in use and cannot include logos and marketing. The Sponsored Geofilters on the other hand provides marketing based filters to enable big brands to cover a large area.

The new On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters, starting at a pricing of $5, boast of a minimum size of 500 square feet, and the minimum time allotment during which the Geofilter can exist is 30 minutes. The size spectrum of “on-demand” Geofilters is quite large, as users can spread them through a mammoth 5,000,000 square feet. The maximum time limit is fixed at 30 minutes for “on-demand” Geofilters.

Snapchat currently generates revenue from the brand-designed Geofilters, and through the various in-app purchases of its users when they wish to replay a snap. The new On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters could generate even greater revenue for the social network. Small and medium sized business can now benefit from these custom designed Geofilters by using Snapchat as their channel of marketing. Apart from that, it’s more likely for users to send more snaps if they are opened up to more filters.

At present, these On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters are available to users living in the U.S., UK and Canada only, though the company has announced that more locations would be added to its present list.

The On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters are the social network’s second try at generating revenue through filters. Previously, Snapchat offered users to purchase readymade filters, before making them free. What remains to be seen now is whether this step works well for the company or not. As of now, the power of designing your own filters should give you reasons enough to purchase them.

Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand…

Impact Of Social Videos

The impact of social videos on brands is huge. have become one of the most essential strategies when it comes to content marketing. Be it a video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, they all play vital roles in promoting your business or your brand. Irrespective of what your company is into or what you are selling, if there is no marketing strategy of video for prominent video platforms, there is a risk of loss.


In case it hasn’t come to your notice, the platforms that distribute online the video contents have flourished hugely over a year and a half. Facebook now gets more duration of videos watched when compared to YouTube. Snapchat gets billions of views daily and the videos on Twitter have come out to be a successful way of branding and have taken it to another greater level. We will tell you how the impact of social videos is spreading through brands over different platforms.

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YouTube videos are a great content library

Let us begin with the father of online videos, the YouTube. YouTube is undeniably huge. Every minute, over three hundred hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is very much valuable for branding. It has always helped people reach out to new audience and grow brands. There are plenty of contests between YouTube videos, competing with each other to be seen. Specially, the impact of social videos is especially large in featuring ads. It comes with great benefit for businesses and brands who want to employ best video marketing strategies.

The Facebook videos are just great at everything

Impact Of Social Videos On Your Brand

The best way as of now to take your brands to a larger scale of audience is to feature your videos on Facebook. Facebook now also has features of video ad products the huge impact of social videos is seen in the responses. Since it is the biggest data company now for all marketers, you really have reasons for spending money on video ads on Facebook and also video content for the same. If you just create content and upload it on YouTube without putting it on your page on Facebook, there are definite possibilities of your business or brand losing its wide distribution and also lose out on relevance factor.

We don’t imply that you just have to put up the link for your YouTube video on the Facebook page in the form of a status. We mean that you should natively upload the video on Facebook to ensure it dwells as a video content on your Facebook page. This is because, as of now, the news feed algorithm of Facebook gives heavy amount of importance to videos which in other words is called as ‘reach’. The impact of social videos when you put them up on Facebook instead of just giving out the link, will have larger probabilities of your video content being viewed by the community you have on Facebook. Facebook is already going up in the competition as far as content distribution and video marketing is concerned. It could be stated as the greatest marketing machine.

Twitter videos engage audience

The latest video product of Twitter that was out in January has revolutionized the way people used this platform. The impact of social videos put on Twitter is certainly large and you could make best use of it by connecting people and engaging them than just push the video into Twitter. Since Twitter is enormous now, it is being considered as a platform of listening. However, it is hard to get people engaged but the efforts will be worth it. The new video feature on twitter had taken tweeting to another level. You must get into Twitter and engage people on your videos and your brand is going to see great success here as well!


Snapchat’s feature of story has also made marketers fond of them. However, Snapchat is still a growing platform!

Convinced? So which platform are you choosing to make the greatest impact of social videos? Let us know in comments!

Use Of Artificial Intelligence: How It Would Affect Digital Marketing?

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

‘Artificial Intelligence’ has taken over the world by its simplistic yet amazing abilities. The ease with which smartphones can now be operated just through voice commands is possible through the use of artificial intelligence in the mainstream.


With improving technology and marketing and search engines getting more complex, use of artificial intelligence seems to be gearing up to play a major role in the search queries. Siri, Google Now and Cortana are already playing major roles in the operation of major devices.

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However, tech giants and marketers are seeking the advanced technology of these artificial intelligence to make better search queries. Marketers too are keen in including machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence within the marketing platform to use this technology optimally for the best form of marketing possible.

With the aid of digital assistance that artificial intelligence provides, search queries and results are available at greater ease. Facebook has already been rolling out its new ad-support on its instant messaging platform. This would provide a great boost to marketers who would be able to connect directly with the target audience.

As tech giants gear up to monetize all available platforms, why should artificial intelligence be left behind? Here are few ways how the use of artificial intelligence would render it a marketing platform in the coming years.

Promotional campaigns


The use of artificial intelligence has made itself a clear winner with all the major tech giants creating their own versions. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now each has made itself big in the global technological market.

With online marketing becoming a major phenomenon, it is not far when the use of artificial intelligence will be done for promotional purposes. Monetization is the prime focus for marketers and for the tech giants as well. Thus promotion of products through paid ads on these digital assistant platforms might soon be a reality.

Suggesting products instead of search

Currently, these digital assistants provide information based on the voice commands. It, however, might soon be suggesting substitute products when you make a search. For example, if you search for a particular restaurant, your digital assistance might provide you the required information. But it might also suggest some other restaurant that has a better presence in the search engine or has a better review.

Marketers can easily use these platforms to promote their products. Promotional techniques might be based on the same technique as paid search marketing. Marketers with greater investment over PPC will have a higher frequency for their ads to be suggested over these voice command platforms
Using correct question words and keywords


When your target audience makes use of artificial intelligence to make a search query, they normally tend to use question words like “how”, “when”, “where” and “what”. Thus, when marketers create their search marketing campaigns, it is essential that they include these question words along with the keywords.

Siri, Google Now and Cortana have been built in a way such that it is able to identify the keywords in your voice command. However, creating more specific keywords would enhance your chance at being displayed in the search result. A strategically created marketing campaign with the use of artificial intelligence improves the chances of your website link being clicked for the answers.

Using browsing history

The use of artificial intelligence helps past browsing and search history to pull out data from the search engine. Thus using this information can be quite useful if digital assistance is used for marketing and promotional purposes. The device would already have a bit of information about your search pattern, likes and needs. It can then easily make suggestions based on your past browsing history.

Google Now

This gives the digital platform an upper hand as it is able to read and understand your search patterns and ways. This improves its performance as it is able to provide you with highly accurate search result as well as product suggestions.

Feeling technologically adept

As the use of artificial intelligence is rising, the need of typing to make a search is being pushed back. Whether making a call, sending a message or searching for something online, your digital assistance dies all for you. According to a study conducted by Google itself showed that 56% of people are using voice search over traditional type and search.

No data is still available that can sort search made through voice command over search made though text type. However, marketers can look for fuller sentences or use of question words within the search to assess the medium of the search.