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Snapchat Advertising

Social media currently surrounds us from all sides. No matter the day or time, you are prompted with notifications on your social media profiles. Though Facebook has emerged as the top leader with over 6 billion users, other popular social media platforms too have been gaining grounds. Snapchat, Vine, Flickr, Periscope, Pinterest have slowly emerged as popular social media sites. Snapchat advertising is hugely trending for business in the current times.


With around 100 million users using Snapchat advertising each day, the social network has become quite popular among the social media lovers. The youth and millennials are especially fond of this video sharing site. The “auto delete once seen” feature in Snapchat is one of the prime reasons for users to prefer this over any other video sharing site. With videos getting auto-deleted after 24 hours, marketers can provide target audience with new and exciting stories about their product or company each day.

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Though Snapchat is still at its nascent stage, it has been gearing up to make it big globally. According to recent reports, Snapchat will soon be launching an API dashboard that would help marketers with their promotion on the social site.

Info on live events

Snapchat is a video streaming and sharing social network. It allows users to share small video clips. With the emergence of video marketing as a popular tool, marketers now prefer to promote their products through motion pictures than through still images.

Snapchat advertising offers a great platform for marketers who look for real-time promotion of their business and their products. The real time video streaming element of Snapchat is being harnessed by marketers for their business promotion.

Events like the launch of a new product, participating in a trade show and such other features can be  promoted real time.

Many popular brands have used the Snapchat advertising platform for live event promotion. In 2014, the use of Snapchat’s live event streaming of NBA games can be said to be the perfect example.

Offering perks and promotions

Promotion and perks can be used by any social media. However, in Snapchat, this can be used to keep the audience engaged and hooked to your video streaming.

Snapchat Advertising Platform

You can provide discounts and other offers for viewers who watch your videos. While using Snapchat advertising, you can also give out gifts and offers and hold contests on Snapchat to increase your popularity in the social site.

Promotional deals and offers are a great way to communicate with the audience. It helps in establishing a two way communication, thus improving the business to customer relations.

Promotion through consumers

Promotion through consumers is a great and innovative way to generate brand awareness about your product to your target audience. Snapchat advertising provides the perfect platform for such promotion. You can ask for current users to give out feedback about your products. Simultaneously you can also ask your audience to post images and videos using your products. The Snapchat advertising platform is an immensely helpful promotional idea as your products are promoted by users who are actually using your products and are satisfied with the results.

Offering exclusive contents

Snapchat can be used as a platform for promotion of exclusive content. As most digital platforms remain highly overcrowded with huge volume of promotional ads, it becomes difficult for brands to reach out to the particular target audience.

However, Snapchat advertising has not turned into a heavy promotional platform unlike Facebook or Twitter. Thus, the lightness of promotional ads provides you enough room to showcase your products and reach to the correct target audience.

You can hence use this the Snapchat advertising to promote few of the most exclusive contents that would actually  make an impact on your target audience.

Influencer marketing

Like any other social media site, Snapchat too has powerful influencers who can influence your brand presence on the social network. Collaborating with such infleuncers help in reaching out to a higher number of audience. Influencers are industry experts who have insightful knowledge about the industry and products. They often have a huge number of followers who can be easily influenced. Thus, if your product is unique and is of relatively high quality, influencers can easily push his followers to go through your promotional ads.

Snapchat provides its users some unique features that you can use to improve your promotional ad quality and video content. This will result in improving the overall experience of the ad thus enhancing your brand image.

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