Badland 2 Review: Would The iOS Game Surpass The Original In Features?

Badland 2

It is odd how the whole gaming domain has seen a change since we were kids. Earlier, sequels only meant that the game would be much better in the very possible way, with more levels to play, more characters, new models and so on. But nowadays things are slightly different. This is due to the tendency of games to possess more content that are added by means of updates and DLC, which means version 1.0 of some particular sequel could feel lagging. This is especially distinct when it comes to the classic of iOS, the Badland which is undeniably the most updated game one could think of. Badland 2 lives up to the standards set by the preceding game, and also surpasses it in terms of amount of content and quality. It is definitely superior to the original game.


Badland 2 is at version 1.0 and doesn’t have local multiplayer or level editor of any sorts. It has got thirty levels, and has online mode through which you can compete with others all over the world in unique levels. However, it appears to be a bit broken, staying still at the loading screen. Moreover, it is just the campaign along with fewer levels.

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However, Badland 2 is still better than the original game. The game is more gorgeous compared to the first one. The style, though, is the same with all those silhouetted creatures flapping across the foreground as peculiar backgrounds scroll by in slow motion. It looks a little bit sharper and with more colors this time, along with amazing lightening effects that bring everything into life and giving more reality to the world, extra fascinating and little terrifying sometimes.

Apart from the fact that the game looks splendid, there are many new mechanics in specific levels that modify things in fun-filled ways, like lasers, liquids and white lights that cook whatever they touch instantly. There is also another new wheel ability which will allow you to roll over the ground in higher speeds, which is a good distraction from those flapping.

Badland 2 Review

The difference, however, is a game changer. The main reason the original game had become such a hit was because all you needed was a single finger for input, without any tilting or virtual buttons or anything of that sort. You just had to tap. In Badland 2 you have 2 inputs that are triggered when you tap right and left sides of the mobile screen. Here you can go backwards, which may come across as a minor change, but it takes the game to substantial greatness.

There are also tunnels which go high above the air and also deep abyss to fall into. They make every level of Badland 2 seem bigger and more intriguing than those which were to be found in the first part of the game. You cannot roam about wherever you want as the screen still has got auto scrolls mostly. If you are stuck off the screen, you will instantly die. Nonetheless, the allowance if going up and down, backwards is a subtle inclusion that turns the ways of how the game was played and seems much important now.

However, the local multi-player option is missing. But we aren’t really sure that they wouldn’t be adding the option of local multi-player in the coming updates. Then there is no content created by communities. The level editor is missing. There are comparatively less levels in this sequel. All in all, Badland 2 is any day better than the original and we only hope it gets better with every update.

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