Cyber Security Threats: How Small Businesses Can Avoid These

Cyber Security Threats

In an age when online business and digital marketing are the prime elements for any marketer, cyber security threats are a major concern world over. While there are hundreds of products that do boast to provide online security, there have still been instances where cyber hacks and piracy have shaken the cores of online business.


Every online business owner- be it big, medium or small- are at a constant risk of their cyber security threats. With global brands like Apple cloud store and Sony Picturesbeing subjected to hacks, cyber security has become an element of major concern throughout the online world.

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Small business owners may feel that it is the bigger organizations on which hackers tend to launch a cyber attack. However, on the contrary, hackers tend to attack small and medium level businesses. These enterprises generally have a considerable amount of information about their customers but use minimum security measures thus being open to cyber security threats. Thus, these small or medium-scale setups fall easy targets for the hackers who find it easier breaking into small enterprises easier than into bigger organizations.

Preventing cyber attacks and establishing a strong cyber security network is an essential practice for small businesses. Here are few cyber security practices that small business owners can apply to improve their security measures keeping cyber security threats at bay.

Prior planning in case of breach

A business cannot expect to have a huge number of customers from its launch stage. It needs to grow step-wise. Similarly, along with the growing business, entrepreneurs should also plan for a strong cyber security protocol that needs to be maintained.

Rise Of Cyber Security Threats

While entrepreneurs often plan out strategies in case of losses or product failures, security is something that comes second. However, it is essential for entrepreneurs to plan out a security protocol since the launch stage and enhance it with the growth and expansion of the company. A pre-planned strategy on how to handle situation of breach should also be taught to the employees. With such measures, an entrepreneur can expect to have minimum damage to company’s virtual assets.

Investment on security software

Investing on security software is a prime concern that every business should undertake. Cyber security is a necessary element in today’s online business. With bulk volume of data stored in the machines, protection of these information is crucial for businesses. However, often many small businesses fail to understand the importance of this major issue resulting in cyber security threats such as loss of data or cyber hacks.

Thus apart from investing on security software, entrepreneurs should also make sure that their programs and software that are up-to-date. Older versions of software are prone to cyber threats and hacks.

Filtering contents

Filtering content can be a useful step in preventing cyber security threats. Preventing or blocking websites that are prone to phishing and other security threats can be used as a considerable measure to prevent such hacks. Content filters also prevent users from accessing websites that are not related to their work. Setting up of firewalls to prevent access to unwanted sites or websites with high security threats can help in preventing any unwanted cyber hacks.

Securing internet connectivity

Apart from content filtering, there are many other ways cyber security can be breached. With the increasing use of wireless connectivity, the threat of cyber crimes have multiplied. Though small businesses are aware of such threats and are taking measures to minimize threats, loopholes are always there of which the hackers are always on the lookout.

Using strong default passwords and encryption codes is necessary to prevent such security breaches.

These apart, there are a number of other elements that small businesses can take up to create a secure business environment. Educating the employees on the necessary security measures that they need to undertake is important to prevent insider’s breach. Using security equipment like VPNs and ISP helps immensely. Limiting the access to sensitive data and maintaining back up of top files can also ensure minimizing the cyber security threats.


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