Coding Lessons: How Next Academy Is Educating People!

Coding Lessons

Collaborating with a Malaysian Government Agency which is mandated to construct the tech ecosystem of entrepreneurship, NEXT Academy began with a nine week coding boot-camp in Kuala Lumpur. They are the trainers for junior developers to meet the world class. Programs of NEXT academy are developed by the experts of the industry in Silicon Valley. The quality of the programs is polished to meet world standards. They impart coding lessons to over 150 students graduated from Europe, America, southeast and middle East Asia in just one year. Many of the students who join NEXT Academy wish to have startups for their own or to work with startups for a meaningful and a challenging career.


Presently NEXT Academy provides two courses – web development bootcamp and iOS development bootcamp. NEXT Academy looks forward to make coding lessons a fun for aspiring freelancers, entrepreneurs and software developers!

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NEXT Academy has always wanted to boost those individuals who have always been passionate about their work, also having knowledge and skills about it. They have imparted coding lessons to such people to launch their own tech startups and develop them. They also have a great vision of enabling over a million individuals to accomplish greater success in career. Presently, their graduates have been employed in various startups and renowned companies. Some of them have even gone to the lengths of having one of their own.

Coding Lessons By Next Academy

NEXT Academy is all about progress. They efficiently provide coding lessons to those individuals who are zealous about becoming world class junior developers. They also make a link between graduates who have lucrative and exciting career opportunities all over the world. NEXT Academy also aids the tech startups to obtain a talent to develop. It also helps graduates in starting and developing the tech companies on their own.

NEXT Academy aims to progress and lay the foundation for achievement of passionate people who have a balanced set of knowledge and skills and can make their way through the dreams to reach their goals. They are experts in imparting designing, marketing, data science, coding lessons and so on. They help their students instill these skills in them which can later be used in their upcoming ventures or workplaces to bring about a difference.

Besides instilling basic skills by means of vocational classes, NEXT Academy has also tied up with various government bodies and has a goal of changing the curriculum of formal education to involve new subjects like coding in the regions of Southeast Asia.

They have made way for many entrepreneurs to reach their dreams and have got their graduates employed in the best of the companies like Manulife, GrabTaxi, MindValley, RevAsia and many more. They also have a success rate of 99% which is tremendous!

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