What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Exciting Super Bowl Commercials

Exciting Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl has become a popular platform for the promotion of ads. However, being super-expensive, only the top-notch brands are able to promote their products on the exciting Super Bowl commercials. With each thirty second ad costing a whooping $4 million, it is nearly impossible for small and even medium businesses to promote their ads on Super Bowl commercials.


Promotion on Supr Bowls might not be possible, for small and medium level businesses. However, entrepreneurs can learn valuable marketing lessons from these exciting Super Bowl commercials of leading brands.

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Compact message

Creating a compact promotional ad is the first task that these exciting Super Bowl commercials teach every entrepreneur. Putting up an entire message within thirty seconds is quite challenging. However, that is the maximum amount of time that each ad is alloted.

Thus, marketers need to create compelling and engaging ads that are enticing enough to hold on to the audience. The message should arouse interest among the audience about the product as well as compel them to take the next step.

Call-To-Action Button

A call-to-action button is a must have element for ads that wish to take the audience to the next level. This call-to-action can be of any type, such as sharing, liking or even commenting. However, the most effective call-to-action button is the buy button. Every business aims to generate returns on investment. The higher the investment, the bigger is the profit.

Using a call-to-action button within a commercial witnesses a higher conversion rate than commercials which do not have one.

The Jeep superbowl commercial, for example, includes the call-to-action button at the end of the commercial within its social media links. Thus they push the audience to share their video in the social networks.

Be absurd

Following the same marketing tactics that every other competitor is using never benefits a business. If you follow these exciting Super Bowl commercials closely, one important marketing element that entrepreneurs can learn is to be unique.

Exciting Super Bowl Commercials 2016

Uniqueness is the main essence of survival in the competitive online market of today. And often uniqueness often leads to absurdity. However, even with absurd commercials, a business can gain its foothold in the market if it is able to convey its message correctly across the audience. The most exciting Super Bowl commercials, like the one for Doritos which shows a pregnant woman whose baby speeds up the delivery-process just to have a Dorito is quite absurd. However, the commercial is fun to watch and is quite entertaining. The brand is able to convey the message quite easily while being different all together.

Highlighting the USP

The USP or unique selling proposition of an ad is the most important element when it comes to advertisement. Highlighting the USP of a product helps to generate the highest number of audience. The USP is the main element that attracts the audience into purchasing the product. For example – if you take the Jeep commercial of this year’s superbowl event you will be able to learn how the brand highlights its USP. The automobile brand which has been into business for 75 years has been used widely through the major wars, defence and military as well as by famous celebrities by the years. The ad highlights its legacy through the years and how it has been able to deliver quality services to their customers.

Tell a story

The official NFL commercial of 2016 is perhaps the best example of telling a story. One of the most exciting Super Bowl commercials that features super bowl babies and parents. While the parents are shown in just glimpses, the commercial features the superbowl babies singing in choirs. It tells the story of how NFL has been one of the most highly viewed games throughout the USA for the past 50 years. And how it has enticed magic upon the US population with winning cities witnessing a rise in birth-rates after nine months of the NFL season.

When a commercial tells a story it needs to be subtle and emotional at the same time giving away the message through the ad itself. The story however needs to be compact and complete. Thus, it is necessary that marketers are able to pack as much punch possible within the 30 seconds ad.


The exciting Super Bowl commercials have now turned into competiton with big brands struggling to make it to the top. However, the key elements of these commercials are the most fruitful elements that small and medium entrepreneurs can learn. The amazing business ethics and parameters that these commercials set up provide these entrepreneurs the opportunity to try heir hands at something new and unique.


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