Top Web Design Trends For Ecommerce Websites

Top Web Design Trends

In a rapidly evolving world of eCommerce, it is quite challenging for a web designer to guess the future. What is trending today would go out of date tomorrow. To offer great experience to the customers, you must race ahead in the competition trying out the top web design trends.


If you plan to redesign your online store or set up one, you must clearly know what is trending as of now. And to help you here, we provide you some of the top web design trends in eCommerce that will perform greatly in 2016.

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1. Material design

This one stays on to be quite popular and is being used by companies of eCommerce widely. The design style that is content-focused as well as vibrant makes one of the top web design trends ever since it got released in 2014 and will remain in trend even in the future. The design is tangible, unified and offers great experience on multiple platforms and devices which makes it essential for the development of eCommerce sites that are engaging.

2. Hidden menus

This has turned out to be greatly popular owing to its ability to get rid of loads of clutters on websites. They were initially designed for mobile usage but are now dashing their way to be a part of desktop designs. A lot of business owners have utilized navigation menus that are hidden on large scale as well as small scale devices, thereby saving too much screen space and this trend will stay on even in the future.

3. Upwardly responsive

A responsive design is very important for many of the websites in 2016 but it is also important that these designs are used in large screen gadgets than just be optimized for tablet and mobile views. This is because there is a growing trend in browsing as well as shopping on high resolution devices like televisions. More than 32% of the internet users are said to use devices that have a resolution of 1920 pixels or more.

4. Great animations

Top Web Design Trends 2016

As animation is one of the great methods to connect to customers and engage them and one of the top web design trends of all times, most of the eCommerce websites have begun instilling it into the designs of their sites to turn the shopping experience online into something that is enjoyable as well as playable. If they are used at the right moment in the perfect place, the animations will make your customer feel you are genuinely concerned about their experience on your website.

5. Story telling

Story telling is one of the ways you can have your brand stand out of the box. If you manage to put up your content in a different and a compelling manner, you will not only increase your sales but also develop an emotional attachment with your customers. Though it isn’t really easy to indulge story telling in commerce, it is worth it.

6. The design of the card

Lately, card-like layouts are growing extremely popular among designers becoming one of the top web design trends. Cards are one among the main concepts utilized in material design. Besides, they work great with web designs that are responsive.

7. Large Backgrounds

Large backgrounds are undeniably the most engaging way of staying in the top web design trends. Hence, it isn’t really surprising that eCommerce stores use absorbing and large shots of their products to make them look desirable. Background images that fill the page, and videos that are compelling for the customers to buy products, will help in this regard.

Staying in trend and upgrading the abilities of your eCommerce website is one of the important strategies to make, and the mentioned ways are great to make it happen.

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