Facebook-Like Twitter Timeline: The Alleged Change Comes…

Facebook-Like Twitter Timeline

Allegedly, Twitter was going to have a ‘timeline’ in the Facebook style and the change stands implemented now! Initial details regarding the changes suggest tweets will stay ‘real time’. Reports of this overhaul surfaced only last week and quickly garnered a lot of criticism. CEO Jack Dorsey, however, hasn’t denied these claims. The Facebook-Like Twitter timeline would allegedly have elaborated version of ‘while you were away’. Important selection of tweets is also said to be shown through this new feature.


The alleged reports about Facebook-like Twitter timeline have garnered rage from social media. Plenty of users also showed their disappointment by telling they must have control of what is seen on timeline. Twitter CEO addressed this criticism with an array of tweets which asserted that Twitter will remain live ‘real time’. Nonetheless, he didn’t refuse the allegations as well. The Verge, however says, Twitter has seen a new design for the timeline and has been put under tests for months now. While it was said to arrive later this week, it is already there!

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What is going to be different?

The elaborated version of ‘while you were away’ displays certain tweets that are considered to be vital, which the user might have missed since he/she had logged in. Best tweets are apparently going to be at the top of the timeline of the users while they open their profile. The Facebook-like Twitter timeline feature is somewhat similar to ‘top stories’ of the Facebook.

Presently, the Facebook-like Twitter timeline feature appears only if you are staying away from the social network for a considerably longer duration and if you click on refresh, it will get back to a reverse chronological style of timeline. This could be the New Twitter very soon, except for the fact that it will rearrange tweets depending on the algorithm of Twitter which predicts what people like to see. It will also feature tweets that are predetermined to engage the audience. Just like Facebook, even Twitter may start displaying articles or new posts in order to provide more information to the users.

Facebook-Like Twitter Timeline Feature

However, Paul Rosania who was the product manager of the timeline tweeted that in a chronological tweet list, the quality of tweets is disturbed. Many users declared that they would leave Twitter and many more people put up their protest. All tries of the CEO to avoid the backslash went in vain.

Even if you miss out tweets, the Facebook-like Twitter timeline would show you as much great stuff as there still remains. Very soon, tweets you would see are going to be more interesting and impressive than you forget the tweets you miss. You wouldn’t even think of it for once.
Twitter is currently facing slow user-growth because of which trials have been regularly made to make the service more impressive and appealing with a special feature known as Moments which comprises of messages about big events, photos and even videos. Though Twitter reportedly has got 320 million users who are active, it is very less compared to Facebook which has got 1.55 billion users who are monthly active. Considering other players, LinkedIn has got 400 million users, but only a fraction of them are actually active on Twitter on a monthly basis.

Apart from the Facebook-like Twitter timeline feature, various other changes have been made to the platform of Twitter to popularize it more. Nonetheless, all the multiple changes for a great user-experience have tanked the possibility of new users subscribing to it. The timeline change follows the controversial decision of Twitter to change its favorite feature from a star to a heart.

Twitter also had thought about turning the 140 character limit to 10,000 characters. This was, however, brushed aside as a rumor.


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