7 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2016

Superbowl Commercials 2016

Super Bowl commercials have always been popular because of the authentic presentation along with the subtle message. The ads have become more popular than the game itself. The introduction of digital marketing has also increased its reach to a much wider audience than when it was introduced 50 years ago. These commercials have become more of a competition than being regular commercials with the audience left to judge the best Super Bowl commercials 2016.


The game has always been a favourite among the US population. However, in the few couple of years, the game has reached far and wide and so has the commercials. With increasing viewership, the commercials are becoming more and more audience oriented and customer focused. So much so that even audience is asked to rate the ads that they find the most appealing. Here are few of the best Super Bowl commercials 2016 that people saw during this year’s game. These ads, mostly from popular brands, made people launch and cry and gave few seconds of enjoyment within the electrifying game.

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1. BudWeiser

BudWeiser has been having a gala time at the Super Bowl commercials for the past few years. Who has not seen the adorable puppy ad last year? Yet, the global beer manufacturers though of doing it a bit different this time round.

The BudWeiser ad of Super Bowl commercials 2016 witnessed the beautiful Helen Mirren giving a bit of advice on responsible drinking. While the ad was nothing like anybody expected from Budweiser, compared to what it gave last year, it still gave the viewers a much needed food for thought.

2. Heinz Wiener Stampede

Ok! Maybe not Budweiser this time, but Heinz made sure that there are dogs in the Super Bowl commercials 2016. It is with hundreds of dogs dressed as wieners within hot dog costumes. The ad shows the wieners running towards their beloved ketchup. The few number of humans in the ad displays in ketchup costumes, the assortment of ketchup that the ketchup brand Heinz serves.

The commercial is fun to watch and is bound to make superbowl viewers hungry right away. The commercial is just a subtle way to tell that the best friends for hotdogs is definitely Heinz’s range of ketchup.

3. Honda Ridgeline Commercial

It seems it was not only Heinz that got inspired by the Budweiser ad. Keeping close competition in the Super Bowl commercials 2016 was Honda’s new commercial.

The commercial, however, unlike Budweiser or Heinz, used a flock of sheep and a dog. Talking animals have become quite popular in Super Bowl commercials for the past few years. However, the melodious singing of the sheep in chorus is funny to watch as well as entertaining. While the Budweiser ad gives people something to think on, this commercial hints out to just sit back and enjoy the game.

4. NFL Official Commercial

One of the best Super Bowl commercials 2016 that caught the attention of the audience was the official commercial of National Football League itself.

The commercial featured Superbowl babies and glimpses of Super Bowl parents as well. It shows choirs of Superbowl babies for different years since the launch of the game in 1966. The commercial says that nine months after the Superbowl seasons, winning cities tend to witness a higher number of births. No wonder Super Bowl is showering its magic on the month of love this time.

5. Jeep Commercial

It is one of the much awaited of Super Bowl commercials 2016. Celebrating the 75th birthday of its official launch, the commercial took viewers on a nostalgic ride through its history. Featuring historic images and celebrities who have been proud owners of Jeep vehicles. While the model and structure have changed immensely through the years, the brand still remains the top builders of heavy duty four wheelers.

The commercial ends with a touching note saying that it is the customers who build Jeep into a successful brand that it is today.

6. The Doritos Commercial

Munchies are always on when it is time for Super Bowl and Frito Lay makes sure that you get a good laugh while you have you Doritos during the game.

One of the top Super Bowl commercials 2016, it features a pregnant woman at an ultrasound appointment with her Dorito eating husband. While the doctor and the woman watches over the monitor for the baby, the man simply keeps munching Doritos. The movement of Doritos on the hands of the father makes the baby move to its direction. When the irritated wife throws the dorito away, well, its the unborn baby who is too eager to try its first Dorito.

The commercial is hilarious especially the climax. If you haven’t yet watched it, don’t miss it.

7. Hyundai Commercial

This commercial can be said to be the “old wine in a new bottle” with a bit of spice for added flavor. The commercial features an over-protective father who is tensed about her daughter’s first date. He insists his daughter’s date to take her in his own car.

The car then displays the new feature that has been introduced by Hyundai. The new feature allows owners to keep track of their car and its location through their smartphones and watches.

This Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2016 gave viewers a moment to lighten up the mood between watching the nail-biting game.

While there are a number of Super Bowl commercials 2016 that feature Super Bowl seasons, these have been recorded as the most loved by the audience giving a moment of entertainment between the electrifying games.

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