5 Best Valentine’s Day Apps To Make Your Day Of Love Special

Valentine's Day Apps

Just a couple of days more to go for that universal day of love. No plans yet? No worries. Technology is always at your service. And valentines day being a special one for lovers throughout the world, your plan is just a tap away. Like each year, the AppStore and PlayStore have a wide number of Valentine’s day apps ready for use.


Singles too need not be heartbroken. There are also a number of apps that can be of great use to you and you never know, this might be your lucky day of love. And if you are looking for some fun, you have apps for that too. Just hop into your AppStore or PlayStore and download the Valentine’s day apps available in free and paid versions. After all, you must enjoy the day of love to the fullest.

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Below is a list of Valentine’s day apps that you can try out if you cannot decide on what to do this valentine’s day.

1. Avocado


For people who have that special someone, this app can be great for creating a personal space between just you two. The private app provides a secure platform for couples to stay connected as well as send instant messages to the loved ones. This is one of the amazing Valentine’s day apps and allows users to exchange images, videos and even audios. The app has a unique hug and kiss feature that lets users share digital hugs and kisses over smartphones.

Keep yourself informed about your dinner-dates and appointments with your loved one through the app calendar. Mark out special days like anniversaries and birthdays and activate notifications so that you never miss any. Make your special someone feel more special with this amazing app.

The app is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. However, if you want to use its exclusive features you need to shell out a few dollars.

2. Tinder


If you are single still, this is one of the best Valentine’s day apps for you. Tinder is a location based dating app that helps match users. Once the interest of users match, the app then allows them to chat.

One of the trending Valentine’s day apps, that uses a geo-location and age to match up men and women according to their gender preference and then provides then with a list of users who match their interest. The app works in collaboration with Facebook and thus needs your Facebook details to join. When you set up your personal profile you need add an image and a short bio about yourself.

The app allows users to browse images from right to left while you can swipe on images that you are interested in. However, the free version of Tinder does not allow users to rewind or go back to check any image. You are also not allowed to change your geo-location the second time. For this the Valentine’s day app provides in-app purchases of its features like Tinder Plus and Tinder Passport to rewind or set new location respectively.

Tinder Plus comes at a price of $9.99 for users below 28 years and around $19.99 for older users.

3. Fingle


Couples who like to stay indoors on the day of love and like to enjoy each other’s company, this is one of the most fun-filled Valentine’s day apps for you.

The Fingle app is a simple puzzle game that allows two people to play the game. The game is so designed that you need atleast two players. So make your partner ready for the game as well.

Users need to match and complete the puzzle together while the blocks on the interface keep moving and twisting. The simple game is not really a mind teaser or highly-engaging. But the finger twister keeps you busy with your special one. It is just perfect for people who wish to spend some quite time together.

The Fingle app is available in Google PlayStore as well as in iTunes.

4. Bumble


Ladies, take control this Valentine’s day with the Bumble app created by women for women. Bumble is one of the perfect Valentine’s day apps for women who like to make the first move. The app is somewhat similar to Tinder as this too requires the user to create a profile bio and an image for your profile. You can then browse through the matches that the dating site draws up with relevance to your profile and interests. Once you have a match, the women are provided with 24 hours to send that match a message. After the allotted 24 hours, the match vanishes forever, as the app considers that you are disinterested.

The app allows you to make one contact each day. Thus, if you miss this 24 hours, fear not, you have the next day to make a new move. Bumble is available for free on both Android and iOS.

5. BeLinked


Have a date but do not know where to meet up? BeLinked from LinkedIn is the perfect one that available on the AppStore that comes to your rescue. One of the best Valentine’s Day apps and is for those who end up with a date but without a proper place to meet that someone special.

Apart from providing ideal match for your personality, the app also compares the interests and likes of the two users and provides suggestions of perfect places for your first date.

The app that launched just a couple of months back explores and analyses the personality of the users and suggest places that would be interesting for both. Thus users are able to socialize on a more common space of interest.

One of the Valentine’s day apps, it has also collaborated with Uber and Citymapper, thus making moving around a place a breeze. The app has free version as well as premium versions for which it charges around $9.99 which allow users to look for a higher number of venues as suggestions.

These apart, the PlayStore and AppStore also have a wide range of other Valentine’s day apps. These include love poems, love frames, romantic 3D wallpapers, etc. Make the best use of your smartphone this Valentine’s Day and make the day most special for your special someone.


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