What To Expect At The Consumer Electronics Show This Year?

Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show is certainly one of the biggest technology conferences of the year. A lot of preparation has been going on for CES 2016 for weeks together and we have discerned what to look forward for, in Las Vegas. Though it has been losing its charm in recent years, CES could still be of great help in predicting the latest trends in technology for the consumers. A lot of products displayed at CES don’t make it to the market, but technology like autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and high resolution TVs get a good boost from CES.


Even this year, loads of news is expected from the Consumer Electronics Show suspects like TV manufacturers, automotive industries, VR companies. However the interesting part of the Electronics show is always what is unexpected. We predict some of the things that can be expected from CES this year. Read on!

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Cars would again make noise!

Cars At CES

CES has always been joked about how it is more of an automobile show. This year, however, it’s more than a joke. Popular automotive industries are going to make announcements that are groundbreaking. Volkswagen has got a latest electric concept in its kit. And there is Ford that is allegedly going to join Google to manufacture autonomous cars. It doesn’t end there. BMW is persistently working on a system to control the coming generation of interface for users, known as Air touch, and could also begin with i8 Spyder venture. However, the craziest bit of the Consumer Electronics Show is that NAIAS, one among prominent auto shows of the year, is happening here.

Televisions under the limelight!


Televisions have always stolen the limelight at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year would not be anything new. Though there aren’t new ideas, there will be too many Ultra HD televisions and even 8K model televisions. More models than the previous year will have Dolby Vision, HDR and many more visual fancies that increase the viewing experience beyond the resolution. Samsung is turning their TV into a center for Smart home and probably many companies are going to come up with similar ideas. The TV industries try all sorts of methods to lure their customers into upgrading to newer models and CES is definitely their big stage!

Smart home calls for you!

Smart home Calls At Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show is that time of the year which will make it easy for you to believe in smart home dreams. Luckily, developments in recent years have taken it closer to actuality.

Google and Apple have begun intervening between every aspect in our houses and make them interactive. Existing products of a smart home are expected to be integrated even more, with their help. Though that is still far off, one among the major things to expect this time is how Intel, Samsung and other companies make progress in the field. Initial infrastructure pieces that are tangible are expected to surface this time.

Every type of wearable put up for a show!

Wearables At CES

Last year was a great year for certain wearables outside of the electronics show. The Apple watch barges into the market with great hype. Fitbit too, went public. More Technology was instilled into clothing directly by the apparel makers, VR headsets actually came into existence. However, most of the products mentioned still face practical and technological constraints, and it is to be seen if the Consumer Electronics Show can set up a definitive tone to these products this time. A lot of legacy brands, smart watches and commodity wrist-bands are expected in this year’s big show.

Apart from these, headphones will find their new updates this year. Rideables will upgrade to something more than just hoverboards. VR, as usual, will pitch in its best features at CES.

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