6 Must Know SEO Tips For High-Ranked Travel Websites

High-Ranked Travel Websites

With the onset of improved technology and internet accessibility, travel has increased and improved in its way too. As more and more people tend to travel, many popular travel agencies have come up with their very own websites. The high-ranked travel websites focus on addressing the travel needs of the audience. However, like any other website, these too need a proper SEO to be performed to reach out to the highest number of target audience.


According to studies conducted by the European Travel Commission, almost 80% of the travelling population depends on the internet for their travel needs. The figure clearly demonstrates the fact that internet has emerged as a large player in the travel industry. However, as easy as it sounds, SEO for travel industry is quite challenging. The main element being that travellers are often unaware of what they need to search at a place. For first-time visitors, this becomes even more challenging. Thus SEO for the high-ranked travel websites need to clearly understand the intentions of the travelers and customize their SEO campaign accordingly.

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1. Local SEO

Travel SEO

While local SEO may not always work for brands looking for international recognition, this one is the most vital element when it comes to the high-ranked travel websites. While traveling, people tend to search for local travel agents or offices that can provide them with better information about the place or guide them properly.

When people travel or plan for it they tend to search for hotels, resorts, or other facilities that the place has to offer. Thus local SEO becomes quite vital to make yourself visible to the upcoming audience.

2. Map SEO


Optimizing the search engine with your location on the Google map is immensely beneficial and tends to generate a higher number of visitors to your website as well as to your firm. A visitor might be looking for accommodation within 5 km of the airport. With a strategised map SEO your place would be displayed if the search matches the relevancy.

However, you need not limit yourself to just Google. You can also optimize your maps on other search engines and web channels to get the highest exposure necessary.

3. Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Most international high-ranked travel websites tend to optimize their websites in multiple number of languages. These are especially beneficial for enterprises receiving international travellers or serving international clientele. Thus while English tends to be the most frequently spoken language, travelers may often seek websites in their own native tongue.

Thus optimizing high-ranked travel websites in multiple languages help you to reach out to a wider section of your target audience through a single website.

4. Social media

Social Media

While Google might be the first option to make a search online, social media too has made its importance felt in the travel industry. Travellers now do not depend solely on Google. Search and queries are made through social media as well.

The fact that social media provides almost instant answers to the queries of travelers is reason enough for people to depend on social media for their search. The audience also gets to read past reviews and comments of other travelers who tend to share their experience on social media. Thus, social media often forms one of the primary search platforms.

Optimizing on social media helps both a low-ranked and a high-ranked travel website to reach out to a wider number of audience globally within a short span of time. This also enhances your visibility and page rank in the search engine as well.

5. Content


Content is king for any website. Same for the high-ranked travel websites too. Content plays the most crucial role in travel websites. It is the prime feature of attraction that engages the audience and compels them to take an action.

Content in travel websites is quite vivid. It includes stunning images and graphics of destinations, hotels, restaurants and activities that can be carried out at a place. These form the main elements of pushing the audience to take an action.

Thus, using quality content and specific keywords can be immensely helpful for target audience to find your website in the search engine. However, use of relevant keywords is a must in such cases.

6. Linking Authority Sites

Linking Authority Sites

For many websites, especially the new ones making it appear on the first page of the search engine results is quite tough. Thus if no one is able to see you, you will not get clicks resulting in low traffic.

To make yourself visibile to the target audience, you can link yourself to authority sites, websites that have existed in the web for a long time and has a high page rank. These high-ranked travel websites provide affiliate marketing. They allow you to display your website link on their sites and charge you a certain amount for your display.

This can benefit you immensely as these sites are often visited by your target audience who might take a look at your website out of curiosity. Once you start generating traffic, your visibility would get an automatic boost pushing your page rank with it.

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