Top 3 Technical SEO Audit Tools That Make It To Your List

Technical SEO Audit Tools

It is not all that easy a task to audit the search engine optimization (SEO). It always requires time, immense patience and a lot of spreadsheets. However, auditing is now simpler, all credits to the technical SEO audit tools. Now, there is no need of doing the insane manual checking we used to do in the past. Almost all of the SEO experts now have these tools so and they no longer have to struggle with raw data.


Here, we tell you about three great technical SEO audit tools to help you with the process. Each of the tools has its own set of strengths and utilities. Based on your requirements, you might have to select one, or you might even find all the three useful.

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1. DeepCrawl


DeepCrawl is one of the most popular technical SEO audit tools and is totally likeable owing to the depth of the audit reports it offers, and also its flexibility. While beginning the crawl, you could select from many crawl types, all the way up to a full-fledged analysis of an entire site. You could also schedule crawls automatically, which is really handy. These crawls can be customized as you desire, so that you can set up conditions for minimum/maximum links for each page, title, content, load time, length, URL, etc.

Three admirable things about DeepCrawl

i. It is capable of handling crawling of millions of web pages. Hence, if you have to crawl a huge website, this is your option!

ii. It gives reports of competitors. You not only get the fundamental headlines but fine clear detail of content, promotions and pricing, brand’s main influences and also the site architecture.

iii. It lets you manage the SEO team well, generating tickets for certain issues and allotting them to users. It will also notify you about pop ups in crawls. It even maintains record of changes so that you can verify and keep a check on progress and performance over time.

Counting among the top technical SEO audit tools, if it has to improve in something, it would be on reports that are more mobile focused.

2. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to technical SEO audit tools. This tool has been in the run for quite a while now, and web masters who manage many sites vouch for it. If you want to crawl less than five hundred URLs, you could use this one for free. But, if you want to crawl a website that has more than ten thousand pages, you might face serious response issues. Moreover, it doesn’t have collaboration features, which makes it less attractive for SEO experts. Having said that, it is still a good crawler that comes within its price range and here are the reasons.

i. It won’t go off if you are running low on memory and will also notify you about it in prior. You just have to save your project, increase RAM and restart it.

ii. Their wide range of options make it easy for you, given that you can export all information which can also include internal links.

iii. You can accept cookies, thereby crawling those sites that make it mandatory to accept those cookies.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Though it may surprise SEO experts that this one made it to the list, what remains a fact is that many SEOs are depending on Google Search Console. This is one of the best technical SEO audit tools and has stayed for a long while and can provide good deal of insights.

Three things that are admirable include:

i. It provides ample summary of issues that matter, like broken links or page loading speed.

ii. It is free!

iii. It provides you estimation of your positioning with respect to a keyword, and also about clicks and impressions of your site.

So which one are you choosing to go for?


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