Digital Marketing Trends To Dominate 2016

Digital Marketing Trends

With the onset of each year, there is rush to see what would be trending in the coming year. While industry experts are busy predicting what would dominate, marketers are busy redesigning and recreating their marketing campaign in accordance with the latest trend. Digital marketing trends, however, is a fast changing area.


Predicting changes and digital marketing trends is quite challenging especially when there is a new innovation in the digital marketing platform each day. However, marketers need to keep their eyes open for any new launch or trend and try applying it within their marketing campaigns.

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With the onset of another year, here are few of the digital marketing trends that are likely to dominate the coming year and a few more to come.

Artificial intelligence will take over

Yes, it seems its time for Siri, Cortona and Google to take up their places in the digital marketing world. It has already been a couple of years since Siri made its debut through iPhones. However, the element of artificial intelligence has not gained a strong foothold in the digital market since this year.

In 2016, artificial intelligence will make a prominent space as more and more smartphone users turn to these for their online search needs. Thus marketers need to make their digital marketing campaigns compatible enough for these artificial intelligence system to read.

Boom in wearable technology

Use of wearables will rise immensely in the year 2016. With improving and increasing technological innovation, wearables are slowly becoming an essential piece of device. With the increasing internet connectivity, wearables would be dominating the digital market in the coming years.

Thus marketers need to create ads that would be compatible to be displayed in the wearable devices as well. The most prominent wearable devices that would be dominating all digital marketing trends include smartwatches along with go-pro and Google glasses too.

Increased investment in digital assets

Promotion on digital marketing channels are no longer incurred as expense. Instead, the spendings on digital marketing is now treated as investment which is aimed to bring in returns. With this changing concept of digital marketing, marketers are eagerly investing in online promotion and marketing channels.

This changing attitude of marketers has also pushed in to change the entire concept of digital marketing. The primitive forms of marketing are being replaced with new and better marketing campaigns that are more effective in driving in traffic to a website.Promotional ads are becoming compact and simple. Video ads are shortening up and minimizing their timeframe.

All these innovations in the digital marketing trends are being treated as assets for the marketers which generate ROI.

Data Science is crucial

Digital Marketing Trends In 2016

The increasing internet accessibility and connectivity has put an immense pressure on the volume of data created and uploaded regularly. This has called for the need of data scientists. As market competition is on the rise, the need for segregating the promotional campaigns rises. With the wide volume of data at the disposal of the audienece, marketers need to make sure that their ads reach out to the correct group of target audience to maximize conversion.

However, this has also increased the need to optimize your ads. Thus A/B testing has become a crucial part in the marketing and optimization of ad campaigns.

With ad campaigns becoming more and more audience-focused, the need of the hour is to put up prime importance on creating ads that would be definite enough to convert the audience without wasting precious marketing-time and budget.

Social media, prime marketing channel

Social media is no longer the secondary platform of marketing. Since the last few years, it has become one major channel for marketing and promotion. However, this year it seems that social media would become one of the the prime digital marketing trends, usurping the rest of the online channels.

Keeping this in mind, the marketer needs to customize and optimize the ad campaigns that would get the highest exposure and visibility in the social channels.

Social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are making innovative changes to accomodate the rising demand of marketers to promote their product on social channels.

The billions of active users on each social media site has pushed marketers to utilize this channel to reach out to the maximum number of audience possible. Thus, promotion on social media would be one of the major digital marketing trends this year.

Mobile apps: A must!

For those of you who still do not have a mobile app, this year, mobile apps will be dominating the digital marketing trends. While desktop websites are a thing of the past, even responsive websites are slowly losing their vigour.

Replacing these mobile websites are mobile apps that are light and easy to operate. With the plummeting cost of advertising, apps are quite simplified and take up the least amount of space. Thus this year , apps for your website are not just luxury but a necessity for your marketing platform.

These are just few of the digital marketing trends that are expected to dominate 2016. There are many others that would eventually be surfacing up. However, marketers should take note of these changing marketing trends and try incorporating or customizing their digital marketing campaigns as it fits their needs.

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