GIF Search Engine Giphy: How It Was A Success

GIF Search Engine

Search engines are not a new thing for people who have been in the online business or is a regular in the internet. While there are a number of new search engines that pop up every now and then, Google has been ruling the search engine market for quite some time now. However, GIF search engine is something that came into focus after Giphy launched its very own search engine.


Search engines are internet browsing pages that allow users to find or search for a particular element through its search bar. While Google is the most popular search engine in the current market, others like Yahoo, and Bing too exist for the same purpose. However, GIF search engine Giphy, is an entirely different search engine that allows its users to find and post graphic interchange formats, popularly known as GIFs.

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These GIFs have currently surfaced as a popular tool of communication between people. Emoticons or emojies had ruled the pages of social media for sometime. However, the simplicity and attractive features of a GIF has more and more people turned towards it. While emojies still remain a major part in the instant messaging and social media comments, GIFs too have become a popular element of communication.

GIF search engine Giphy, a startup founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke has gained a reputation of its own for its unique GIFs. Launched in the year 2013, the startup has become quite a talk of the tech world with its unique and out-of-the-box GIFs. While words can describe everything, displaying an emotion through a GIF is so much better.

According to founders Chung and Cooke, when it comes to displaying of emotions, words often fall short. Thus, to put excitement into words and images, the duo came up with a new form of search engine that allows users to find GIFs that exactly fit their expression.

Giphy has become quite successful ever since its launch in 2013. It now uploads over 3 billion GIFs each month and has over ten million people searching for GIFs from the website.

While social media has become a major platform for communication, GIF search engine Giphy expanded its reach to Facebook well within its launch year. Initially, sharing a Giphy GIF required the user to embed codes in the Facebook page before it could be published. This was followed by integrating its use within Twitter as well. In the middle of 2015, however, Facebook initiated a trial of GIF buttons within its instant messenger. With its success, Facebook soon collaborated with Giphy to allow posting of GIFs within the chats.

The GIF search engine uses very basic algorithm and is adjective-friendly as well. Thus you can easily search for any and everything that you wish to express through a GIF.

Giphy now also allows you to create your very own GIF. You can upload or create your own GIF through your own Giphy account. You need to have an account with Giphy which you can open with your Facebook account as well. All you need to do is copy the URL of your video and paste it on the GIF maker in your personal GIF account. Once that is done, you can then add on some cool tags and even memes to make it all the more fun and exciting.

For the lazy ones, GIF search engine Giphy has a huge supply of their own makes of GIFs. For example, Giphy provides searchers with over 30,000 GIFs if searched with “Cats” alone. The number is evidence enough that Giphy has been going strong with its GIF search engine and initiator.

The unique feature of GIF search engine Giphy has earned itself many partners within this short span of time. These include popular names like Calvin Klein, Disney, Subway, General Electronics to name a few. It has also collaborated with social media sites like Instagram to allow GIFs to work in it.

Giphy is currently working on improving its features to make it a popular marketing tool. It allows its users to shorten links or embed links and place them where necessary. This also helps in driving traffic to a particular webpage or website.

Within the year 2014 and 2015, Giphy had successfully raised $2.4 million and $17 million in its two rounds of funding. Investors include Betaworks, Lightspeed Venture Partners, General Catalyst and Alphaworks.

In early 2015, the GIF search engine expanded its features to instant messaging as well with the acquisition of Nutmeg. This was followed by Giphy’s own mobile application which launched in Facebook’s Messenger and later its mobile app Giphy cam.

With a team strength of just 27, Giphy has become immensely popular among the youth and millennials. It plans to expand into other ventures as well.

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