iOS 3D Touch: The Upgraded Facebook Feature On iOS

iOS 3D Touch

iPhone has always been popular for introducing new features and the trend only seems to continue. The iOS 3D touch is certainly one among the newer features iPhone has been given, though most of us still might debate about its importance. It is undoubtedly better when compared to having a long press on the display in Androids to certain extent.


However it is not actually something we could tag as a groundbreaking feature. Nonetheless, we do like the fact that it has brought in a lot of shortcuts to the apps of iOS, as long as the apps are supporting the device, and even that seems to grow continuously. There are a couple of developments made by Apple to its iOS 3D touch.

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For instance, now you can press extra hard on your iPhone screen if you had to define a word. The iPhone screens are extremely sensitive and responsive. Developers are planning to turn the 3D touch into something bigger. With this new feature, text selection and basic selection is going to change.

iOS 3D Touch Facebook

There is a natural-feel that has been provided to the interface of the phone with this latest feature. Window management is also going to be easy; you can easily control a dozen apps at once. Quick actions, peek and pop actions are something to look for, but certainly not a groundbreaking feature. However, the iOS 3D touch will let you do things you’ve never done before. This leads to a lot of apps making use of this feature.

Facebook has made the decision of joining this iOS 3D touch lot, by presenting an update to the Facebook app of iOS. Unlike the remaining apps that are compatible to this new feature of user interface by Apple, the app of Facebook will now let you act on stuff without having to enter its app. As of now, you will be able to click a picture through the context menu, besides updating a photo that is already existing, and also letting you update statuses without having to open the app.

It would only take some time before other developers join the lot, though it would certainly take quite some time.


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