Facebook Privacy Features Get A Boost On The Android App With Tor Support

Facebook Privacy Features

Have you been very particular about privacy on your Android? Well, there is good news! People with substantial consciousness about the Facebook privacy features on Android now will have an extra, new safe way of using Facebook the Android app of Facebook now is able to support browsing through Tor, the social network recently made an announcement. The said feature that is still in its experimental stage will let you encrypt all of your browsing activities while you are using the Facebook app on Android.


Facebook first initialized support to the Tor browser in 2014, but only supported this feature through the browser. With the latest updated Facebook privacy features, you will be able to use Tor straight from the Facebook app on Android. Tor is that tool which provides anonymity to your activities on internet so that the websites would not be able to keep a track on what you have been doing.

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It is also used to gain access to blocked websites and certain services in places where there is a censor to internet. Though most of the users of Facebook wouldn’t likely need the extra security feature that Tor offers, it is specifically useful for certain activists and users who are wary about internet censorship and privacy.

Upgrade In Facebook Privacy Features

The experimental, new upgraded Facebook privacy features of Android started off as a summer intern project, Facebook mentioned in a note making the announcement of the news. To obtain facilities of the feature, users of Android will have to use the Proxy app called Orbot, which will let services to get connected to Tor. Once it is installed, you will have to enable “Facebook Over Tor” in the settings of the app.

Facebook says that the Tor support would need some days to be a accessible to everyone, so the new setting might not be appearing soon on the app.


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