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Snapchat Advertising

Social media currently surrounds us from all sides. No matter the day or time, you are prompted with notifications on your social media profiles. Though Facebook has emerged as the top leader with over 6 billion users, other popular social media platforms too have been gaining grounds. Snapchat, Vine, Flickr, Periscope, Pinterest have slowly emerged as popular social media sites. Snapchat advertising is hugely trending for business in the current times.


With around 100 million users using Snapchat advertising each day, the social network has become quite popular among the social media lovers. The youth and millennials are especially fond of this video sharing site. The “auto delete once seen” feature in Snapchat is one of the prime reasons for users to prefer this over any other video sharing site. With videos getting auto-deleted after 24 hours, marketers can provide target audience with new and exciting stories about their product or company each day.

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Though Snapchat is still at its nascent stage, it has been gearing up to make it big globally. According to recent reports, Snapchat will soon be launching an API dashboard that would help marketers with their promotion on the social site.

Info on live events

Snapchat is a video streaming and sharing social network. It allows users to share small video clips. With the emergence of video marketing as a popular tool, marketers now prefer to promote their products through motion pictures than through still images.

Snapchat advertising offers a great platform for marketers who look for real-time promotion of their business and their products. The real time video streaming element of Snapchat is being harnessed by marketers for their business promotion.

Events like the launch of a new product, participating in a trade show and such other features can be  promoted real time.

Many popular brands have used the Snapchat advertising platform for live event promotion. In 2014, the use of Snapchat’s live event streaming of NBA games can be said to be the perfect example.

Offering perks and promotions

Promotion and perks can be used by any social media. However, in Snapchat, this can be used to keep the audience engaged and hooked to your video streaming.

Snapchat Advertising Platform

You can provide discounts and other offers for viewers who watch your videos. While using Snapchat advertising, you can also give out gifts and offers and hold contests on Snapchat to increase your popularity in the social site.

Promotional deals and offers are a great way to communicate with the audience. It helps in establishing a two way communication, thus improving the business to customer relations.

Promotion through consumers

Promotion through consumers is a great and innovative way to generate brand awareness about your product to your target audience. Snapchat advertising provides the perfect platform for such promotion. You can ask for current users to give out feedback about your products. Simultaneously you can also ask your audience to post images and videos using your products. The Snapchat advertising platform is an immensely helpful promotional idea as your products are promoted by users who are actually using your products and are satisfied with the results.

Offering exclusive contents

Snapchat can be used as a platform for promotion of exclusive content. As most digital platforms remain highly overcrowded with huge volume of promotional ads, it becomes difficult for brands to reach out to the particular target audience.

However, Snapchat advertising has not turned into a heavy promotional platform unlike Facebook or Twitter. Thus, the lightness of promotional ads provides you enough room to showcase your products and reach to the correct target audience.

You can hence use this the Snapchat advertising to promote few of the most exclusive contents that would actually  make an impact on your target audience.

Influencer marketing

Like any other social media site, Snapchat too has powerful influencers who can influence your brand presence on the social network. Collaborating with such infleuncers help in reaching out to a higher number of audience. Influencers are industry experts who have insightful knowledge about the industry and products. They often have a huge number of followers who can be easily influenced. Thus, if your product is unique and is of relatively high quality, influencers can easily push his followers to go through your promotional ads.

Snapchat provides its users some unique features that you can use to improve your promotional ad quality and video content. This will result in improving the overall experience of the ad thus enhancing your brand image.


Mozilla Kills The Firefox Operating System For Smartphones

Firefox Operating System

In the present smartphone dominated world, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the only two names that we think of when we talk about a smartphone platform, and we are deliberately leaving aside the Microsoft’s Windows platform for mobile. The reason is that it just commands a meagre 2.7% of the market shares as opposed to the 18.3% for iOS and a whopping 78% for Android. The Firefox operating system from Mozilla was starting to make some headlines, however all dreams of a third smartphone platform which would compete with iOS and Android are now literally dead.


The latest announcement, which came on the 4th of February 2016, cited that Mozilla will terminate the development of Firefox operating system version 2.6 for smartphones which is currently scheduled for a late May release. It has also announced that all staff involvement with Firefox OS development will also be ceased by end-May.

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Mozilla had launched the Firefox operating system three years ago with a mindset of competing with mobile OS giants iOS and Android. However, there was a niggling fear that the immense popularity of the Android and iOS smartphone platforms would basically shut out the Firefox OS form the mobile-ecosystem. Firefox OS couldn’t attract smartphone developers, and as a result the fear soon became reality.

In the words of Mozilla’s George Rotor, “[The] circumstances of multiple established operating systems and app ecosystems meant that we were playing catch-up, and the conditions were not there for Mozilla to win on commercial smartphones.” Rotor added, “Therefore we are announcing our to end-of-life support for smartphones after the Firefox OS 2.6 release. This means that Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May.” True enough, since Firefox OS wasn’t quite able to create the stir needed to overthrow, or at least compete, with Android and iOS.

Mozilla Kills Firefox Operating System

The end-may cut-off point came in more as a probable outcome than a surprise. This is because Mozilla, in December 2015, announced that it would shift focus of the Firefox operating system from smartphones to connected devices. Till now, the only connected device that Firefox OS can shift to is the smart TV, though Mozilla has more such projects in different stages of development.

The Firefox operating system was first launched in 2012 as an open alternative to the smartphone OS giants Android and iOS. From the very first day, Mozilla had realised that creating a niche in this utterly dominated smartphone OS market would be a tall order indeed. The basic difference between these two platforms and Firefox OS was that it was purely web based unlike the other two. So much so that even the apps opened up into websites! Even the camera app would open into a website!

Though the idea was novel, and would have changed the way we use the web, still the presentation wasn’t great. Firefox OS apps were written using standard HTML, and this meant that anyone with even a little knowledge and experience in web development could try and develop apps on the Firefox operating system. Developers never really wanted to spend too much of their valuable time in creating web-based apps for the small Firefox platform.

Though Mozilla has ceased the development of Firefox OS for the smartphone market, it will now be focussing on the market for connected devices. That would be great in a way, since shifting focus to connected devices, primarily smart TVs, might show better results. The generally crummy and laggy smart TV apps really get on the nerves of a person who is habituated to a smooth mobile experience. If Firefox does offer great smart TV apps, then that would be hugely welcomed by folks the world over.

10 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs Who Dream To Make It Big

Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

Time is precious; though priceless may be a more suitable term. It has the power to change lives, and entrepreneurship has got a lot to do with this invaluable and extremely powerful force. When used in the right manner, it takes us to the pinnacle of success. It may be regarded as the greatest asset of an entrepreneur. And the most successful entrepreneurs have been found to be using their valuable time reading books that would help them grow on a personal as well as professional level.


So, what type of a book should an entrepreneur follow in order to maximize and broaden his outlook? The answer is simple – a book which inspires, motivates and transforms; a book that makes you grow along with it; a book that is worth the time you spent reading it; a book that makes you a better entrepreneur in every aspect of the word. We have compiled a list of ten must-read books for entrepreneurs books that are sure to inspire your skills. Here they are:

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1. Choose Yourself – James Altucher

Choose Yourself

Money and time form the top priority needs of most entrepreneurs, and if that is the case with you then this gem of a book by James Altucher is sure to motivate you. One of the must-read books for entrepreneurs, it inspires you to build yourself as a successful entrepreneur.
Choose Yourself is a book that will make you wince in one chapter and laugh in the other. But what it actually does is make you learn – learn yourself through the eyes of James Altucher.

2. Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell


Mentoring is an important aspect of entrepreneurship, with young entrepreneurs often becoming confused on selecting a mentor. Having a great mentor always saves your time, and time is money. And the most effective, as well as the cheapest entrepreneurship mentors out there are books.

Gladwell’s Outliers does just the same – it acts as a mentor. One of the must-read books for entrepreneurs. Packed with stories, traits common to entrepreneurs and inspiring facts about what sets apart the high achievers, this book is the one to start your reading with.

3. The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holliday

The Obstacle is the Way

Problems are a part and parcel of our lives. An entrepreneur faces great obstacles before he tastes success. And Ryan Holliday’s The Obstacle is the Way provides the much needed inspiration and motivation to young entrepreneurs who are depressed because of obstacles and failures.

The basic philosophy of this book is to run towards an obstacle and face it rather than avoiding the obstacle. Whenever we face an adversity, we innovate. Each and every chapter of the book consists of great business advice as well as a strong and powerful perspective to align your actions correctly, thus cementing its place as one of the must-read books for entrepreneurs.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

One of the top books for inspirational entrepreneurship advice, Stephen Covey illustrates seven elements that would take you to the peak of success. Translated in 34 languages, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the must-read books for entrepreneurs.

Dependence, independence and inter-dependence are the three sections into which the contents of the book are divided. The book focuses on the importance of taking a step at a time and being proactive. It also throws light on the art of engaging others and understanding them, so as to create a win-win situation for everyone.

5. As a Man Thinketh – James Allen

As a Man Thinketh

An entrepreneurial classic, this is a favorite among brooding as well as experienced entrepreneurs. The speciality of this classic by Allen is that it imparts wisdom, a wisdom that transcends time. This book revives you from within and makes you optimistic and straightforward in your approach, both of which are essential to be a successful entrepreneur. Hence, making it one of the must-read books for entrepreneurs!

6. Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Zero to One

Innovation and uniqueness are the basis of success, and that requires you to deter from the curve. Entrepreneurs nowadays need to innovate constantly, since entering the market with already available products wouldn’t make you successful. Thiel in his book Zero to One presents a unique approach to inculcate innovation, and that is by asking questions to your own self so as to find great solutions and innovations. One of the must-read books for entrepreneurs for sure.

7. The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest Growing Startups from Their Founding Entrepreneurs – David Kidder

Startup Playbook

Doesn’t the title convey what this book is all about? Well it does actually. Every brooding entrepreneur should go through this book, as it contains lessons learned during an entrepreneurship that will help you plan your actions accordingly. Filled with experiences and lessons of 41 different founders, this book takes care of almost everything-from lessons in leadership to finding the perfect niche.

8. True North – Blue George and Peter Sims

True North

If you want to discover your visions as a leader, your values and motivations, then True North is one of the must-read books for entrepreneurs you should get hold of immediately. Blue George and Peter Sims surveyed 125 people on what makes them great leaders, and their accounts and answers would surely surprise you. A personal leadership development portfolio handbook also comes with True North, which provides a personalized guide to you to become a great leader with authentic leadership qualities.

9. ThinkerToys – Michael Michalko


Creativity is one of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur, and this creative ability can be hugely improved by following this masterpiece from Michael Michalko. ThinkerToys comes with its companion ThinkPad-A Brainstorming Card Deck which provides you with 33 varied exercises to inspire you and enhance your creative and innovative skills, because these two form the most important pillars of success for an entrepreneur.

10. Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think – Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler


Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, through this book, have explained in detail how the future holds a much greater prospect for us than we think it does. This is among the must-read books for entrepreneurs and makes you believe that our gains in the next two decades would be greater than what we had in the past two hundred years. This book focuses on innovation and intelligence, and contains documented growth in exponentially progressing technologies. Containing over ninety graphics to stress upon their stand and views, this book surely motivates you to channel your entrepreneurial skills in the right direction.

The standard and strength of a book is measured in terms of its re-read factor. A book inspires you and takes the best out of you only when you want to read it all over again. These are the must-read books for entrepreneurs that would take up the shelf-space of the business-mind in you, and you would definitely fall back upon them whenever you are in need of solutions, inspiration or motivation.

Badland 2 Review: Would The iOS Game Surpass The Original In Features?

Badland 2

It is odd how the whole gaming domain has seen a change since we were kids. Earlier, sequels only meant that the game would be much better in the very possible way, with more levels to play, more characters, new models and so on. But nowadays things are slightly different. This is due to the tendency of games to possess more content that are added by means of updates and DLC, which means version 1.0 of some particular sequel could feel lagging. This is especially distinct when it comes to the classic of iOS, the Badland which is undeniably the most updated game one could think of. Badland 2 lives up to the standards set by the preceding game, and also surpasses it in terms of amount of content and quality. It is definitely superior to the original game.


Badland 2 is at version 1.0 and doesn’t have local multiplayer or level editor of any sorts. It has got thirty levels, and has online mode through which you can compete with others all over the world in unique levels. However, it appears to be a bit broken, staying still at the loading screen. Moreover, it is just the campaign along with fewer levels.

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However, Badland 2 is still better than the original game. The game is more gorgeous compared to the first one. The style, though, is the same with all those silhouetted creatures flapping across the foreground as peculiar backgrounds scroll by in slow motion. It looks a little bit sharper and with more colors this time, along with amazing lightening effects that bring everything into life and giving more reality to the world, extra fascinating and little terrifying sometimes.

Apart from the fact that the game looks splendid, there are many new mechanics in specific levels that modify things in fun-filled ways, like lasers, liquids and white lights that cook whatever they touch instantly. There is also another new wheel ability which will allow you to roll over the ground in higher speeds, which is a good distraction from those flapping.

Badland 2 Review

The difference, however, is a game changer. The main reason the original game had become such a hit was because all you needed was a single finger for input, without any tilting or virtual buttons or anything of that sort. You just had to tap. In Badland 2 you have 2 inputs that are triggered when you tap right and left sides of the mobile screen. Here you can go backwards, which may come across as a minor change, but it takes the game to substantial greatness.

There are also tunnels which go high above the air and also deep abyss to fall into. They make every level of Badland 2 seem bigger and more intriguing than those which were to be found in the first part of the game. You cannot roam about wherever you want as the screen still has got auto scrolls mostly. If you are stuck off the screen, you will instantly die. Nonetheless, the allowance if going up and down, backwards is a subtle inclusion that turns the ways of how the game was played and seems much important now.

However, the local multi-player option is missing. But we aren’t really sure that they wouldn’t be adding the option of local multi-player in the coming updates. Then there is no content created by communities. The level editor is missing. There are comparatively less levels in this sequel. All in all, Badland 2 is any day better than the original and we only hope it gets better with every update.

Cyber Security Threats: How Small Businesses Can Avoid These

Cyber Security Threats

In an age when online business and digital marketing are the prime elements for any marketer, cyber security threats are a major concern world over. While there are hundreds of products that do boast to provide online security, there have still been instances where cyber hacks and piracy have shaken the cores of online business.


Every online business owner- be it big, medium or small- are at a constant risk of their cyber security threats. With global brands like Apple cloud store and Sony Picturesbeing subjected to hacks, cyber security has become an element of major concern throughout the online world.

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Small business owners may feel that it is the bigger organizations on which hackers tend to launch a cyber attack. However, on the contrary, hackers tend to attack small and medium level businesses. These enterprises generally have a considerable amount of information about their customers but use minimum security measures thus being open to cyber security threats. Thus, these small or medium-scale setups fall easy targets for the hackers who find it easier breaking into small enterprises easier than into bigger organizations.

Preventing cyber attacks and establishing a strong cyber security network is an essential practice for small businesses. Here are few cyber security practices that small business owners can apply to improve their security measures keeping cyber security threats at bay.

Prior planning in case of breach

A business cannot expect to have a huge number of customers from its launch stage. It needs to grow step-wise. Similarly, along with the growing business, entrepreneurs should also plan for a strong cyber security protocol that needs to be maintained.

Rise Of Cyber Security Threats

While entrepreneurs often plan out strategies in case of losses or product failures, security is something that comes second. However, it is essential for entrepreneurs to plan out a security protocol since the launch stage and enhance it with the growth and expansion of the company. A pre-planned strategy on how to handle situation of breach should also be taught to the employees. With such measures, an entrepreneur can expect to have minimum damage to company’s virtual assets.

Investment on security software

Investing on security software is a prime concern that every business should undertake. Cyber security is a necessary element in today’s online business. With bulk volume of data stored in the machines, protection of these information is crucial for businesses. However, often many small businesses fail to understand the importance of this major issue resulting in cyber security threats such as loss of data or cyber hacks.

Thus apart from investing on security software, entrepreneurs should also make sure that their programs and software that are up-to-date. Older versions of software are prone to cyber threats and hacks.

Filtering contents

Filtering content can be a useful step in preventing cyber security threats. Preventing or blocking websites that are prone to phishing and other security threats can be used as a considerable measure to prevent such hacks. Content filters also prevent users from accessing websites that are not related to their work. Setting up of firewalls to prevent access to unwanted sites or websites with high security threats can help in preventing any unwanted cyber hacks.

Securing internet connectivity

Apart from content filtering, there are many other ways cyber security can be breached. With the increasing use of wireless connectivity, the threat of cyber crimes have multiplied. Though small businesses are aware of such threats and are taking measures to minimize threats, loopholes are always there of which the hackers are always on the lookout.

Using strong default passwords and encryption codes is necessary to prevent such security breaches.

These apart, there are a number of other elements that small businesses can take up to create a secure business environment. Educating the employees on the necessary security measures that they need to undertake is important to prevent insider’s breach. Using security equipment like VPNs and ISP helps immensely. Limiting the access to sensitive data and maintaining back up of top files can also ensure minimizing the cyber security threats.

Promotion On LinkedIn: An Excellent Way To Help Your Business Flourish

Promotion On LinkedIn

Social media is currently the most widely used digital marketing platform. No matter the form of business (traditional or virtual), promotional campaigns on social media is an indispensable criterion to survive in the competitive market. Business promotion on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is something marketers can no longer ignore.


Social networks are presently the most accessed online sites. With billions of users of the social media, these platforms are the best place to promote one’s business. The high volume of active users ensure that once promoted, an ad reaches the highest number of target audience. This has primarily been the base of focus for marketers. Over the years, many different forms of promotional tools and activities have evolved on social networks. This has further enhanced the user-experience as well as improved the promotional techniques and strategies of the marketers. Thus, marketers are now able to serve a more focused target audience resulting in better promotional outcomes. Promotion on LinkedIn is one really great way to earn your business points.

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LinkedIn has been gaining momentum in serving online businesses as a powerful social network. With the reputation of being the only professional social network, LinkedIn has rapidly spread throughout the globe within a few years. It is now credited as the best social network for professionals as well as for small and medium level businesses. Thus promotion on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial if you are looking forward to establish connections and network with like-minded people and business associates.

Create an engaging company page

LinkedIn is all about what you do, who you are and the business that you perform. Being a professional social network, LinkedIn helps companies, businesses and individuals connect at a professional level.

Creating an engaging LinkedIn page requires that you highlight your business, services and products on your page. As exclusivity is the key element that each business requires to survive in the market, promotion on LinkedIn should be done of what is best about your business. Your company page in LinkedIn should suffice as a window to your work and product.

LinkedIn also provides Showcase pages that marketers can use to highlight their best products and services. Each page allows you to display a specific product along with its detailed information. The analytics will help you have a better access on customer data and visitor information.

Industry specific relevant keyword

Keywords are the chief component for promotion on LinkedIn. Most social networks, including LinkedIn, have their own algorithms based on which searches are performed. With relevant keywords that are industry-specific, your LinkedIn page has a higher chance to reach out to the target-audience easily.

Business Promotion On LinkedIn

Conduct a thorough research on keywords that you plan to use in your profile. You can use single words or phrases. However, long tailed keywords work the best in any search algorithm. Alternatively, you can also use the Google Keyword Planner or any other online keyword planning tool to list out the perfectly relevant keywords for your use.

Post multiple updates a day

Many marketers create a LinkedIn profile and keep it that way. However, like any social network, LinkedIn too requires that you remain active on this social site. Posting regular updates on LinkedIn shows that you are active and people would take an interest on your page.

Post about your present and upcoming products, your business and the way you want it to grow and expand over the years to come. Include some interesting facts and figures in your posts to make it more attractive. Images and videos too are a great way to generate audience attention and help in promotion on LinkedIn.

Creating a unique content for your LinkedIn profile also attracts the attention of industry influencers and top-notch businesses who can help in boosting your social presence.

Comment and recommend

An active social network life does not only mean that you need to just keep posting updates about your business. Commenting on posts of other LinkedIn users, especially that of industry influencers may help you achieve brownie points. A worthy comment on any post can also boost your visibility on the social network. This helps you to connect to bigger brands and influencers who can spread your word throughout the social network.

Asking for feedbacks and recommendations can also be powerful in boosting your social presence, while helping in promotion on LinkedIn. However, you need not limit this to just the influencers. You can also extend it to your followers and customers on LinkedIn. Feedback and recommendations have often been a powerful source for the generation of strong business ideas.

Be seen on search engine as well

With proper and strategized promotion on LinkedIn, you tend to generate visitors for your profile. This is advantageous as an increase in the traffic will help boosting the page rank and SEO of your LinkedIn profile page.

With regular traffic to your social profile, search engines too index your profile pages in relevance to your keywords and industry. This benefits your business as it is visible to your target-audience when they make a search with any relevant keyword that is present in your profile, while helping in promition on LinekdIn.

Structure your business and company summery properly using powerful and competitive keywords. Try highlighting URLs and links that you think visitors will be interested to look into. Making it attractive and engaging will aid in promotion on LinkedIn.

Once you have all the right elements at the right place you can witness how your LinkedIn profile can be a powerful business generator.

Coding Lessons: How Next Academy Is Educating People!

Coding Lessons

Collaborating with a Malaysian Government Agency which is mandated to construct the tech ecosystem of entrepreneurship, NEXT Academy began with a nine week coding boot-camp in Kuala Lumpur. They are the trainers for junior developers to meet the world class. Programs of NEXT academy are developed by the experts of the industry in Silicon Valley. The quality of the programs is polished to meet world standards. They impart coding lessons to over 150 students graduated from Europe, America, southeast and middle East Asia in just one year. Many of the students who join NEXT Academy wish to have startups for their own or to work with startups for a meaningful and a challenging career.


Presently NEXT Academy provides two courses – web development bootcamp and iOS development bootcamp. NEXT Academy looks forward to make coding lessons a fun for aspiring freelancers, entrepreneurs and software developers!

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NEXT Academy has always wanted to boost those individuals who have always been passionate about their work, also having knowledge and skills about it. They have imparted coding lessons to such people to launch their own tech startups and develop them. They also have a great vision of enabling over a million individuals to accomplish greater success in career. Presently, their graduates have been employed in various startups and renowned companies. Some of them have even gone to the lengths of having one of their own.

Coding Lessons By Next Academy

NEXT Academy is all about progress. They efficiently provide coding lessons to those individuals who are zealous about becoming world class junior developers. They also make a link between graduates who have lucrative and exciting career opportunities all over the world. NEXT Academy also aids the tech startups to obtain a talent to develop. It also helps graduates in starting and developing the tech companies on their own.

NEXT Academy aims to progress and lay the foundation for achievement of passionate people who have a balanced set of knowledge and skills and can make their way through the dreams to reach their goals. They are experts in imparting designing, marketing, data science, coding lessons and so on. They help their students instill these skills in them which can later be used in their upcoming ventures or workplaces to bring about a difference.

Besides instilling basic skills by means of vocational classes, NEXT Academy has also tied up with various government bodies and has a goal of changing the curriculum of formal education to involve new subjects like coding in the regions of Southeast Asia.

They have made way for many entrepreneurs to reach their dreams and have got their graduates employed in the best of the companies like Manulife, GrabTaxi, MindValley, RevAsia and many more. They also have a success rate of 99% which is tremendous!