8 Best Online Dating Apps You Would Love To Have On Your Android And iPhone

Best Online Dating Apps

Valentine’s Day is coming close, and it can turn out to be an embarrassing day for all the singles out there, especially if your friends are out with their valentines, having best of their times. If you are one of those singletons, then we cover some of the best online dating apps for you in this article.


Are you looking for a date for this Valentine’s Day because you have been alone for a long time and are tired of being bullied by your friends for the same reason? Are you having a tough time after you were unable to find one? Worry not! Here are 8 best online dating apps for your Android and iPhones that could effectively help you with it!

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1) Match.com

Match.com is one of the best online dating apps that can be downloaded freely. However, you would need to subscribe if you wish to talk to people and obtain extra features of dating. You can set up your user profile and zero in on matches which are close to you, by using the feature of ‘Around me’ which will tell you if there are users close by. The matches can also be found on the grounds of qualities, interests and most of all, imperfections!

2) eHarmony

eHarmony is yet again a renowned dating service app which is free to download. Having a free account, you can finish the questionnaire of the relationship and date personality user profile, upload photos and also obtain compatible matches every day. You could also send your matches the ‘smiles’. However, to talk to your matches you would need a subscription.

3) OkCupid Dating

One of the most successful and best online dating apps which can be downloaded freely, it also has few free features you could use before having to subscribe yourself to the services provided. You could take up the questionnaire and view potential matches listed according to your preferences. You can also receive and send messages freely, and can also like profiles. You can however get to see who liked your profile only if you are subscribed. You could also check on other profiles incognito.

4) Zoosk

Best Online Dating Apps 2016

This could be your best bet. Zoosk is designed in such a way as to deduce the kind of people you would like the more you use the app. This could be considered as an out-of-the-box approach. There’s also the feature of photo verification which will help gain the trust of your matches.

5) Badoo

This app also has a different approach. It finds people who have been to the places you have been. For instance, your favorite local bookshop, a park or a pub. This is one of the best online dating apps and is also free to download. However, extra features require submission.

6) Lovoo

This app has live radar that can spot other Lovoo profiles that are around you. You can set the radius within which you’d like to find a match. There is also a graphical representation for the same. However, there is no need for you to share your location if you don’t want to.

7) Tinder

This app has been making a lot of buzz lately and can easily go into your list of best online dating apps. If you are seeking a relationship that is not dependent on looks, you got to try this app. However, if you seek look based matching system, this app gives you what you need. The interface is really easy and doesn’t complicate stuff.

8) Bumble

This is also similar to Tinder, but with loads of focus on physical attraction. It also has a swipe to like feature like Tinder. However, only girls can begin the notifications.

So which one is your best pick?


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