Amazing Typographic Logos That Inspire The Designer In You!

Amazing Typographic Logos

Typography may be defined as the art of making use of letters and rearranging them in order to build attractive and beautiful pictures. Sure enough, typography finds its use in designing logos of various products that we see and use today. Designing of great logos can work wonders for a product, and make it instantly popular. You can always take a look at the amazing typographic logos to draw your own ideas!


It’s a tough job to create an eye-catching logo, and more so using letters. Nonetheless, typography actually provides the most inspirational and motivating logos. According to the words of Dan Cassaro, “Letters sit squarely between information and meaning so what we choose to do with them is very important and exciting”. Here we present you with the most amazing typographic logos, going through which would surely inspire the designer in you!

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Make by Effektive

Sometimes, less is more. That’s the power of subtraction for you, presented by Effektive. Effektive is a design firm based in Glasgow, and religiously sticks to its motto of using as little design as possible in order to make the logos speak volumes about themselves.

Make Logo

Sometimes, removing a certain portion of a letter from a logo can give it a whole new dimension, and make it even more vibrant and attractive. Effektive does the same to Make. The incomplete letter “m” in the logo is a great way to emphasize on the term “make”. One of the most amazing typographic logos for you, “make” inspires you to believe that sometimes letting go is the best thing to do.

V&A by Pentagram

Pentagram designed this logo for the V&A Museum in the year 1988. Probably the most renowned creation coming from Pentagram, late Allan Fletcher was the brain and idea behind this logo. Stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant at the same time, this is one of the most amazing typographic logos and is sure to prove as an inspiration for brooding designers.

Pentagram Logo

Using mirror effect, the V and A just seem to reflect each other, while the ampersand sign in between takes the place of A’s crossbar. This design is minimalistic, but speaks volumes. The power of subtraction is used here too, as you can see from the incomplete “A”. In one word, awesome!

Equilibrium by Noeko

Noeko, a multi dimensional design firm based in Poland, has to be credited for this masterpiece. Typography can sure do wonders when used correctly, and Equilibrium’s logo conveys just that.

Equilibrium Logo

Just notice how the letter “I” in Equilibrium is slightly rotated. This creates an impression of imbalance, just before a state of perfect balance is reached, or rather, just before “Equilibrium” is gained. Simply brilliant and truly expressive, this logo does everything right to get into our list of amazing typographic logos that can inspire a designer.

MNML by Cassandra Capello

Graphic designer Cassandra Capello, the creator of MNML, does a brilliant work with its logo. MNML is a publication that basically targets art lovers aged 20 to 35, and informs them about the usefulness and attractiveness of employing minimalistic designs and architectures. And when a magazine speaks about minimalist design, its logo should convey the same, which is exactly what it does and how?

MNML By Cassandra Capello

Cassandra Capello uses a minimalist approach to design this, having a colour palette consisting of only yellow and black. Notice the use of negative space here by Capello; the logo doesn’t need a complete N but still manages to convey the meaning. Another classic example of the power of subtraction and amazing typographic logos, the logo of MNML is sure to impress and inspire you.

Infinite by Orlando Aquije Abarca

A Peruvian graphic designer, Orlando Aquije Abarca is skilled in typography and illustration. The logo of Infinite Studios, designed by Orlando, has a great typographic touch to it and easily goes into your list of the most amazing typographic logos. Just transforming the letter “e” of “Infinite” into the infinity symbol, Orlando has achieved what he needed to.

Infinite Logo

This logo type clearly demonstrates its meaning by altering the letters, and this approach can actually emphasize greatly on what is to be conveyed by the logo. In this case, the modified “e” conveys what the logo wants to tell – “Infinite”.


Last but not the least, we present you with one of the most recognizable and identifiable logos in the world-Cadbury. It can be regarded as the father of the amazing typographic logos, and is instantly identified across the globe. Barring a few minor tweaks, this logo stands as it was since 1921.

Cadbury Logo

This is one logo which doesn’t need any explanation, as the logo itself is sure to make you desire to lay your hands on it. And that is the greatest achievement a logo can get.

Typographic logos are not new in the current business market, as a horde of companies have already created their identities by exploiting the typographic medium to a great effect. Typography inspires brilliance, and the logos mentioned above are sure to inspire the brilliant designer in you.


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