Talkdesk Call Center Software – What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Talkdesk Call Center Software

A successful business requires a great customer support system, one that caters to every need of its customers. However, the development of such a support system to satisfy the customers is a real tedious job, and requires greater investment. If you want your business to do well, should you invest a large amount in a great customer support system? Well, you should. However the best part is that you “may not”. Now, you may be thinking how can it be possible! The Talkdesk Call Center software will offer you just what you need!


The Talkdesk Call Center software helps you develop a great customer support, without any hardware or coding. Talkdesk, as the name suggests, is a call center software solution based on the browser. It was founded as an effort to claim the top spot in the Macbook Air Contest, back in 2011. All you need to get going is a computer and have to remain connected to the internet. You may be wondering, “Is it really that simple?” Well yes, it is!

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Talkdesk Call Center software is great that lets you improve customer satisfaction, while at the same time it also manages to reduce overhead support expenses. It requires no downloads, and integrates with Zendesk, Shopify, Salesforce, LiveChatamong others so as to show information relevant to the caller. The Talkdesk Call Center software uses Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution system (ACD), and routing which is skills-based so as route the callers to the most qualified agents. This agent is selected on the basis of the needs of the caller. The Talkdesk software displays all the relevant information about the caller in the agent’s browser in real-time. This information includes the caller’s name, contact, image and purchase history among others. In doing so, Talkdesk provides a great way of personalizing the communication between the caller and the agent.

Talkdesk Call Center software automates the tasks, which makes sure of the creation of a new profile as soon as a new caller calls. It also doesn’t let go off calls that are missed! In case of a missed call, Talkdesk Call Center software sends an email which contains the call data, a recording of voicemail as well as a transcription. Managers and agents too benefit from this, as Talkdesk allows them to make decisions that are data-driven.

Talkdesk Call Center Software Support

Talkdesk has really emerged into the world’s leading call center software. Being used by companies such as Dropbox speaks volumes about its standing and credibility. So, what exactly made Talkdesk as popular as it is now? The answer lies in the fact that it allows companies to obtain a quick overview of the profile of a customer as well as get hold of previous interactions as soon as a call is answered. The service is great, and the best part is that it is hassle free and people have liked its simple yet great approach in solving the customer support problem which every business faces.

Talkdesk has set a standard, and has positioned itself as a cheap and efficient solution for the customer support problem of businesses – those businesses which were until now heavily dependent on phone for providing service to customers.

Talkdesk software co-founder Cristina Fonseca, while speaking at the Disrupt London, stated that Talkdesk is “growing like crazy”. Just around 5 years of being launched, she also stated that Talkdesk aims to expand its services beyond the conventional calling facilities, incorporating options such as email, video and chat.

According to Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk CEO, one of the main reasons of being popular is the fact that Talkdesk guarantees instant support. According to him, though customers are generally used to email and chat, still a delay in service is quite frustrating. Talkdesk aims to eliminate that delay and provide hands-on support and service to the customers.

The Talkdesk blog proudly states that its growth has been “exponential” since its launch at the TechCrunch Disrupt in 2012. The blog further states that the “revenue has increased 10x year-over-year” which clearly shows it’s immense and ever increasing popularity among business houses. Its popularity can also be attributed to the following points of benefits that it offers:

Low cost
Set up in a few minutes
Streamlining other business operations using its vast integration choices.

So, if you are looking for a great customer support solution for you business, look no further than this software. Easy to use, cheap and light, this software will surely solve all your problems regarding customer service, and probably even more.

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