The World Goes Gaga As Jan Koum Announces A Subscription-Free WhatsApp

Subscription-Free WhatsApp

Good news! Good news! And there you go… the subscription-free WhatsApp is now here. Yes! Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp has stated in the DLD Conference at Munich that “it really doesn’t work that well” when users are asked to pay for WhatsApp services, even if on a yearly basis. Until now, the app gave free services to its users for the first year and charged 99 cents for subsequent years.


The good news is that the app will now be entirely free and without any yearly subscription. A subscription-free WhatsApp would be fun, won’t it? However, the authorities say that it would take a few weeks for the payment infrastructure to change from all WhatsApp versions. The users, if they have already been charged for the yearly subscription of the app, should not expect to be refunded though!

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WhatsApp is following the footsteps of the Facebook Messenger app, another app by the company, it seems. Just like the Facebook Messenger, the subscription-free WhatsApp would also offer a platform to its users that would aid in business as well. The company somehow wants to refrain from unwanted advertising and spamming, and this the reason why the user will not find third-party apps coming in between. This is a clear hint to the fact that the users will not find much change in the interface.

Subscription-Free WhatsApp For Users

In one of the blog posts, the company makes the fact clear that they are not “introducing third-party ads”. It further states that the company would very soon test tools that would allow the users to use a subscription-free WhatsApp for communicating with businesses and firms that the user wants to interact with. The reason for communication can be anything ranging between complaning about a fraudulent transaction at the bank or about a delayed flight. While the initiative is the first of its kind on WhatsApp, there are phone calls and text messages of the same nature that people receive on a regular basis. In short, the company has started to stretch out the horizons of the app by introducing new tools to make it all the more easier for its users.

While all plans about the subscription-free WhatsApp have been discussed at the DLD Conference, Koum has also stated that they are yet to start writing the “code”. While there were suggestions for the app to make way for banner ads, the authorities had decided to broaden the dimensions of the app so as to make it suitable for business interactions too. That way “the ads and monetization would perform better”. Rather than working with the ads, they worked on the pages and made them free. This would make it easier for the businesses to “get into the network” that is being used by almost “a billion people around the world” . The “game plan” in the app would supposedly remain the same as the News Feed section in Facebook.


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